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You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Social analytics is still relatively new and yet there are already many tools offering to give you the insights to empower your marketing. Often, these tools won't give you a full picture of how your social media marketing is contributing to your business since they only look at one channel like Facebook. Without objectives it is impossible to get value from analytics; you can walk away after  browsing data and reports from a tool with nothing but hours of your life gone, never to be seen again! For understanding the right types of measures to use within social media marketing, I recommend taking a look at Jeremiah Owyang's Social Media ROI pyramid to make sure you have the right blend of metrics related to brand, commercial and customer communications. Reporting requires a level of organization, which is why Smart Insights developed the RACE (Reach, Act, Convert & Engage) for digital marketing reporting. So what does this look like in practice when we report on customer campaigns involving social media. There maybe light at the end of the tunnel though, Google is currently developing a tool that will allow data on the interactions that start on your own site but then continue off site.
Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about the Digital Age and what it means for today’s marketers. Over the last ten years, the variety of ways marketers engage and communicate with their target audiences has exploded.

It’s no longer enough to simply leverage what you know about your target audience to personalize offerings– today’s marketers need to take this one step further to provide a “total experience” across multiple physical and digital touchpoints. Everything from targeted communication and branded content, to interactive offerings and product packaging should be grounded in data and carefully designed to create the desired “experience” a customer has with your brand.
As I work with clients, I find you need to use a range of tools and integrate the data to provide a unified report. As with everything in analytics, 20% of the data will generally give you 80% of the answers you need.
Objectives should stem from the business and into the marketing plan of which social will feature. This framework allows the right questions to be asked of your social analytics, putting them in the relevant context.
Well so do we, but the reality is that unless you have the budget for a large data warehouse project, a good chunk of this reporting from different sources is currently manual.
An example of this would be if I +1’s a Smart Insights blog post from the website & then Dave were to +1 and comment from within Google+ that data would typically not be reported on.
Spend time getting your objectives right, use RACE to align the right & select few metrics that matter and stick to them!
Tactics and tools that were once considered “cutting-edge” are now quickly becoming obsolete, and advances in digital and social media are introducing new approaches and complexities on a daily basis.
Overcoming this  challenge means changing the way we interact with and engage our target audiences – applying the fundamental principles of Think, Feel and Do.

Understand your consumers’ basic drives to drive engagement and influence brand perception. We find that there is no single tools that will pull enough of the feeds in the right formats to automate this for you. You can learn more about the analytics social hub here and it will feature in my future post on social analytics. In this post I'll outline the process and measures I use at First 10 to enable the required level of analysis for our clients. There are some that do a large percentage such as Raven Tools which we use, but that can't pull comments from your site and Google+ data for example. There is no harm though in using tools do some of the work and then fill the blanks in manually.

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