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This handy book on mobile 3D game programming teaches you to work with Java, to develop interesting and engaging games for mobile devices. I am hoping to review Star Fox Zero for them and I will post a link for that when it is available.
I couldn’t actually tell you how many hours I put into Super Smash Bros Melee, probably hundreds of hours. I would like to assume that this is the Pokemon game I put the most time into but I’m not entirely sure it is. Starting with the Wii U, we have: Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, and NES Remix Pack. Even the Nintendo Wii is going to have new titles under the banner: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Animal Crossing City Folk, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Super Mario All Stars. Omega Ruby has so many great things going for it: 3D graphics, mega evolutions, and elimination of pointless backtracking is something I’m quite okay with.
Let’s take something like the games developed by Naughty Dog in recent years: Uncharted and The Last of Us.
Youtube user Jarlan Perez took it upon himself to recreate Ash Ketchum’s room from Pokemon in Unreal Engine 4 in honor of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary and let’s just say it’s pretty awesome. This is my first time actually covering a Nintendo Direct and I suppose the format I’m going to go with here is that I’ll be covering only certain parts of each Nintendo Direct. It’s pretty difficult to actually find time to play games when all you do is read books and write papers all week. It’s hard to actually find time to play games that are heavily story-driven when life is so busy and that’s when handhelds and Pokemon come in handy.
I pushed aside my love for Pokemon after Diamond and Pearl because I simply didn’t care for the games very much.
But playing Omega Ruby has done more for me beyond simply loving Pokemon again; it reminded me the simple joy of Nintendo games and gaming in general.
The main MMO hub world of the game is called Toki Toki City and it is like a typical MMO town found within just about any normal MMO. Jesse Jordon is an aspiring writer who writes this stuff on these blogs to make you learn something I guess.
I've recently started writing for a website called Leviathyn and some of my posts will now be over there to read instead of here on IGN blogs. It’s not as if bundling DLC together for a season pass is necessarily a bad concept and it does make a ton of sense, both in terms of business and for the consumer.
One of the things that has become more and more a mainstay in video games are side conversations that characters have as you play the game, whether it be in Bioshock or The Last of Us, side conversations are going to add to the experience significantly. Frankly, the gameplay of the first season already bored me by the time I hit episode three or so, I was sick and tired of it and just wanted to see what would happen to these characters instead of actually playing the game which isn’t what a video game should make me feel.
400 Days, the sidestory DLC that branches in between of Season 1 and Season 2, may be one of the pointless video games ever designed.
I found myself lacking in any actual empathy or really caring about the characters in this story-especially the newer ones who are so shallowly developed through conversation after conversation of bickering and arguing instead of any personal moments to help me connect with these characters further.
The weird shape of the controllers and the single analog stick are what I remember about the Nintendo 64, the strange foray of Nintendo making 3D video games with them 64 bits. But the thing that obligated me the most to write this piece was simply playing through classic mode and getting exceptionally nostalgic. A lot of games nowadays are filled with massive, extravagant set pieces and that is great… but what about the small or quiet moments found within games?
I may not have put this one last, but it may be my favorite small moment in any video game ever because it evoked tears.
The game Hatred was taken off Steam Greenlight earlier and now seems to be back onto the platform.
According to Destructive Creations, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell (Gaben, the man, the legend…I’ll stop now) apologized to the developer for the game being removed from Steam Greenlight. I’m extremely glad that Hatred was put back onto Steam Greenlight, despite my lack of interest in playing the game. I was afraid that Steam was going to fall into the trap of being “politically correct” (whatever that means) or catering to the overly “offended”(whatever that means) culture or something of that sorts and I’m glad that they did not. The game, Hatred, developed by Polish studio Destructive Creations hit Steam Greenlight yesterday but was quickly pulled off by Valve.
Hatred was unveiled in October and is essentially a playable genocide crusade, the game cuts straight to the point: this guy you’re playing as wants to kill people for the sake of killing people. Destruction Creations creative director Jaroslaw Zielinski made an announcement saying, “If you are a diehard Hatred fan then this is one of the most important news for you this year! Even though games like Manhunt or Postal are still available on Steam we of course fully respect Valve's decision, as they have the right to do so. Moreover we don't treat this as a failure because yet again this showed us a huge community support we're totally overwhelmed with.
