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As we continue to push forward on development our users have asked for a robust way of dragging and dropping images and linking them to a work order. With the code above you should be ready to drag and drop files immediately, at least from the front end perspective.
The view handles all of the uploaded files one at a time and saves them to wherever we would like. Now there may be some circumstances where you would like to add more data to the request than just the images you have dragged over. This will add the workorder id to the POST request data on every call using the fileupload. First, to make all of the drag and drop areas work independently of one another you change the fileupload elements from having an id of fileupload to a class of fileupload. Thanks to Tuan Nguyen for pointing out that in its default configuration each image is uploaded in its own request.

The jQuery UI widget factory is a requirement for the basic File Upload plugin, but very lightweight without any other dependencies. You may have a requirement in which you want your site visitors to upload a file on your server. Another thing to note is you can add a check to see if you really want to submit the uploads like I have done.
This was really frustrating and reading through their documentation they had a fix that worked pretty well with a couple of tweaks. But this was annoying because users had to drop the files right on the button to make it work. We are actually going in a different direction with our image uploads but we may need this in the future and I wanted to document how I got it all working with both jQuery File Upload and Django. It supports cross-domain, chunked and resumable file uploads and client-side image resizing. You need to have server side validation because of security reasons, but you also need client side validation because it is faster and more user friendly.

The JSON output is important as it will read the data sent back and can output our newly added images right to the screen. This enables a CSS based, responsive layout and fancy transition effects on modern browsers. You can customize this any way you’d like since it is all just JavaScript and jQuery code.
Because of that, you need to write some additional code to be sure that user will upload regular file type. I posted articles about uploading file, but in this article I am showing uploading of file with progress bar.

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