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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m primarily a MacBook user, mostly because I use video-editing software that is specific to Macs. However, if I had to choose a Windows 8-based laptop right now, Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Pro (starting at $899), would be at the top of the list. My boss, Walt Mossberg, reviewed the original 13-inch Yoga a year ago, and while he liked its design, he found it faulty and somewhat clumsy. But the Yoga has cleaned up well since then, with a tweaked design, higher-resolution display and improved battery life. The Yoga 2 I’ve been testing is a gunmetal gray model with an Intel Core i5 (midrange) processor, a 128 gigabyte solid-state drive, and four gigabytes of RAM.
While the Yoga 2 Pro is aimed at consumers, its hard-angled design at first made me think Lenovo has a tough time shedding its “business attire” entirely.
On the left edge of the laptop there is a USB 3.0 port, a mini-HDMI jack and an SD card slot. Its display has been upgraded to a 3200 by 1800 resolution “QHD” display (Quad High Definition), which basically means it has four times as many pixels as the 1600 by 900 HD+ resolution of the previous model. It’s no doubt a nice display, with bold, bright colors, though, as with all devices, it depends on what you’re viewing. Like a practiced yogi, the Yoga 2 moves fluidly from “regular” laptop mode to stand mode (in which the keyboard is face-down on a surface and the display propped up as though it’s on a stand) to tent mode, which looks like it sounds. Lenovo has also installed something called Yoga Picks in the Yoga 2, which suggests suitable apps when you switch between physical laptop modes.
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One of the main reasons that Erin Condren lured me to buy a planner was because of their personalized covers. I have always dreamed of a themed party and thanks to my one of my best friends and my Sister, the Maid of Honor, it came true. Google Keep adds note-taking and syncing to Google Drive and Android devices, but compared with similar services, it's a merely a fawn trying to find its legs.
It does give you the ability to add photos to a note (so do OneNote and Evernote), and in Android (but not in the Web app) you can add a note by voice. Toggling between grid view and list view changes not only the layout of the note previews, but also whether those previews display your checkboxes in to-do notes. In the Web app, you can type notes and upload photos as notes, although there aren't any tools for rotating a photo once it's in Keep, which I found annoying when I uploaded a sideways shot of a whiteboard with meeting notes (see the slideshow). Search, Archiving, and Other FeaturesAs is the case in most of Google's services, "archiving" an old note is the alternative to deleting it. Without any tags, folders, or notebooks to organize your notes, it's difficult to imagine how you'll find anything in Keep after a few weeks of heavy use. One bug I found in testing the new Keep: In a to-do note, you'll sometimes see two blank entries where you can write a new to-do, and writing in the wrong one causes new empty slots to appear, cluttering up your note (see the slideshow). It's seem ludicrous that Google Keep doesn't have any sharing options baked into the Web version, especially because of all the sharing and collaborating you can do in Google Drive. A Keeper?As a longtime Evernote user for all my note-taking needs, I'll stick with that more mature app for now and give Google Keep a pass.
While its battery life is improved over the first Yoga, due to a higher-performing Haswell chip, it still doesn’t best the MacBook Air. Lenovo even makes two semi-flexible IdeaPad Flex models, with 14-inch or 15-inch displays, that are less expensive than the Yoga.
This is just a hair thinner than the old Yoga (0.67 inches thick), but makes it comparable to the MacBook Air at its thickest point. There’s another USB port on the right side, along with an audio jack, volume buttons and a tiny power button.
The ultra-high-definition YouTube videos Lenovo recommends for testers looked great, of course, and so did high-quality photos I swiped through. I use both the iPad mini and Kindle Fire tablets for reading, which makes sense, given that they’re seven-inch devices. I’ll let all the people with flawless complexions out there feel dismayed for a minute, but I was okay with the quality for video chats.
If you’re not yet familiar with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, I’ll say the same thing that I say to anybody who asks me whether they should get a fancy new Windows 8 Ultrabook: This operating system takes some getting used to.
You can now boot up to the “old” Window desktop if you want, rather than the tile-based Start menu. In the test I ran, which involved turning off all power savers, putting the display on full brightness, fetching email over Wi-Fi and playing iTunes on a continuous loop, the Yoga 2 lasted five hours and eight minutes.
He said I really deserved some of the best technology to keep up with what I'm doing and that he is proud of me. Here it's all about girly obsessions, must have beauty items, my love for craftiness, and of course a newlywed living, and loving life!
I gained new inspiration on DIY planner supplies ever since I got my new ring planner from Kate Spade.
Its primary value comes from the fact that it's part of the Google ecosystem, an ever-changing world of services for creating documents, managing photos, communicating by email, voice, and video, and so on and so forth. You can dictate a note by saying, "Note to self," and have that little reminder saved straight into Keep, where it syncs with all your other Google stuff and becomes accessible online, or available for other apps and widgets on your phone to utilize if you want to, say, have that note appear on your locked screen.

For example, in grid view, the check boxes disappear, while in list view you can fully see them.
Evernote is the king of organization among note-taking apps, with enough options included to accommodate different kinds of users and how they look for information.
When you choose to add color to a note, that color doesn't appear on the note while it's being edited. The Android app (reviewed separately) can share notes, but doesn't allow for collaboration.
It’s called the Yoga because its design allows the keyboard to flip backward underneath the display so that the laptop can also be used as a touchscreen tablet. The laptop creeps up in price from there, topping out at $1,449 for a better chip and a 512GB solid state drive. It also has a thin rubber edge to protect the machine when it’s propped up in different positions.
Episodes of “The Good Wife” in HD on Amazon Instant Video looked all right, but an SD movie I watched through the same service looked like, well, like a standard-def movie. Using this 13-inch tab for reading felt pretty ridiculous, like I was reading the Ten Commandments on a long, stone tablet. I Skyped with my colleague Bonnie Cha one night this week, and she said the image was a little grainy on her end but ultimately, fine. And, as my aforementioned colleague Bonnie points out here, a quick swipe from the bottom of the screen also brings up a view of all of your apps.
Lenovo says the company is looking at expanding these voice commands and other input methods.
When Walt Mossberg ran this same test on last year’s Yoga, it lasted just four hours and 31 minutes, so the Yoga 2 has definitely improved. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
I was willing to pay over $50 for it and to my surprise found it for less than that on Ebay. It has basic note-taking functionality and good search (duh, it's Google), but limitations abound. Rectangular notes, centered into either a list view or grid view, are sure to look well organized. If the search term appears as text in the note, it's highlighted, although when the word is part of the note title, it's not.
What the Yoga 2 lacks in Webcam it makes up for in speakers, though, giving full, clear sound.
Compare it with more mature services, particularly Evernote (free to $45 per year, 4.5 stars), and Google Keep gets dusted.
I use to debate on getting one before since the operating system is very different from Windows.
In this sense, Google Keep is most similar to Microsoft OneNote, which is tightly integrated into SkyDrive, Microsoft's online version of Office, which somewhat mirrors Google Drive, which somewhat mirrors the traditional version of Office offline… is the snake eating its own tail here? For example, Evernote is available virtually everywhere: as a Web app, in the form of a downloadable program for Windows and Mac, as a mobile app for practically every mobile OS on the market.
You have to go to the archive notes section (via an Archived Notes link at the bottom of the page) to search them.

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