This is the best proof for us that there are diehard Hatred fans out there, waiting for this game to be released. At the end of the day you, gamers will judge if we were able to do a game that's simply fun to play. I wrote an opinion piece on Hatred a month or so ago that you can read here and I do have a fairly strong opinion on my thoughts on the game: who cares? I was never planning on playing Hatred and I still don’t plan to play Hatred, but I have no right to block free speech, especially for a dumb video game that just gets to the point and you just kill stuff (like most games already on the market except they have a “story”). Again, I support Valve’s decision at the same time (in the sense that they are allowed to do it). Video games have been slipping away from me for the past few months and suddenly; I was really enjoying games again.
Sure, the campaign and the co-op are same old, same old, and aren’t the reason you are probably buying these games in the first place, but I still have been coming back to the PVP almost every single day and playing for a decent amount of time each time. I used to be one of those people getting angry with Call of Duty and its yearly bullshit, but I’m okay with it. Jesse Jordon is an aspiring writer who writes this stuff on these blogs to make you learn something or laugh I guess. Sony released 12,300 of the 20th Anniversary version of the Playstation 4, which was extremely difficult to get (for obvious reasons).
A petition has been started to remove Anita Sarkeesian, infamous feminist video game critic known for her series of videos entitled “Feminist Frequency,” from Mirror’s Edge 2 game development.
EA Games and DICE have decided to include Anita Sarkeesian in the development of the game and the petition argues that, “Anita Sarkeesian has no credibility or experience in game development. Bayonetta 2 was praised to no end and is considered one of the best games this year, are we supposed to not play it because Bayonetta is a hypersexual character? What do you think about EA and DICE allowing Anita Sarkeesian to be involved in development? Important update to this post: It sounds as though there might not be as much credibility to this petition that I once thought.
Take-Two chairman and CEO Karl Slatoff spoke at the BMO Capital Markets 2014 Technology & Digital Media Conference and claimed that people who find individual pieces of content offensive should simply not buy the product. A petition from women who previously experienced sexual violence and violence in the sex industry, stated that Grand Theft Auto 5 “makes a game of bashing, killing and horrific violence against women” and “links sexual arousal and violence.” The petition has garnered almost 50,000 signatures and led to Target and K-Mart in Australia from pulling GTA5 from their shelves.
Slatoff argues even further by saying, “for a person or a group of people to try to make that decision for millions of people… We have 34 million people who brought Grand Theft Auto, and if these folks had their way, none of those people would be able to buy Grand Theft Auto.” “And that really just flies in the face of everything that free society is based on. I’m not even a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto (which has nothing to do with being offended by the game, I’m not. 4 Whether you’re using Unity, AndEngine, cocos or any other frameworks, developing a 2D game without sprites is near to impossible task.
Sprite Generator: This is an online utility that can be used to create characters of different sizes. Now, take a screenshot of the frame, paste it in any image editor and crop it to remove unnecessary stuff. If you use any of the above sprite maker, don’t forget to remove unnecessary bytes from the generated image file through the smush it tool. A few years back it required a lot of skills and a lot of programming knowledge to develop a new game.
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Fernandez, this book offers a brief crash course in both Lua and Corona, after which it takes developers straight into the art of creating complete and fully functional games, through the course of each of its chapters. I will link some of my more major features on here (I won't really bother with news pieces too often).
I probably played through it multiple times over to the point that when I played Omega Ruby I had everything memorized. Abrams has stated that his joint project with Valve (a Portal movie and a Half Life movie) is still in development. Essentially, this banner is designed to put some of the very best games Nintendo has made at the price of $19.99, which is a steal for some of these games. But why is leveling up almost a complete joke now and the default setting is to have EXP Share turned on and have it affect every Pokemon? I would say for the most part these games also fit in the category of having just right difficulty, if played on normal difficulty.
I do not want to go back to the days of overly difficult platformers that are more frustrating than fun a lot of the time. Primarily, stuff that interests me the most, such as Star Fox Zero (quality transition) and how great it looks. I know plenty of people were disappointed by Paper Mario Sticker Star (although I actually just recently bought a copy and a 3DS in the past week so I’ll find out for myself); I can’t say I’m entirely sure this game will satisfy people. I don’t actually care about Metroid very much but I remember people complaining about this game when it was first announced.
