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For some businesses, this 646-pixel by 220-pixel space is simply used to showcase a jumbo-sized logo. LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman and former Facebook executive Matt Cohler drop $15 million into education startup Edmodo. Be sure to check out our new visual guide and LinkedIn "Pro Tip" checklist, which you can download here. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. We've also included image templates so you can be sure all of the images you upload to LinkedIn have the proper dimensions.

Though only three years old, the company currently has 5 million teachers and students using the service in 60,000 schools around the world.
You'd be missing out on a great opportunity to put your brand on display and attract qualified contacts. As LinkedIn notes in our new guide, How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page, "Studies show that a strong employer brand can cut cost per hire by over 50%.a€?  So, where do you start?
In the consumer world, the large number of users Facebook has attracted has created the conditions for a booming advertising business. In the enterprise world, services like Yammer have found willing customers among companies eager to leverage its productivity gains.The K12 education world, however, is a different beast altogether.

In a conversation with Fast Company, Borg hints at possible revenue streams—for example, by becoming a platform on which other (paid, we assume) applications could sit, or by becoming a channel for educational materials to reach classrooms.

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