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With over 100 million daily active users, Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks around. Before you jump in to submitting your geofilter, there are a couple requirements you must know first. File must be under 300KB (if you’re struggling with file size, TinyPNG can help reduce it). You can use the Photoshop template or Illustrator template to make creating a geofilter within the required dimensions easier. Remember to keep the geofence just to the area applicable for your filter and provide information that helps the Snapchat team see why they should pick your filter. If you have any additional questions when getting started or while you wait for approval, the geofilter FAQ may be able to answer them.
Submitting your own Snapchat geofilters is a fun way to give people in a specific area cool additions to their snaps.
Submit your first geofilter and add a bit of fun to your snaps and those of other Snapchat users nearby. Get The Greatest Marketing Insights In Your InboxFind out about the latest social media updates, industry trends, how-tos, digital marketing strategy, SEO, website design, and much more. Join other marketers and constant learners that have also signed up to receive my updates. Zenfolio is offering a new hassle-free photo album service that makes it easier for photographers to sell more albums.
Launched in 2005, Zenfolio is the leading provider of online photography presentation and sales solutions for professional and aspiring photographers. Zenfolio has introduced a new option to send automated marketing emails on behalf of photographers to their clients. We’re eager to tell you more about these innovations and our future plans in our second Town Hall Meeting led by the Zenfolio Executive Team. Set up personalized email schedules by going to Visitors > Email Communications, then sit back and enjoy the improved communication with your clients. Simplified selection of updated preset and themes will make it easy to refresh your site for the new year. Editing a series of keywords and captions for photos is streamlined with a new editing workflow. By popular demand, the default sort order for new galleries is by filename, and after uploading to a gallery the sort order will be re-applied. Along with the User Agreement there is also a new ‘Powered By Zenfolio’ notice (optional for selling accounts) in the lower section, which helps deflect most legal responsibilities from the photographer to Zenfolio. We’re making big changes to our gallery slideshows behind the scenes, and the first step is an enhanced slideshow experience for browsers that do not support Flash - this includes mobile devices and tablets. It’s easier to communicate with your clients about their favorites sets now that all of their contact information and order history is just a click away. During checkout the shipping method will generally default to the least expensive option, better matching client expectations.
Our search architecture has been completely overhauled, leveraging multiple dedicated search databases configured specifically for the task. We successfully completed a major platform upgrade project in December, upgrading and expanding the primary system databases. Did you know that any website that collects personal data is required by law to have a Privacy Policy?

Photographers are still able to create an additional Terms of Use or Privacy Policy page (as a Custom Page) if needed. This is another one of the many ways Zenfolio proves to be the best business partner for professional photographers. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with our Customer Support team 365 days per year! Moments – Your Digital Photos Delivered, a streamlined Edit View for the back end, and a polished app for its users.
Premiere photo hosting and e-commerce solution, Zenfolio, has struck the jackpot in award winning this year.
Zenfolio has most recently been named Best Website Provider at the 2014 Advanced Photographer Awards.
We’ve thoroughly updated the organizer, while keeping all the familiar functionality intact.
Potential clients can filter photographers according to their preferred location, budget and style. Source files are archived just like your images are, in secure and geo-distributed locations.
Before accepting an order you now have the ability to adjust the cropping and replace files. High volume photographers can benefit from additional automation options available for self-fulfilled orders.
Sharing 8,796 photos every second, users are super active (in fact, 65% of users contribute to content daily). The Snapchat geofilter guidelines offer a great roadmap for people looking to successfully submit their own filters. It does take some time for Snapchat to review your filter (don’t expect same-day turnaround, so plan ahead with any event-specific filters). While Sponsored Geofilters for marketers are still looking to launch later this year (we’ll explore them soon), anyone can use the general submission filters to add some fun flair to snaps (as long as they keep it non-commercial).
Instead of photographers spending countless hours choosing photos and putting together photo books for their clients, Zenfolio selects the photos and designs the high-quality albums.
When US photographers enroll in Zenfolio-run client sales, a few times per year Zenfolio will email their recent clients with enticing offers to help them sell more prints and products. In response to your requests, we are thrilled to announce our latest features that will make you look better and make more money.
You can now send a scheduled series of emails automatically when your clients trigger certain events, like creating an account, sharing a favorite set, or making a purchase. Your site menu editor is prominently displayed on the left side of the screen - make edits, add menus, and reorganize without extra clicks. Attend our free webinar on Designing Your Site for Success to make a site your visitors will love. While viewing large photos you can also add keywords, title, caption, and categories inline. For those preferring custom sorting, the order can still be manually adjusted after the gallery is uploaded.
Enhance your homepage or client’s slideshow experience with the perfect soundtrack for any occasion.

The link includes your referral code so you’ll earn credit for anyone who signs up for Zenfolio via the link on your site. Watch for a number of additional improvements as we phase out Flash slideshows altogether, including HTML5 audio coming soon. Use your custom email templates directly from the Shared Favorites Set page, just click the Gear Icon next to a favorites set, and select Email. Select a design, upload portfolio photos and fill in SEO details, and in just a few minutes you’ll have a professional site ready to share. In addition to the styling update, we’ve paired down the selection to the best designs we have available. Searches are now faster, more comprehensive and the groundwork has been laid for future search enhancements. We are happy to report improved database performance and expanded redundancy, resulting in a faster experience for you and your clients. Zenfolio is the only service in the industry offering this to its users and this will help every Zenfolio photographer be compliant with the law and limit any exposure for their business without having to pay for an attorney. There’s no question that Snapchat is a place many people visit frequently throughout the day. The options available to you are based on your current location, so they’re relevant to the Snapchatter and context of the picture. Be patient, they have a lot of people submitting a lot of filters and they have to review every single one. This time-saving service results in more photo album sales and promotes photographers’ work at the same time. With the most complete set of features for professionals, Zenfolio helps photographers turn their passion into a profitable business. This time-saving feature helps photographers increase their sales and make the most of major holidays. Create custom email templates with content of your choice (think discounts, purchase reminders, etc.) and choose whether to add a time delay or send immediately to further customize what communication your clients receive. Make use of keyboard shortcuts to go even faster: tab goes to the next field, Enter will save, and arrow keys move to the next or previous photo. It has never been easier to get started - tell your friends and be sure to use your referral code. Check out the new Presets by going to Customize Visitor View > Site Presets on the left side of the screen.
Note that the 'Powered By Zenfolio' notice can be disabled, although we do not recommend it as this helps deflect most legal responsibilities from the photographer to Zenfolio. We’ve also consolidated settings to make it easier to navigate - site-wide options are located below the site menu editor, and any page-specific options are controlled in the top horizontal toolbar.
Among other things the agreement covers intellectual property, copyright, and how personal information is stored and protected. We have tried to make the link as unobtrusive as possible so it’s there when needed but does not distract from your photography.

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