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Sony’s been a little cagey with regards to where you’ll actually be able to share your gameplay clips from the PlayStation 4, but system architect Mark Cerny virtually confirmed compatibility with YouTube on the Jimmy Fallon show earlier in the week.
This is obviously huge news if you’re a budding Let’s Play-er, as it will allow you to share your videos without requiring any additional hardware purchases.
A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it.
The nice thing about this is that you can dump an unlimited number of videos onto the site, provided they’re the right length and file size. After introducing its own Vine-like 15-second video sharing capabilities back in June, Instagram is taking things a step further with the introduction of its 4.1 update.
UK-based retailer JD Sports comes forth today with an exclusive pair of Nike Air Max 95s in a Dark Grey and Flash Lime color combo. A storyboard is an ordered list of imported video clips, either from the web, your computer, or a recording. Usually you, or one of your producers, would prepare a storyboard before your show airs so that you're ready to put on your best, but you can also assemble storyboards during a live show (especially if you have several producers working together).
Please be sure to spread your content amongst multiple storyboards as opposed to a single large storyboard. Enter the Media RSS feed URL and the most recent 25 clips in that feed will be automatically imported. Adding RSS storyboards to your Autopilot playlist or On-Demand Library is a great way to keep your channel continuously updated with the latest content without the need to manually upload clips one at a time in the Studio. Livestream enables you to import videos from a number of sources including YouTube, web servers or your own desktop.
You can revisit this search results list at any time; it appears with the storyboards in the list on the left side of the window. It will only take a few minutes to upload the video clips fully, but it's recommended you don't try broadcasting until they are all uploaded and ready to go. By default, Livestream will auto-detect the resolution of uploaded videos and display them in the correct aspect ratio. Manually selecting the aspect ratio will override automatic detection and display the video in the resolution of your choice. The "Use File as Master" option allows you to upload a supported file format without it being re-encoded by Livestream servers.

When the Use File as Master box is checked the file will not be transcoded and will be streamed exactly as it was encoded by you.
For free channels Livestream currently transcodes uploaded video on free channels to FLV using the Sorensen Spark codec, 400Kbps video, 64Kbps audio, 480x360 resolution, 25 fps.
To "Use uploaded file as master" for free channels the bitrate should be no higher than 400Kbps for video and 64Kbps for audio. For Premium channels VP6 and MP4 transcoding and playback are available on at bitrates up to 1700Kbps.
Livestream Premium channels offer a variety of standard quality settings for uploaded clips. Any original content produced by people that you invite to participate on your channel is clear for you to broadcast. In addition to your own original programming, you can also use existing copyright-free content on your broadcast. For better content management and to stay below the 10GB storage limit on free channels you may want to periodically remove content from your library.
To delete an entire Storyboard, find the storyboard and click the small “x” in the upper right corner. To Adding effects in  your video, press on wand icon and you can adjust brightness and contrast the clip.
If you want to add audio to your YouTube video, click on audio icon preview it first and then add to your video. Explaining the console’s social features to the excitable host, the video game luminary noted that you’ll be able to publish your videos on “YouTube, Ustream, or Facebook [in] about three button presses”. It’s unclear how much editing you’ll actually be able to do, or whether you’ll be able to add voiceovers – but we’re sure that the social functionality will be upgraded throughout the console’s lifespan.
He has been covering the photographic world for the past ten years for a variety of publications including PDN, This Week in Consumer Electronics and Digital Photographer. You can assemble one or many storyboards to load for live mixing or to serve as the playlist when you put your channel on Autopilot & On-Demand. Once clips are imported they are transcoded for playback on the Livestream Broadcast Network. When using this feature the video must be encoded at or below the specified channel quality setting.

Below are the specifications for these quality settings - uploading content in VP6 or H.264 format at or below the appropriate channel quality settings will allow them to pass through without transcoding when using the "Use uploaded file as master" option. However, some content may have been loaded without permission from the content owner and may not be copyright cleared.
It is your responsibility to make sure that the content you upload for broadcast contains no copyright infringements. Clicking on a storyboard in the left-hand list, you can view all of its clips on the right side. Make sure to download any video files you want to keep a copy of before deleting them from your channel. In your Library, you can either delete entire Storyboards (and all videos within them), or individual video files within a Storyboard. It is free online tool to make or edit your video with features like video clips, music and transition also shorten the clips. Gone are the days of having to shoot clips within the app; now, after importing a video from your library, you can cut the piece to fit within the allotted 15-second window. If you click on the storyboard, you'll be able to watch their progress as they upload, and a Cue button will appear beside each clip when it's ready. These are conditions that all Livestream users must agree to, as outlined in the terms and conditions of use. Double-click over the folder name to give it a descriptive name, then drag relevant storyboards into the folder. No matter if you don’t have any experience just follow simple steps mention below and enjoy your videos more effective then before. This is ‘Media Picker’ area and if you want to preview a video editing, then simply put mouse over the video and click the play button.
The upgraded Instagram 4.1 is now available for iOS via iTunes and for Android via Google Play.

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