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Here is another concept I found in my sketchbook, this time using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. According to Juniper, NFC mobile payments will exceed $30 billion by 2012, this growth will be supported by marketing tools such as coupons and smart posters. Mobiles will act differently to ticket and credit cards as they will display actions on the screen unique to whatever it is they are interacting with. In theory this is how it should work but only time will tell how different manufacturers will implement NFC, hopefully standards will be made that makes the experience intuitive across all enabled handsets. This idea is based around the vision that NFC will appear in many items that we have around the home today including TVs and Radios. Imagine seeing or hearing an advert on the TV or Radio and being able to simply wave your phone near the device to interact. It also adds another dimension for consumers and advertisers as NFC advertising becomes pull rather than push.
The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975.

Advertising in VoD programming offers specific advantages for brand marketers to effectively engage consumers, according to the Phase II study of the Advanced Advertising Media Project (AAMP) – a US industry-wide research initiative to measure the impact of advertising within free VoD.
The study, which examined the viewing behaviour of more than 1,000 consumers, revealed that advertising within a VoD environment has a positive impact on the level of engagement of consumers – enabling agencies, cable operators and networks to leverage full, linear TV ad loads, while allowing advertisers to utilise longer-form approaches that can serve as avenues for enhanced creativity.
Among the most significant findings were clear indications that: The size of the ad load has no impact on viewer engagement with VoD.
Consumers are more receptive to longer-form ads on VoD, and that longer-form ads can have a greater impact than traditional 30-second spots. NFC is the technology behind cashless ticketing systems like the Oyster Card in London or contactless credit cards such a Visa Wave.
The simplicity for the consumer is one of it’s biggest advantages, you simple need to move your NFC device near the transmitter to interact. For example a movie poster may show the options to buy a ticket, watch trailers or read reviews whereas a clothes brand will have nearest store, latest collections etc. There would need to be enough devices on the market for this to happen and that could be a while.

For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible. Aided recall of advertised brands was statistically the same (63 per cent-64 per cent for light loads and 58 per cent and 59 per cent for moderate and heavy loads).
Viewer interest in finding out more about a particular brand featured in a 90-second ad was 64 per cent higher than interest elicited by the same 90-second ad in linear television, and fully double the interest generated by a VoD 30-second advertisement. I’m certain we’ll see these electronics with Wi-Fi chips as standard way before NFC but hey, it would be pretty cool right? In addition, VoD ads delivered an uplift of between three and five percentage points across all loads in both interest in finding out about a particular brand, and purchase intent for an advertised brand. Further, it was clear from post-test, in-depth consumer interviews with randomly selected participants that the presence of ads across a diversity of media platforms has increased acceptance of ads in general.

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