It’ll have 30 new games alongside old ones and games from the GBA game that was never actually released in the States.
This game looks fantastic simply because the new mechanic of Kirby going into robot suits looks like something out of Metal Slug and that’s a very good thing. Pokemon Omega Ruby doesn’t exactly have the greatest story (none of the Pokemon games do but would one really expect it from a game that is technically designed for children and the story is low-key environmentalist propaganda for children, let’s be honest).
It takes a game that was a significant part of my childhood, a game I played so many times over and have the whole damn thing near-memorized, and crafts it into a gorgeous remake with wonderful new graphics and new content. All I’ve really played the past year or so was Star Wars Battlefront, Destiny, and occasionally Smash Bros. I’ve personally avoided plenty of them due to bad reception and them feeling like a general waste of time.
It has MMO elements and a unique plot that is the best concept for a Dragon Ball game since…well, ever.
You can buy things from shops, you can take on quests online and offline (Parallel Quests which are basically used for a level grinding device more than anything), have an iconic DBZ character train you, or interact with other players. It’s hard to say that it is better than Tenkaichi, which is where I feel they perfected the combat, but it still works pretty damn well. There are not very many characters in Xenoverse, especially with how much we’ve been spoiled with past DBZ titles. I've posted my first post on there, which is an opinion piece of the Season Pass and its place in gaming.

The consumer typically ends up saving money to get DLC for whatever game they bought said season pass for.
I did get attached to Clementine and Lee as characters and genuinely felt for them in someway…but I feel like I could have cared way more for them if I was actually playing a real video game. Understandably, those games I’m sure have much higher budgets than TellTale may ever have for their games. It’s probably an hour long or so and essentially contains five side stories set in The Walking Dead game universe that are barely even connected to the main game and the stories seem to make sure to cut off right before they have potential to actually become more interesting. Not only is the gameplay a problem this time around, I also found the story writing to be a problem and caught in a vicious cycle of repetitive arguing which is obviously realistic in an post-apocalyptic setting, but there’s a point where it loses its flare.
I can remember loving Super Mario 64 or Donkey Kong 64, but the game that always meant the most to me was Super Smash Bros., the original Nintendo 64 game, a game I still go back to at least once a year for nostalgic reasons and because the game is still fun as all hell. The thing is, they did change plenty of classic mode, you move a trophy piece of your character and drag it toward any of the series of battles you’d like for a couple of rounds, I wasn’t too crazy about it at first but its grown on me. And so far, this is one of the best games I’ve played in quite some time simply because it is fun, simply because it plays like Melee, and simply because it manages to keep these nostalgic things intact.
Follow my blog for (almost) daily posts on video game news, opinions, reviews, and a bunch of other stuff! As soon as the game launched us into Columbia and the absolutely beautiful score began to play, I knew this game was going to be something interesting, but I had no real clue what I was really going to be playing.
It made me tear up (well, more than one moment in this game did, this game makes me all sorts of emotional) and it’s so goddamn simple. The first two games are some of my favorite games ever made, not only for their amazingly fun open world super power infested craziness, but also for the story (okay, not so much on the story-front for Second Son). Well, Metal Gear Solid 2 is one crazy game, and it also happens to be one of my favorite games of all time (and is my favorite of the franchise). It was taken off it seems due to the content found within the game, an ultra-violent, genocide crusade that gets to the point of simply saying this guy just wants to kill people. The developer of Hatred published the following email from Newell to Destructive Creations creative director Jaroslaw Zielinski on Facebook. The game has no reason to not be allowed onto the platform and has a right to be played by others on the largest platform for PC games. In the same time we want to assure you that this won't in any way impact the game's development, game's vision or gameplay features we're aiming for. After only a couple of hours Greenlight campaign being live, Hatred gathered 13,148 up votes and ended up on a #7 on Top 100 list.
And that we need to keep going to deliver them a game that offers exciting and challenging gameplay. It also makes us want to provide our fans Hatred pre-orders sooner, as many of you have asked for them. The anger toward this game still feels like to me a result of our politically correct culture and fear of what this game could do toward the perception of video games. I just find it incredibly hypocritical and silly censorship for no reason other than a decision made out of fear.
