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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata (right) shakes hands with DeNA president Isao Moriyasu during a Toyko press conference. On Monday Nintendo announced a tie-up with Japanese mobile gaming firm DeNA that will place Nintendo characters in all-new games for smartphones.
Alan Rusbridger, the veteran editor of The Guardian, will not become chairman of the paper's ownership trust after being forced out by the new management.
British teenager David Pearce must feel like a million bucks after the government unveiled his winning design for the nation's new one pound coins. James Green lays out the state of the automotive industry's digital transformation, suggesting ways to take advantage of the opportunity. These sales predictions bode well for digital marketing budgets, as consumers will increasingly tap into digital technology to research and purchase new vehicles. The majority of spending (60%) will go to direct-response tactics, with the rest put toward branding.
One large reason as to why the automotive category is seeing such a high spike in digital is the transformation of the consumer purchase path, which increasingly begins online at the national or local level, yet still converts almost exclusively in brick-and-mortar dealerships. Consumers don’t buy cars online, but they conduct loads of research and price evaluation across digital platforms. There’s a tremendous opportunity for digital to play a vital role in brand building, where consumers can engage in upper funnel activities. From there, search retargeting and other data-driven efforts can feed lower funnel activities such as locating a dealership and building a car model, which ultimately transforms prospects into car intenders and potentially buyers. Because there’s such a long buying cycle associated with purchasing big ticket items such as vehicles, auto brands must work to remain top of mind for consumers along every step of the purchase path. While search engines were the most used path for consumers to get to auto retail websites over the last few years, according to Deloitte, other internet channels and entities are actually capturing consumers’ attention and influencing their buying decisions. In Deloitte’s 2015 Global Automotive Consumer study (PDF), car reviews on independent websites ranked highest among sources that influence car purchases.

Data from Magnetic (my company) collected from search entities beyond the major search engines, showed that searches for [tires], [oil changes] and [used cars] were among some of the top search categories for the summer months (2014). Regardless of the tier, companies within the automotive category have numerous ways to take advantage of digital at every stage of the consumer funnel. Digital channels and strategies across social, mobile and local ad targeting equip different tiers with different needs. For example, tier one may be rolling out a new vehicle leveraging a national ad strategy across TV and digital; and by using location-aware advertising, tier three can capitalize on the national advertiser’s marketing efforts. The amount of online activity that occurs before a car purchase makes automotive one of the most prominent verticals in digital advertising. With digital advertising no longer being text ads limited to search engines and display advertising limited to desktop, more auto companies of all sizes have the opportunity to use digital as their primary source for influencing audiences and turning consumers into auto intenders.
James Green is chief executive officer at search retargeting leader Magnetic charged with driving overall company expansion and building out Magnetic’s search retargeting infrastructure. Please use the "Sign Up" link above to complete your registration form and become a member of the industry's leading Automotive Marketing and Internet Sales Professional Community. ADMPC is a Network for Car Dealers, Automotive Marketing, Advertising and Management Pros sharing Digital Strategies and Execution Tactics. Moreover, 35% of total digital ad budgets will be slotted for mobile tactics, a share in line with spending by other US industries shifting their marketing efforts toward smartphones and other mobile devices.
The amount of intent data captured on these entities from search data to site behaviors is premium fuel for data-driven, hyper-targeted advertising campaigns. In essence, search engines have really become the gateway for consumers to obtain more information.
The customer pool is massive for every level of auto advertiser, from national to regional and local dealerships.

The various tiers make the auto category a perfect contender for both branding and direct response campaigns. You need to stop "Lurking" on ADM and become a more genuine Automotive Professional by completing your membership registration. ADM members have access to resources, connections and private events that provide them with a competitive advantage. While the actual searches are happening both on dedicated search engines and on other sites with search functions, independent research sites play a role in informing advertisers what their consumers are interested in buying. But you'd never confuse the two; they are two separate forms of media, with different styles. Console games tend to be played for longer stretches; mobile games typically fill short periods of time when you're waiting for someone, and must be able to handle a quick interruption when a call comes in. Console games are built around their controllers, allowing a precise and more complex level of interaction; but touchscreens on smartphones and tablets are more intuitive and more flexible.
You can build smart, deep games for mobile devices -- just look at 80 Days, to name one of many examples.
It will use its experience in making games and its legendary stable of characters to create games especially for mobile, with help from DeNA.

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