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After installing ImageIsland on your web server and setting up all server requirements*, you can simply open up the ImageManager, click "Upload", and begin uploading photos right away. With ImageIsland, you can also add the ability for other users to upload photos to your website and its gallery pages! With ImageIsland 3.0, you can now manage all your images using a simple folder tree you manage online. Wal-Mart Stores, branded as Walmart since 2008 and Wal-Mart before then, is an American public multinational corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. ImageIsland also creates thumbnails of all your photos, on upload, so you can use them in photo galleries created by the web application. You can even allow your customers to login to ImageIsland, and using their web browser of choice, upload photos to your site and server, then post them on their own photo gallery pages they build themselves. You can also create folders and add subfolders right from your browser, and use these image folders to associate your photos with your ohoto gallery pages.

When uploading a photo, the website will create a smaller version of your original for faster display in the product's various website pages. When it comes time to upload images, you simply pick the folder of your choice, and you photos are uploaded to your folder on your server. For larger photos, this is especially helpful in giving your users a smaller preview of the photo in the gallery you display online.
Simply email your new user their credentials and in no time they too can log into your website, and begin uploading photos to your site. Even you users can create their own user folders and store their images in private folders they manage themselves. After upload, you can also resize the original photo using our handy "resize tool" in the ImageManager, if you like, as well. This saves you time trying to get CD's of photos and artwork from customers, or getting their photos to your server and site.

They can then take their own uploaded photos and share them by creating galleries and associating those files with their photo gallery pages. After uploading, your users can manage and share all their photos and image galleries securely from the ImageManager, just like you.
As the site Website Administrator, you can simply login and see their photos and photo galleries in your ImageManager. Note: Users cannot see or change anyone else's photos or galleries using their login credentials. But, the Administrator can review all photos and images after they are uploaded to your site.

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