I missed this feeling of excitement and rush that video games used to bring me, and now I went and did something I vowed never to do again: buy another Call of Duty game. Some aspects of the multiplayer are ridiculous and absurd (System Hack scorestreak, awful spawns, the game maybe being a bit too fast), but the game is still some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing a first person shooter online because of that ridiculousness.
People are going to love these games regardless of what I have to say about them and more power to them because I sort of understand once again. She is merely a self proclaimed critic and her opinions should offer no sound foundations in the development of this or any game. Again, she has stated more than once that she doesn’t even really play games, so how does she have any credibility? If you’re offended by it, don’t buy it, your loss, I’m sure you’re missing out on a fun action game. But it does draw the line when she is getting involved in the actual development of video games. We are just starting to get amazing female characters and I only see that getting brighter and brighter in the future. He stated, “it’s one thing for someone to not want to buy a piece of content, which is completely understandable.” “And that’s really the solution.
The fact of that matter is, no one should be able to stop a piece of art from hitting the shelves of a store, I don’t care how much you are “offended” by a video game. I more so just don’t enjoy playing the games very much because they aren’t fun to me) but I will defend it being on the shelves wholeheartedly.
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I will still post on here sometimes but I will primarily trying to contribute for their site and working with their team.
It is hard to find time to actually play all of the extra content in modern games and hard to divide the proper amount of time to said extra content. I decided to give Advanced Warfare a try in 2014 and I actually had a decent time with it but it wasn’t enough to fully bring me back into the franchise.
An interesting tidbit to point out is that the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane (which is produced by J.J. I tend to take the stance that video game movies are fairly pointless and don’t really have a reason to exist, especially a Portal one which doesn’t make any sense to me.
I understand that you can turn it off with ease but it is incredibly disappointing to have it be the default setting. RPG’s should still require me to level up and grind at least a little bit and not simply hand it off to me for free. But I would like it if developers stopped this attempt at making games so easy to the point that they aren’t fun anymore.
We haven’t really gotten a real Star Fox game since the Nintendo 64 one, which is really disappointing because it’s a great franchise with plenty of potential, but when the biggest spotlight that Star Fox has is that he is one of the best characters in Smash Bros, I’d say that’s an issue. It doesn’t necessarily look like this game will go back to the old school days of Paper Mario for the N64 or the Gamecube game either. I’m not really sure the Wii U is the best platform to really ever put an MMO on, but I guess Bandai Namco thought it was a good choice. It looks like a cartoony, jokey version of what Metroid Prime is supposed to be (pretty goddamn serious as far as I can tell). I can’t see anything wrong about this and I love rhythm games more than almost anything so my excitement is pretty high. The format for Kirby has been the same throughout the years but that isn’t really a bad thing.
Make an effort to do it because I know it has been beneficial for me since starting Omega Ruby. Instead of getting a typical retelling of the plot of Dragon Ball Z, we get something totally different and a twist to the typical telling of the plot. It’s fast-paced, allows you to equip different skills, and on your created character you get to build up your stats in your own way. My bigger issue with season passes, as a concept, is that so much DLC is completely lackluster and not even worth the price tag in the first place. It is so filled to the brim with flaws and mechanics that are the exact opposite of what I personally want out of video games. When the game has to stuff in bad puzzles and sequences of just walking around to fill game time, it detracts from the experience in a multitude of ways, especially because a lot of the time nothing else is going on in the game unless I force myself to talk to people which typically aren’t even that interesting side conversations in the first place beyond the main story of the game. Regardless, I don’t think that completely excuses gameplay that simply isn’t fun most of the time and makes me impatient and makes me wish I could just skip over it all to get to the actual story and decision making that makes the game what it is. The strange thing about the first season of the game is that it got amazing reviews pretty much all across the board, which baffles me. Afterwards, they poorly connect all of these stories in an absurd way that makes little to no sense in order for the player to “feel” something more for these characters; yet, I feel nothing at all for anyone in this game.
