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Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. I was prompted to write this how-to post since some email marketers I speak to during Email Marketing training courses, use Google Analytics, but weren't aware it can be used for email tracking "beyond the click". You should also be aware when selecting an email broadcasting system that many email providers have added functionality to make it easy to track with Google Analytics or other web analytics systems such as Adobe Analytics. It is where your web analytics tracking tool can take over the tracking or your email system may be able to track if you have tracking code from your email system on your webpages to review interaction with different pages or outcomes such as leads or sales.
When selecting new email services it's well worth checking what your email provider offers support for tracking website visitors and conversion points and automatically tagging email campaigns with analytics campaign tracking - it's very tedious otherwise.
All sites will use a standard web analytics solution such as Google Analytics, Omniture, Coremetrics or Webtrends and if you have a standard coding for campaign tracking you will be able to track your email. Our guide steps you through the setup stages, but focuses on how you use Google Analytics to get better business results - the missing link in most books and the Google documentation. If you setup email campaign tracking in this way or via your ESP I recommend you create a custom Advanced segment where you isolate visitors from email (or different types of email) so you can understand how they behave and convert. Update: To add an advanced segment for Email marketing in Google Analytics, you should select the advanced segment option using the down arrow at the top left above the reports in Google Analytics, then choose a€?Create New Segmenta€? and set the medium to a€?Emaila€?. The Advanced segment should be based on all visits to the site with a medium of a€?emaila€™ set, provided that this is how you have labelled your links by tagging them. To learn about the principles of tracking campaigns, read this other post which introducesA tracking campaigns in Google Analytics. To setup email tracking, the links from your email to the landing pages should be tagged with standard campaign tracking parameters. Once you know how this work it's straightforward to create a spreadsheet for creating links, but it's really laborious to copy and paste, so for an enewsletter it's best to write a script that creates an HTML page with tagged links included - that's what we do for our Enewsletter since our ESP doesn't automatically support tagging. They also state that you can't match any clickstream data to any individual user of your site. Can I track my campaign with GA using Business Gmail ID because my current Email provider is not giving Email tracking service .
Can i get the user data like location, browser, OS by using google analytics link in my email?

OK I have created a URL builder for links in my emails to prospects, I just wanted to see if they click the link and visit my website. You need to select the Advanced Segment for Email from the dropdown arrow at top of page in GA.
Worth nothing that the ToS used to explicitly forbid user ids, but that was removed some time ago. Thanks for your comment Rory – i have updated the end of the article in line with this. My question is… Will the utm_term (if used same keywords in Adwords account) sum the clicks from both Adwords and E-mail marketing campaigns or will it show separately in Analytics? I’m not a big fan of analytics due to its discrepancy in results even in itself (never mind relating with adwords clicks and conversions) but the company uses it so I gotta go with the flow. I am sending mail to other using MailChimp account they are provided One Unique number Based on this number how can i see the Reports in ANALYTICS???Where can i see this reports?? Hi Dave, do you know if you can get ESP campaign data into Google Analytics to volume, opens and clicks can be reported in Google Analytics? We’re located in the Historic Loring Corners building just off Hennepin Avenue on the west side of downtown Minneapolis.
We’re located in the Historic Loring Corners building just off Hennepin Avenue on the west side of downtown Minneapolis.
Email marketing remains an effective and cost efficient marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.  Many aspects of an email marketing campaign factor into it’s success including strategy, design, content and list segmentation. Let’s say you’ve nailed all of the components to a solid campaign and you want to know just how great your email campaign is. Our email marketing platform offers a robust tracking and reporting feature set to get the most out of your efforts.
Many businesses only focus on one number, the size of their subscriber list.  With the proper email marketing service, you can get your hands on numerous data and behavior numbers that will allow you to evaluate, adjust and improve.
If you’re looking to move to an enhanced email marketing provider, we can help implement all of these tracking methods as well as our overall email expertise to make your campaigns a bigger contributor to your online success. They were also unaware that once email is tagged with 'campaign tracking parameters', Google Analytics segments can be used to isolate visitors referred from email to understand their preferences and behaviours.

Check with your Email Service Provider to check whether they support automated link tracking.
The next section shows you how to tag your links using the campaign tracking in Google Analytics. These are up to 5 "name-value" pairs which are part of the query string for the URL (denoted by everything after the "?" in the web address as in the example below).
So issuing each person a unique id and passing that through utm_content is also prohibited. In order to improve the results of the work done, you need to have statistical information. I have done as you suggest and it works great except when I look at the GA report based on campaign name or even medium I get pages that are not included in the newsletter. I don’t criticize Google Analytics its definitely amazing tool where one can track his website traffic at the same email marketing campaign as well. Universal Analytics helps track individuals anonymously so I imagine that’s why they updated this. This really helps prove the value of email for your list members and to your company particularly if you have goals set up in Google Analytics.
This is a huge time saver since A you can set up the campaign tracking tags within the email system rather than having to manually add them to the links or write your own scripts as we do as described below. As some comments below make clear, you can still track an individual ID provided it can be linked back to an individual. A user id does not fall within this since personally identifying that user would also require access to your user database. All data gets posted straight into your Google Analytics account and you don’t have to share passwords and such.
But now my service provides for this perfect technical ability that helps me analyze my work and do it better.

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