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Unilever has expanded its Go Global digital marketing incubator initiative at this year’s Mobile World Congress, aiming to help small to medium-sized, established businesses to expand their global reach.
At this year’s mobile event, the FMCG giant selected seven marketing technology start-ups to invest in as Unilever looks to create “new marketing platforms” in-house rather than just relying on agency partners.
The seven digital companies selected (named later this month) were awarded $100,000 and their technology will be incorporated into a Unilever brand’s marketing campaign in the UK, US, South Africia, Indonesia, India, Brazil or Argentina.
More brands are bringing (start-up companies) inside as a strategy opportunity because part of being a big corporate or agency is the need to move away from an insular world. Unilever partnered with the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Change Support Team to create awareness of global warming.
The three-and-a-half minute video is shot on hidden cameras in an office where temps are starting their first day on the job.
While the interns and the office workers feel the heat getting unbearable, the office manager who comes in only much later claims that it does not feel as hot as the temperature reading.

In a simple yet effective way, it shows the problem we face regarding climate change today. Since its upload in October 2015, it’s been viewed over 3 million times on Facebook video and shared nearly 18,000 times. COP21 is a crucial conference as it needs to achieve a new international agreement on the climate, applicable to all countries, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C. Hidden cameras were placed in an office with temps who were starting their first day on the job.
Em um ranking global feito em 2008, a multinacional criada no Reino Unido so perdia em espaco na web para a Nike. This viral from Unilever, in collaboration with Upworthy, helped to highlight global warming with a smart marketing stunt that got people sharing on Facebook in droves. Sua intensa atuacao on-line leva seus executivos a imersao nas novas tecnologias virtuais com o objetivo de entender e traduzir o comportamento dos consumidores do Brasil na web.Trabalho nao falta, ja que os brasileiros ocupam o segundo lugar em audiencia em midias sociais no planeta.

Para atuar na Era Digital nao basta apenas acessar a internet ou participar de redes sociais. Por isso, a Unilever investe em Marketing no cenario digital com a mesma desenvoltura que tem para criar acoes inusitadas e relevantes para seus clientes. Simon Clift, CMO da Unilever (EUA), incentiva os gerentes das marcas de companhia a usarem o Twitter, postar no Wikipedia, possuir perfis em diversas redes sociais e ate a jogar Nintendo Wii. O executivo apresentou o case da Unilever durante o Wave Festival in Rio.Dove e Axe na web O case digital da Unilever e marcado por diversos videos de sucesso na internet. O sucesso digital de Dove fez com que o conteudo criado pela marca fosse o segundo mais acessado no mundo entre os videos postados por empresas na internet.

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