I have to admit that it is a bold move to allow the player to control Clementine except it’s in a game where you barely play a video game. They think this is a medium that needs to borrow so heavily from cinema and add “gamey” things like conversation choices in order for it to seem “unique” in someway when in reality, it’s sort of a shallow experience where I don’t really care too much about the characters in the end, at least that’s how it made me feel. It was Nintendo’s first attempt at making this absolutely crazy franchise, a franchise where your favorite Nintendo characters can be seen beating the crap out of each other…and you get to play it.
The pacing of the game was pure perfection, everything ran so perfectly, it had a wide cast of characters, and was just so blissfully fun. More than any Nintendo franchise, Smash Bros is the one that means most to me, it is the one that I think about most when I hear the word “Nintendo” and even more so, “gaming.” If anything, these are just my simple first impressions of the Wii U version of Smash, and I don’t think it could get any worse, I only expect it to get even better and better.
My suspicions truly began once “God Only Knows” started to be performed by a barbershop quartet in Columbia. The bond between Cole and Zeke is pretty goddamn beautiful, I have no other way to describe it.
Sometimes the game can appear to be nonsensical, absolutely strange, and pointless, but it isn’t. That is a type of world I don’t want to live in, vote with your wallets and stop being offended. People want to play the game and people should be able to buy that product on the platform, but I guess Valve’s decision is to just selectively decide what is offensive (or it’s a case of Valve being afraid of our politically correct culture, which is very much a factor I’m sure was considered).
Just let people play the games they want, let people have freedom of speech, and let people vote with their wallets if they want to play Hatred. I went ahead and bought Advanced Warfare (and wrote a review here…shameless plug) and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.
You can also purchase his first self-published book On Human Empathy for only $5.00 (you can buy literature or coffee, it’s up to you to decide. I’d rather the secondary market of price gouging not hurt people’s chances of getting one for a fair price in the first place. And beyond that, she has constantly ask for funding for a video project where she is talking to a camera with footage from video games which any idiot with a couple hundred bucks could have done on their own.
But characters like Bayonetta have the right to exist and if you don’t like it, don’t buy the goddamn game (just reemphasizing this).
To make one, you need to have good photo editing skills or you should hire someone to do the work for you.
Indie game developers have no other option than using a sprite sheet maker or searching royalty free images. Since there are a lot of genres of games available different people have different choices when it comes to gaming. Some people might love to play action games while others might find board or card related games interesting to play. This showcases the potential of reach and revenues of games on iOS and it’s set to grow over the years as the iOS platform and the devices get better and better.
I think it's just a good move on my part to work with an actual gaming site instead of just blogging for my hopes to continue in the weird world of writing about games.
The team is great over there and really dedicated to what they do, and everyone is volunteering their own time to the site! For the most part, I’m the type of person who gets to the credits of the game and that basically means that I’m done playing it. Yet I’ve put at least 100+ hours into the game, despite not playing it much at all in recent years. It takes the concept of making a video game cinematic in the best way possible and Naughty Dog seems to have kept that idea going with The Last of Us and hopefully Uncharted 4.
Melee and the Wii U Smash game are still my favorite ones and I still like Melee better simply for nostalgic reasons. Regardless, Modern Warfare 2 will always have a special place in my heart, despite the fact that it is a broken multiplayer game. I still consider Generation III Pokemon my favorite Pokemon Gen and it’s probably all because of nostalgia, I will not deny that. I haven’t played Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze but I love Donkey Kong Country Returns and I’m sure Tropical Freeze is just as good.
I’m planning on grabbing a copy and I’m sure anybody who hasn’t played it will do the same to play what is considered one of the greatest games ever made. I don’t want my Pokemon to be 5-10 levels ahead of the ones I encounter in the gym nor do I want to one hit K.O. Naughty Dog wants the player to be able to enjoy the cinematic storylines as much as possible without the player getting too stressed.
The Final Fantasy games are not difficult but at least want me to grind a little bit here and there and challenge me sometimes.
Donkey Kong Country has done the same (although Donkey Kong Country is actually quite difficult). I don’t know if Star Fox Zero will actually sell well or anything like that, but at the very least, fans of the franchise will probably be satisfied with a game that essentially looks like a beefed up version of the 64 game, with more content (and an extra game included). The concept of using color as a primary mechanic has been done before in other games; well it was done in a Mario game once already. They have a good thing going with these Kirby games but having a simply innovation like this will help.
