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Lately people have shared stories with me about getting all kinds of free things including food or room and board. Years ago I met a guy who really works the system to get timeshare rentals, which I’ll share more about in a later post. I heard that people at the concierge desk at a resort will sometimes invite you to a presentation. In this case the participants must be between the income levels of $30,000 – $60,000.
But there are other options but let me give some examples of this template style timeshare presentation seller.
If you see a great deal and are interested in related locations try viewing that seller’s profile and their other items for sale. Christian (a regular reader and friend I got to meet recently) was telling me about his hilarious experience in the timeshare sales pitch.
I want people to feel free to comment any tips or experiences they have had in getting great deals from sitting through timeshare sales pitches. We’ve done a few of these presentations, they can be great values especially if you are a family. I entered a contest at Pizza Hut last summer and was called about a tour at a resort in Virginia. I am a Westgate Independent Travel Partner where I can assist you with any of Westgate Vacation Packages all over the USA. If you are interested with the Vegas Trip I can help you for no financial obligation on your part. I am interested in attending an all inclusive timeshare presentation but will only attend if offered the best deal I can get.Two years ago, I stayed at Westgate Resorts for 7 nights. Inalso bought a groupon for a place in playa, but every time i have tried to book, there is no supposed availability. How lame do you have to be to sit thru a sales pitch for 90 minutes, let alone consider doing it? While there are plenty of great, inexpensive dining options on Maui, many people choose to dine only at their resort or the newest overhyped restaurants, easily spending two to three times what they could have spent on a meal somewhere better. Don’t get us wrong, using a kayak is a great idea in the right areas when conditions are optimal, but renting a kayak and going on your own is dangerous and not the best way to experience the wonders of our ocean. While Kaanapali Beach and Wailea Beach are beautiful and convenient if you’re staying at one of the resorts fronting them, they are also often extremely crowded. Guidebooks are great for all kinds of reasons… they give you the short-and-sweet of the best things to do and see in tropical paradise. Timesharing, also known as vacation property ownership, enables vacationers to enjoy luxury resort or condo accommodations every year without the commitment and cost of outright-ownership. There are two ways to become an owner of a timeshare in Southwest Florida – through a resort or on the resale market. In addition to timeshares for sale, the resale market is also a great place to find discounted timeshare rentals in Southwest Florida. Whether located on one of Southwest's Florida's beautiful beaches or in its metropolitan areas, timeshares present visitors with quality accommodations at cost-effective rates. Southwest Florida's timeshare resorts provide a gateway to the best cities and towns in this region – each with its own unique culture and characteristics.
Moreover, the location of these resorts puts you right among all the conveniences, amenities and activities that make this region great.
Travelers who visit these Florida timeshares discover an unbeatable sub-tropical climate and pristine coastlines perfect for a variety of water sports. If you're interested in learning more about what types of activities and attractions you can enjoy as a Southwest Florida timeshare owner, check out the other great pages on Southwest Florida Traveler! First let me explain a little bit about what a timeshare presentation is and how getting free stuff works. This is so profitable for them that they will actually pay you to sit through their sales pitches (that should be warning enough that it’s a bad sign for you). Show tickets, food vouchers, hotel nights, hotel discounts or even cash, all for just listening to the presentation. Perhaps there will be a forum thread of people sharing their experiences and where they got scooped up.

