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After the wonder of a great photo has passed, it’s good hotel copywriting that will entice guests to stay a little longer. So instead of calling your hotel unique and your views breathtaking, wow potential guests by painting that unique and breathtaking picture with concrete imagery: A spiral staircase winds up to your turret guest suite, where floor-to-ceiling windows open onto 180° panoramic views of the Loire Valley. At first glance, Buzzfeed looks a bit like a pop culture wasteland forever enslaved to the viral web. Buzzfeed knows its audience really well – well enough to tailor each and every post to hyper-target a very specific persona (demographic). So in the spirit of Labor Day, no matter where you live or when you celebrate the day officially, I congratulate you on your hard work and perseverance. One of the best parts of my job is digging up sparkling gems of content marketing from around the globe.
Today’s roundup is incredibly inspiring – info-rich, actionable posts you can really sink your teeth into. So seriously, please hop on down to the comments and fill me in: What do you most want to read in these weekly roundups? This is the week of the content audit: the week you sort through all your raw materials and evaluate each on its performance and effectiveness.
This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to guest on Cottage Blogger’s Vacation Rental Success podcast.
I recently guested on the VRS Podcast about Words that Sell – essentially, how to travel copywrite your own vacation rental listing. Bonus: Listen to the end (or read the show notes) for your chance to win free travel copywriting!
First things first: You absolutely, positively must keep your content goals in mind throughout this process. The second thing to always keep in mind is that your content strategy for each channel is a miniturized version of your overall travel content strategy.
Join The Travel Copywriter's Loyalty Program (fine, my email list) for industry insights, weekly updates, special offers and freebies, including my guide, Business Blogging & The Travel Industry in 2014. The course aims to provide the student with a clear understanding and appreciation of the key concepts and practices of tourism marketing. With increased mobile browsing, every business has begun to realize that their web presence needs to be optimized for multiple formats. If you want to attract the most business from a tourist perspective, it’s time to reevaluate how you’ve formatted your mobile web presence. The primary goal of mobile optimization for the average website is to make the mobile page an easily navigable, scaled down version of the desktop site.
For example, a travel planning company might structure their desktop homepage to include a coupon code for booking travel alongside testimonials from happy travelers, and would frontload the links to booking options. What a travel planner on their home computer wants and what someone who recently arrived in a new city is looking for are two different things, so why should their web experiences be the same?

For a tourism company, a great alternative to breaking up your desktop and mobile webpage structures is to position your website for planning and your app for travel. Travelers love coupons, but they hate having to fumble through guidebooks or remember to print them in advance.
Unlike community businesses that primarily serve people they know well, tourism-focused companies sometimes know very little about who exactly their target audience is.
When users download your app, include demographic information and other useful facts in the form. Mobile consumers have different wants and needs than desktop users, and this is especially true in the travel & tourism sector. Our publication contributors combine decades of experience with unique insights into the content promotion and distribution industry. Welcome to a community dedicated to solving the challenge of getting online content seen and consumed by the right audience on the best channels. The marketing of the Town of Taos is a process that involves many in the Town, County and Business Community in Taos, NM. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Likewise, bad hospitality copywriting has the terrible power [cue thunder, spark lightening!] to cost bookings. How many times have you heard that a hotel is unique or that a room has breathtaking views?
Here in Costa Rica, for more than 100 years the country has celebrated the coming of May – my favorite month! Building a better website, writing enticing blog posts, and creating a stronger, more effective travel marketing strategy isn’t easy. And while I wouldn’t recommend copying or duplicating your favorite travel content marketing, you can certainly take inspiration from others.
In Part 3 we discussed travel content channels, so I thought I’d showcase some of my personal favorites in travel blogging, free guides, and downloadable ebooks.
The following aren’t examples of pricey, over-complicated campaigns that require a team of marketers, writers, designers and publishers.
During the podcast, Heather and I chatted about words that sell travel, and specifically how to write a vacation rental listing that appeals to your target audience (personas). The impact of this digital moment is especially relevant for businesses serving tourists, as tourists are more likely to seek access to your site from a mobile device and what they find their can determine your success. Here are five key strategies that can help set your tourism marketing apart from the competition. Their mobile homepage, on the other hand, would display redirect links to the booking regions or events, suggesting must-see destinations or recommended restaurants. This can strongly be to your customers’ benefit because cell reception and internet service may not be reliable on the road.

This is why it’s important to make your coupons compatible with common passbook or wallet apps.
It shouldn’t be so detailed that it prevents people from signing up, but it should give you more information than a standard webpage would otherwise collect.
Set up a Twitter account, provide a button to check-in on Swarm, and make sure your Facebook page is prominently displayed. By critiquing your website from the perspective of both of these types of customers, you’ll start to notice the subtle nuances between the mobile and desktops experiences that could make or break their loyalty to your organization. After all, travelers like what they like: they click and share and follow for epic photos and awesome checklists and free content so good, they probably would have paid for it. No; this is simple, effective travel content marketing that you can replicate – in your own way, of course – for under $1,000 a month. Attention is given to the understanding of key concepts in the field of tourism studies such as authenticity, accessibility, place marketing, sustainable tourism, and the tourism experience. Having all of the important information built into your app, then, offers your users the advantage of having everything they need at hand, regardless of connectivity. Desktop and mobile websites generally only require accounts for those engaging in a transaction of using a message board, but apps can make account data a basic use requirement. You can then use the data gathered by your app to hone other advertising and outreach approaches. Remember that these sites are almost always connected to easy-to-use analytics programs that will tell you more about your audience. Remember that with social media accounts and even RSS followers (if you still have any), you don’t own your follower list. Topics include strategic marketing, analysis of the market and competition, segmentation, consumer behavior and the decision-making process of purchase, branding and positioning, product, price, distribution, communication, event marketing, and web marketing. What’s more, given the choice between a coupon you need to print and one they can carry on their phone, they’ll choose the business that gives them digital access.
What are you favorite blogs for travel & hotel marketing, copywriting, and social media?
Before you write one new word, you must first review everything you’ve already written – your existing content. Let me know, and I’ll scour the the nets every other week in search of what you want to read most. Because unless your company is brand new, chances are you have some good content already floating around – brochures, newsletters, attraction information, and other text just begging for some attention.

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