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Well CCCD, besides the fact that the other thread on FS no longer exists, yes, they are identical.
The Stalker was somewhere between a Crusasder and Paladin Tank, further aggravating unit redundancy. And I thought there was something missing that is not in archive yet Pimnical was reminding me something ,but I pictured something in form of combat bike. I think it is, but I also believe the sound is disabled (have not tried downloading it yet).

The links from Fallout Studios forum has been wiped and the topics of the updates lost, but the renders and other content remain secure in Ektufall's Image archive. Now I have to relink them all to Moddb, and even then we're prolly missing upwards of 70% of the links. This archive will only be a list of updates since Shockwave was hosted on E-Studios (now Fallout Studios), there are even older updates on Slefnir's stuff. On maps with water on it they were particularly infuriating as they could siege your base from a location against which you couldn't retaliate.

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