This is also the best source that I’m aware of for securing your presentation ahead of time. They may call you – if they do, ask about promo offers because you prefer to “try before you buy”.
Even on the Ebay results the person selling often pretends to be personal, when really they are just selling leads, chances are they’ll have multiple options.
I was at the Crowne Plaza and liked the Hilton better so wanted to switch back, so I called the Hilton (because PC doesn’t give free internet to Plats). At least if you book online you already have your room and aren’t expecting any more goodies. When it came time to close the deal they got serious and asked him how much he spent on travel a year.
If you have anything to add that could help other people interested in the subject, including links and places to check out, add them below. I have a special right now for 3 nights in a resort and 2 Disney or Universal tickets for only $189!
I insisted on a DELUXE one bedroom suite with full kitchen, washer and dryer and when they offered me two days to Universal Studios, I insisted on 7 day two park tickets for two.They also gave me a great deal on a rent a car.
Who doesn’t love unlimited mai tais, an ocean breeze and beautiful women dancing in front of a Maui sunset?! Many of the largest resorts around the island have multiple onsite restaurants, some worth the money, some not. If you’re looking to splurge on an expensive but delicious meal out, head to Mala Ocean Tavern on Front Street. On all kayak tours, our guides will explain in detail what you can expect to see in the water and provide complimentary photos of you and your family during your adventure. Chances are you aren’t in Maui all that often, so instead of spending your beautiful day in paradise inside a presentation room with complimentary mini muffins, skip the timeshare presentation and spend your vacation how you really want to spend it.
While there are many wonderful options for art galleries, beware of the ones passing off mass produced Hawaiian prints and photography as art. The problem is that some guidebooks have also been known to give incorrect (and sometimes even dangerous) information to visitors, causing heightened tension between local residents and businesses. We believe everyone deserves to make the most of their vacation and look forward to seeing you out on the water with us on your next trip to paradise!
As such, it is not only a great place to vacation, but also a great place to rent or buy timeshare weeks.
Owners prepay a reduced rate for their annual resort lodging (usually in 7-day intervals set for a specific week each year or during a particular season), which vary from studio or hotel-style rooms with kitchenettes to multiple-bedroom resort condos and even free-standing vacation homes with fully-equipped kitchens, depending on the owner's preferences and needs.
Resort-sold timeshares are often rather expensive due to the resort's need to cover the cost of its sales presentations which often include free giveaways or other incentives, and the commissions to its salesmen.
Renting enables non-owners to experience the perks of staying a timeshare resort, which include self-catering accommodations, concierge services, on-site dining, resort-sponsored activities and cocktail parties, children's programs, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, beach access, recreational centers and spas – just to name a few.
Beaches, fine dining, live entertainment, amusement parks and incredible nightlife surround many of Southwest Florida's timeshare properties. And while most of us only focus on turning credit card rewards into amazing vacations, there are other ways folks! So we’ll stick with strategies people can consistently score free things, food and travel with. Again, these people are mostly commissioned and are more worried about getting people to the presentation and the hotel is more worried about doing the targeting.
With my experience calling Hilton it was very apparent that they were targeting people who make more than $80,000 a year. Their next question was how often- when he told them about all the international destinations he and his family of four had gone to on the price he mentioned, they thought he was being goofy. Read below to see the top 10 things to skip on your trip to paradise and what you should do instead. However, there are a few luaus that exist solely because they can, ignoring all aspects of originality and truly authentic Hawaiian practices. It should be a crime, however, for souvenir shops to lure you in with a free necklace only to offer you the most generic, overpriced Hawaiian souvenirs possible. Instead, visit one of the many interesting art galleries that are committed to showcasing local artists and their unique work, including Kai Pua Artist Studio & Gallery in Lahaina, Cesere Brothers in Paia, Maui Hands, Kaukini Gallery in Kahakuloa and Hana Coast Gallery in Hana.

For example, the Blue Pool, a gorgeous waterfall in a remote area of Hana, used to be listed as a must-see in a popular Maui guidebook. Florida timeshare resales, on the other hand, are available at a reduced cost (often thousands less than the resort price for an identical interval), and buyers can easily view available properties online rather than having to sit through a high-pressure sales presentation.
I mean ways outside of our circle, besides the big promotions and hotel Best Rate Guarantees. Meaning, that someone can get paid just by telling you about or taking you to the timeshare sales pitch.
Like $60 a night but over the phone the rate was much higher so I backed out and said I’d book online instead (at a nearby coffee shop). And the real reason they target people 35 or above is it’s their best guess as to who is financially secure. I specialize in using rewards points from the best credit cards and promotions, and using them to book dream trips.
Though we had to travel a bit to get to the site, We actually left with a $225 general gift card, $50 to Pizza Hut AND 2 other similar vacations at various US locations! I will attend their sales pitch, but will not buy until it is an offer that actually benefits me.
Skip the cheesy resort luaus and instead book the traditional seating at Old Lahaina Luau, where you and your family or friends will enjoy front row floor seating (with cushions and a low dining table), authentic Hawaiian music, hula and a dinner spread worth remembering.
The Blue Pool, however, can only be accessed by crossing private property, causing potentially dangerous situations among visitors simply following instructions in the guidebook.
I wonder if you can call and bargain the rate down to $30 a day then, making the realistic price $50.
I guess they assume that the majority of the time you can assume someone in their 20s is not financially secure.
One great credit card signup bonus could earn enough for a free week at a hotel (or better yet an international flight).
I’d highly recommend these timeshare deals to anyone looking for an inexpensive way to travel. The problem with most of the big surf school companies is that you spend the majority of your lesson waiting in line to paddle out to the instructor, giving you only a few hurried chances to catch and surf a wave successfully.
Instead of being disappointed on five different discount boat tours on your next trip to Maui, spend the same amount of money and enjoy an excellent experience on one or two of them. If you’re concerned about specific tips or locations mentioned in your guidebook, make sure to stop and ask before continuing. Others have said that acting interested makes the sales pitch softer as the presenter thinks the sale is in the bag.
Seriously, if I have a good credit score and can get good signup bonuses, why in the world would I suffer through a timeshare presentation?
Instead of wasting money on 10 minutes worth of personal instruction, book a private surfing lesson with Hawaiian Paddle Sports, where you’re guaranteed to surf a wave and receive personalized suggestions based on your performance. Either they wanted to a tactful way to figure out if I made under $80,000 and gave four options as an illusion, or they would do further sales pitch targeting based on your income. I kind of prefer the first, more honest approach as the presenters are commission pay and should have the option to not waste their breath. If I have credit cards that earn points and I can find sneaky ways to rack up spends on gift cards I can turn into cash, why would I do a timeshare? The last time I spoke with them, they would not offer tickets to Universal Studios so I said no.
Either way, I was given the boot and a slight points compensation after revealing my income was indeed in the first category.
In short, I will give it a try, but I will never see this being as beneficial as collecting miles and points, and learning how to use them.

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