So I decided it would be a great idea to get a 3DS and a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby to try to relax for once and not do homework for ten hours a day (that’s a bit of an exaggeration probably).
College is stressful as all hell and having something to actually relax with has been wonderful.
You create a character (who can be Namekian, Saiyan, Earthling, Frieza Race (yeah…it’s actually called Frieza Race), and Maijin) that is the main character of the story.
They don’t run more than half the time and most of the time it seems like they enjoy being offline.
It’s hard to really say much about it beyond the fact that it is a typical anime fighter style of combat involving quick presses of Square and Triangle (at least on the PS4) and combining that with simple two button pushes for special attacks.

It seems like a true passion project made for DBZ fans and fans of fighters and the MMO content just makes it all the better, even if it is minimal.
You can also purchase his first self-published book Passing Out Pieces for only $5.00 (you can buy literature or coffee, it’s up to you to decide. The whole concept of a video game where I occasionally press buttons, have to solve puzzles that really aren’t that well designed, and make decisions, it doesn’t entirely appeal to me. Of course, people can have different opinions and the game is subjective as a whole, but it seems strange to me that so many people aren’t bothered by the gameplay of this first season. I could care less about a single person in any of these stories because I have no idea who they are, we spend so little time with any of them, the gameplay gives me even less of a reason to care considering most of it is just button pushing to make choices or pushing an analog stick sometimes.
One of the few good things about Season 2 is that it cuts out most of the awful puzzles and extremely boring sequences found within the first season, instead most of the game is small action sequences or simply pushing buttons to make conversation choices. When the gameplay simply is a drag to play through, isn’t that a sign that your game is riddled in problems? I have no idea how many hours I actually have on this game, but it could easily be my most played game of all time, from single player bouts to multiplayer hours upon hours. I think if we actually look at some of our favorite games, these are the moments that are actually the best. This moment comes toward the end of the game, we are about to get into the last hour or so of the game that is filled with the most difficult and terrifying fighting sequences (of both infected and Fireflies).
And this mission mostly consists of a cutscene of Cole and Zeke watching a movie and drinking beers.
If you aren’t on the bandwagon of video games and are offended by violence in them, you’ll never play games and just continue to get offended or you’ll just selectively get offended by games like Hatred, which is silly and hypocritical.
A couple weeks ago, I popped in Modern Warfare 2 (one of my favorite games of the last generation) into my Playstation 3. It adds some new gameplay elements and has probably the best class set-up system the series has ever had, but it still keeps the same core gameplay…and I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that I’m okay with that.
The console is obviously beautiful and if I didn’t have a PS4, I would have probably tried to get one myself (and failed miserably I’m sure), but I just think it’s really silly to not just make more. She has no credibility to be involved with game development, she can blabber on and on about women in video games or whatever and have that opinion and that’s great, I could care less (even if I disagree with most of what she says) but she shouldn’t be involved with Mirror’s Edge 2. Anita Sarkeesian has no right to tell you what to buy, tell you what to put in a game, or any of that. I apologize for making this post without much real fact-checking or credibility, but I still think discussing Anita Sarkeesian and what she stands for is very, very important, whether you are for or against her.
Today, i’ll share 2 useful free tools that will help you create characters for your game. From playing the game by myself online to playing with multiple friends, the game has always been fun. This game helped me realize how great of a medium video games are in terms of storytelling. From keeping my Gamecube on overnight in order to unlock certain characters to playing with three friends in the hectic multiplayer to playing alone, I will always love Melee.
The balance is laughable in the game, from Noobtubes to Commando, the game is absolutely awful with balance.
Mario still has a just right difficulty but adding these strange temptations of invincibility is bizarre to me because it is a glorified cheat code. As a whole, the game looks like an exciting addition to a franchise that really needed a new game…because well, Star Fox Adventures doesn’t really cut it. Super Mario Sunshine isn’t necessarily my favorite Mario game so I’d rather Paper Mario Color Splash go in the direction of Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario 3D World in terms of quality rather than Sunshine. It just looks bizarre and unnecessary, and they should probably just make a new Metroid game for the Wii U instead; one that is an actual sequel to the previous Metroid games. Also, it appears there will be sidescrolling-shooting based gameplay that looks like something out of Rayman Origins which is a very good thing as well. And it’s pretty wonderful when you have a significant other who actually wants to play Pokemon with you at the same time. Trunks also plays a significant role as you go back in time with him to various moments in Dragon Ball Z that you have to fix the timeline of. If anything, the concept of making decisions is the only thing I’d want to keep, we can throw everything else away and start from scratch and make a completely different video game.
