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Adobe Audition has great multitrack recording and audio restoration abilities to restore noisy audio to a high quality. Since Adobe Audition comes from the Adobe Creative Cloud, you pay for the service on a subscription basis. One nice thing about working with Adobe Audition is its ability to switch between different interface layouts.
This is one of the few professional audio editing programs that allows you to record more than one audio source at once. This audio editing software program has an abundance of effects that you can add to your audio including delays, reverbs and distortion. If you have multiple files that you want to apply processes to, you can click on the batch-processing tab on the file manager and add files for batch processing. We imported a wide variety of audio files formats into the Audition audio editing program to test for file compatibility. We also imported seven different video files to test whether or not each program could extract the audio data from those files.
If you are new to Adobe Audition and want video tutorials to guide you through some of the tools and processes within Audition, the company's website includes video tutorials in the help section. Adobe Audition has many great features that would make purchasing a subscription worthwhile.
It offers powerful recording and audio editing tools, and it's inexpensive even compared to professional DAWs.

Not only does it have all of the functionality of an audio editing program, but it also has the multitrack recording and editing capabilities that are associated with digital audio workstations (DAWs).
Adobe has a few different payment options you can choose from including monthly payments, an annual lump sum or an annual plan paid in monthly increments. If you have used previous versions of Audition and liked the classic layout better, you can switch to that layout in the window preferences and feel right at home again.
With Adobe Audition you can tackle your multitrack recording project and record multiple audio sources simultaneously.
We imported a single voice audio sample that was laced with noisy hiss, hum, pops and cracks that are generally associated with old vinyl recordings. Virtually all of the noise from the recording was removed, and the vocal in the recording was uncompromised.
All of the effects you can apply to your audio include a handful of presets, so you can quickly click on the drop-down menu to find the right effect parameters. We were able to import all of the file extensions that we tested for including AAC, AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, WAV and WMA. The software has multitrack recording capabilities, great audio restoration tools that produce satisfactory results, and great file compatibility and conversion capabilities. The layout of the software is intuitive, clean and customizable, and the software provides an impressive toolset to handle any type of audio editing job.
You can also choose whether to purchase Adobe Audition by itself or pay for the entire Creative Cloud and all its applications.

You can change the layout of this audio editor, but you can't add or remove tools from your toolbar.
This audio editor also has a full digital mixer so you can adjust the levels, panning and other parameters of multiple audio tracks at once. This was one of the best audio restoration results that we'd heard from all of our audio testing.
For these reasons and more, Adobe Audition Creative Cloud receives our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.
With this tool you can highlight a part of your audio where there is unwanted noise and sample it for Audition to learn.
Audition was unable to convert DV video files to audio, but the rest worked without any complications.
You then run the filter over the entirety of your audio, and Audition will remove any occurrence of the noise throughout the recording.

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