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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Hire LinkedIn Profile Writer & get your fully optimized LinkedIn Profile within a week. Muneeb Farman is a LinkedIn Strategy Consultant whose expertise lays in ensuring that businesses are getting most out of LinkedIn. Williams' own cover photo (a collection of pencils), for example, expresses that she is creative.
Essentially, the cover picture you choose should tell your professional story in a visual way.
Move over Twitter and Facebook, it looks like Apple is planning to add a third social network to the system-wide share sheet in iOS 7. Similar to the setup with the two aforementioned networks, the code points to a single-sign-on system for LinkedIn accounts. 9to5Mac points to the discovery, which was made by Hamza Sood (who recently discovered hidden settings in iOS 7). In fact, Apple has already added native LinkedIn sharing to its new desktop OS, OS X Mavericks. In this article I’ll explain the different types of LinkedIn ads and show you step by step how to set them up to reach the ideal audience for your business.
If your advertising budget equals or is more than $25,000 a quarter, you can get access to some amazing (and premium) advertising tools such as Lead Accelerator, display ads, sponsored InMails and sponsored groups. The alternative, which is perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses, is sponsored content (similar to Facebook news feed ads or sponsored tweets) and text ads (similar to PPC ads on Google, or Facebook ads). While LinkedIn ads tend to be more expensive than other platforms, they can be worth the money if you use their specific targeting options (companies, titles, education, etc.) and do micro-campaigns (instead of doing one big campaign that reaches 50,000 people, do 50 micro-campaigns that reach 1,000 people each). Sponsored updates, like this one, and text ads on LinkedIn are great for small- and medium-sized businesses. There are two ways to set up ads: cost per click (CPC) and pay per impression (mille) (PPM). When you do sponsored content, go with CPC, because people don’t click through as much on sponsored updates. To set up a sponsored ad, click on Sponsor Content. First, type in a name for your campaign.
Choose Sponsor Content, give the campaign a specific name and then select the relevant company.
Choose something specific that you can easily recognize and track. Then select your company.

Now, choose an update that you’ve already created or create direct sponsored content. To promote an update you’ve already created, you can use 600 characters plus an image. In addition to targeting who sees your ad, you can also eliminate specific groups, companies, skills and fields of study. For each text ad, you need to add a 50 x 50 image, a 25-character headline and 75 characters to describe the content. Next, enter the ad destination, which could be a page on LinkedIn (such as your company page) or a URL. When you launch your ad, LinkedIn will run as many variations as you create, and you can see which one was most successful in metrics. Go to the Campaign Manager to update notifications and to check the box that will send your ad to your network for free.
One more thing: Every now and then, LinkedIn will offer you an ad credit as an incentive to run ads. While it’s true LinkedIn ads tend to cost more than Facebook ads or sponsored tweets, you may see some really positive results if you tweak your targeting strategy. Try sponsored content and text ads, and experiment with different content and targeting to see what works best. He has developed numerous, outstanding LinkedIn Profiles for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Job Seekers. That's the wide image that appears across the top of the page a€” different from your profile picture. According to code-based references found inside the first beta, the company is testing deep LinkedIn integration.
The site says that certain pieces of the code are missing that would allow the LinkedIn functionality to become active for beta users.
As 9to5 notes, Apple tested versions of iOS 4 that included Facebook integration, but the feature was not included in the actual public release.
The platform’s 350+ million users are almost entirely businesspeople, so why not use ads to get in front of your ideal prospects? LinkedIn will keep showing your ad until they get their money, which is why micro-targeting is such a good idea.
The limitation of doing direct (new) sponsored content is that you get fewer characters to work with. It’s a good idea to uncheck this box, because it keeps your search as targeted as possible.

As previously mentioned, do cost per click on sponsored ads if your goal is brand awareness. Then if you’re not getting the results you want, update and increase your spend to somewhere between the minimum and suggested bid. You can edit an ongoing campaign, but you get cleaner metrics if you just start it over again, which is easy to do. Then go back to your Campaign Manager and either duplicate the campaign with different pricing and targeting or start a new one.
Sort by amount spent, clicks, impressions, click-through rate (number of clicks divided by number of impressions), average cost per click and social actions. But to make it work better, you have to post updates, using seo keywords that can be changing each month. In light of today's economy, it is more crucial than ever that your LinkedIn Profile is expertly designed and optimized. As an expert in SEO, he excels at optimizing LinkedIn Company Pages, which businesses implement, in part, as a Sales channel. So it’s not hard to imagine them adding LinkedIn support as well (business users would love it). Then again, it could get scrubbed for more important features, and added in a future update.
For example, you can send a white paper or another incentive to get someone into your marketing funnel. If you want to offer something that you don’t want to show up on your company page, this is the route to go. Another option is to target by group, because if you share a group, it’s easier to connect later on. For example, use the same image three times with three different headlines, use different images with the same headline, etc. In light of this, is it? not time to take the bull by the horns, and retire your current LinkedIn profile in favor of a fresh and FORMIDABLE career tool? Not only will a maximized LinkedIn profile emphasize your skills and highlight your achievements; it will astonish your entire network of connections! He embraces advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Businesses so as to assist them in locating, engaging and converting prospects.

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