400 Days is a strange experimental exercise in storytelling that bombs in every single way and is seriously one of the most pointless games I’ve ever played. Because I find it pretty hard to believe that people could enjoy playing these games that much. I’ve only played the game for a couple hours but everything is so right about this game, especially in terms of the game’s pace, it feels like Melee more than anything and beyond that, the new characters are an absolute blast to play with.
I figured I would put together a list of some of my favorite small moments in some of my favorite games. The ending of this game is by far one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced in any piece of art because it isn’t afraid. I had day’s worth of gameplay on the game’s PVP multiplayer, which is a lot for a gamer that mostly plays single player games. It used to piss me off, the laziness these developers had when they could make better games and I still believe they could be making better games, but I’m okay with it now. There’s obviously a market for these Playstations if they are selling for absurd amounts of EBay that Sony would rather not happen. Does that mean we should criticize any video game that has sexualized characters or damsel in distress characters? She’s basically just an angry Tumblr user, Social Justice Warrior who wants her way and is willing to lie, cheat, and steal her way up to the top.
I still want to have a healthy discussion and debate about it in the comments, but I suggest ignoring the petition unless something truly gets confirmed from a real source from DICE or EA.
But sometimes there are those couple games that actually stick with me and I have to put more time into them. Nintendo crafted a perfect multiplayer gaming experience that anybody can pick up but can take years to truly master. If you don’t care about co-op on a TV and just want a great platformer for on the go, absolutely get it. I understand its maybe more for children but Mario isn’t very hard in the first place and neither is Pokemon. Using Groudon in the 8th gym literally broke the gym due to him blocking out water attacks completely.
The game will also have amiibo support that gives Kirby new copy abilities which is certainly exciting as well. I don’t have the time and my passion for them has dissolved a bit (which is why I’ve completely disappeared on here for like a year), but playing Pokemon has really changed that once again. Two mysterious characters named Mira and Towa are messing with the timeline and you have to fix it so the events remain the way they were originally in the plot of Dragon Ball Z. I mean, it’s almost hard for me to see how people could thoroughly enjoy the gameplay of something that isn’t really a video game. Sure, it cuts out really awful, useless gameplay that does NOTHING to immerse me into the game.
Developers are going to need to find a way to properly balance the idea of these story-driven games.
I love Pac-Man and think he is a wonderful addition to the franchise, and even plenty of characters I didn’t know like Shulk are great, or strange additions like Rosalina & Luma or Duck Hunt (I still can’t get over that they literally named the character Duck Hunt…). We have struggled through craziness (with more to come) and insanity (with more to come), and this moment comes out of nowhere. It’s so utterly simple in its execution and is one of the few moments in any video game that really shows what a close friendship is actually like because it dares to be quiet and content with itself and simply just show these characters being actual people and relaxing. Instead of trying to build up some crazy twist like so many plots do or trying to do something focused just on character, it cuts right to the point: this is the meaning of life.
There are games just as stupidly violent and almost just as direct as Hatred and nobody seems to care about those games.
I played a couple of matches in Team Deathmatch and suddenly realized that this is the most fun I’ve had playing video games in months. I don’t think anyone is crazy about the price gougers and price scalpers who ruin these things for everyone. She is a beggar and a leech and I’m not afraid to state this opinion even though the Social Justice Warriors will probably be angry or something. It doesn’t matter what class I play, this game will always have a special place in my heart.
I’ve only recently decided to get back into the franchise with Omega Ruby and I’m now backtracking to Pokemon Y right now.
Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii is probably worth buying over the 3D one in order to play with friends. Game Freak decided to take a game that was already pretty easy (just right I would say in terms of difficulty) and decided to make it jokingly easy. Donkey Kong Country having this mechanic is also strange because it is supposed to be hard and being invincible eliminates that, even if it is an optional temptation. This is the first title in the Xenoverse series in which I am sure we will get another one of next year or the year after. It needs more content and it needs more varied game design but it is a game that is in the need of a true sequel that will do everything to improve an already great game. But this more simplified “gameplay” also does NOTHING to immerse into the game or the story. Instead of making me feel like I’m playing an interactive movie, make me feel like I’m playing a video game, one that actually has good gameplay and a good story.
Was Subspace Emissary a strange fan-fiction like thing that for some reason slipped into a mainstream video game? And then they played the weird highlight video of your character at the end and that hit me the most. Mind you, this happens right after the events of winter, which is arguably the most emotional tense season of the game. This is what people are about, what we should be doing and what is necessary for us to really live on and be something more than just…well, people. I was having stupid amounts of fun getting kills with an ACR, running around only knifing people like an idiot, and sprinting around with a shotgun as a sidearm because the developers of this game were insane. It’s a console made for an anniversary, a console made for the fans, and why not just let the fans get them?
I still had tons of fun with it and I still pick it up every year or so to play a couple games just for the hell of it.
But these new games will never have the impact Pokemon Ruby did on me, it was an important experience I had as a kid that truly influenced my creativity in the best way possible. Yoshi’s New Island is another one I plan on picking up despite hearing somewhat mixed things. EXP Share working for every Pokemon basically blocks out the concept of even bothering to train.
Seeing new footage for old games already announced and seeing new games announced (plenty of great ones) is always a great thing. It’s worth realizing that this is an entirely new game and that expecting a lot of characters (in the hundreds) shouldn’t be expected in a first title. Hell, it could almost be a choose your own adventure book (though it’s still better than that). Gameplay and story need to work together if you want something that is meaningful and impactful.
I had no idea what actually was off when this song played, of course, but it is the first thing that raised my suspicions. It’s so utterly beautiful and satisfying on all fronts and is one of the most memorable parts of the game.
The giraffes come out in this beautiful large field and you can’t help but smile (or cry) and sit there for a while.
The last title is a collection of four classic Mario titles ported to the Nintendo Wii: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. These are optional mechanics but even the temptation itself is quite strange in my eyes, just as EXP share being a primary mechanic is as well. I’ve realized that it really helps to calm me down in between schoolwork and with the 3DS it makes playing games wherever I want on campus far easier. My hope is that we get a sequel with a lot more characters and more content in general and I hope to see more MMO elements being incorporated, as in having more varied quest content beyond just beating up a bunch of different dudes in different areas. But the one thing that hurt this game so much was the game was slowed down exponentially, and as a whole, the game just never had the same nostalgic feel I had gotten from still playing Melee and the N64 version. And every time I go back and listen to the version found in Bioshock Infinite, chills run down my spine.
Another small issue is that you can’t boost attributes in between story levels without actually exiting out of the story mode and then loading it up again. It just reminds me of playing these wonderful games-especially the N64 one when I was the youngest-and why I loved them in the first place. It’s hauntingly beautiful and is representative of what Columbia is: a twisted world that represents America in a disturbing time, among many other things.
And beyond that, the song wasn’t picked for no reason, it has such an absolute important meaning to the game itself. It uses this platform of a video game to give a beautifully quiet, philosophical, and very necessary moment in a game filled with zaniness, it decides to turn things down for the moment and settle everything quietly, and it manages to produce one of my favorite things ever written in fiction -- not just in video games -- simply because of its ability to wind things down and cut to the point with no fear.
She pretends to have a passion for this medium to make videos to fit her agenda and her narrative. Although I don’t play the multiplayer anymore, it is still one of my favorite PVP multiplayer games ever, even better than Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. As much as I still had fun with Omega Ruby as a nostalgic trip, it has immense issues that needed to be addressed. You could have just rushed right through this giraffe moment if you really wanted to yet most players didn’t see a reason to, it is too beautiful of a moment to sacrifice in a video game that takes you down some of the most emotionally stressful moments I’ve ever experienced.
Though I don’t think the ports are perfect in terms of precision, it still may be worth a purchase. That’s part of the reason anybody plays them, part of gaming is to feel a sense of accomplishment and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Do I think she has the right to speak for gamers or even the portrayal of females in video games? Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with dusting off a NES to play these games in their original form.

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