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Outdoor TV commercial advertising electronic media video P20 sign screen, View outdoor full color TV advertising outdoor video 3d sign, BESD Product Details from Xinhongxiang Optoelectronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. It’s still not too late to vote for your favorite jingle in the Sixth Annual Do The Jingle contest!
Those that live down in South Florida probably remember a particular set of advertising tunes residents living a little further north have never before heard. For many, the 1980’s represented a magical decade that introduced us to hair do’s and fashion styles that still make us cringe. Hello again, I hope that you all got a chance to take in some of the most memorable commercial jingles from the 1950’s!
Voting for SafeAuto’s well known competition officially began on January 13 this year, but fans can vote for their favorite submissions until the stroke of midnight on February 28th.

Zach and Colton are rising stars on the country music circuit who have been performing together for years. These awesome jingles have driven people to buy lotto tickets, visit enchanted forests and watch jai-alai. This was a totally radical decade for music as well, not the least of which were the many legendary advertising jingles that were released. In our newest edition we move on to 1970’s, a decade that saw a continued growth in the socially progressive values that were initiated during the 60’s. Now, we are moving forward to explore some of the greatest advertising sounds to come out of the 1960’s. From songs & scores to videos, photos, animation and more - we custom bake our media till it's just right.

It was the latest addition in Oreo’s Wonderfilled original jingle campaign which has become an increasingly “sticky” marketing strategy for America’s favorite cookie. Recently, the siblings agreed to take part in a challenge that pitted them on opposing sides in a great debate– the Twix candy bar rivalry.

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