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Of course, this is CDM, where we fly the banner of things like tangible music made with fruit JELL-O. What we’re seeing now is a glimpse of how Pioneer sees the CDJ enduring in the era of ubiquitous computing. All of this seems likely to please club installations, and while the global economy puts on the brakes, we have to remember that DJ gigs often remain lucrative – well beyond the club, in places like, yes, weddings.
Indeed, even with this nifty new features, it seems the biggest competition for the CDJ-2000nexus may be the CDJ. DJ Endo has a fantastic, step-by-step walkthrough of what Traktor integration means with Pioneer’s DJM mixer. Callouts explain better what’s changed on the CDJ, apart from the obvious improved display. That is some pretty fabulous technology for realizing DJing as a producer-like creative process.

CDM is an online magazine for creative technology, from music and DJing to motion and more. CDM by Create Digital Media GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Currently he is top player of AC Milan and one of the most popular soccer players in the world. That means making the CDJ itself more like a computer, while sticking to its dedicated hardware design, but also making it a hub for other computing devices. I’m going to kiss the top of my headphones every time I run the last seconds of a yellow.
There’s no such Traktor integration announced yet on the CDJ-2000nexus, but it seems a no-brainer.
Using software from Pioneer, you can manage libraries on computers, but also via smart phones and tablets and the like.

Robust dedicated hardware appeals to those crowds, and conveys a different appearance than showing up with a laptop does.
A lot of those CDJs are plugging away in road cases and installs, and some of the whiz-bang mobile integration stuff may simply be more than what people need – especially at this pricetag. Whether artists themselves go CDJ, these things are simply a staple of clubs, a pillar of the global DJ business. It winds up becoming a DJ-only computer itself, to which you connect storage (from external hard drives to USB keys) and other gadgets (from laptops to iPads or phones). There’s push-button Beat Match (literally, pressing a single button), and Beat Count and Phase Meter indicators.

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