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Facebook continues to dominate as one of the most effective platforms for social media marketing available today. We see evidence of continuing growth as Facebook evolves and adapts to the need of its customers – personal users and businesses – at the same time pleasing it’s stakeholders and advertisers, developers and agencies. Simply put, a conversion pixel allows you to track the actions and conversions and other actions that people take as a result of your Facebook Ad.
There are three elements of a great Facebook post – a photo quote or video, a call to action, and a link.
Lastly, if you are going to get serious about advertising on Facebook, install the Power Editor (it’s a Chrome extension) in your Facebook Ads Manager. Redcliffe Marketing LabsHelping Redcliffe local business to really leverage the online world for local business success. Clicking through on the Ad takes you to the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority(RTA) website where you can check how many demerit points you have left on your licence. Good on the RTA for adapting to emerging channels such as Facebook Ads for public service announcements.
The cost of Facebook Ads is likely to hike upwards as more and more businesses compete for display space on users screens.
Select the right page post format: Suppose if your goal is to drive sales or conversions then opt for post link ad to page. Split mobile ads: Splitting the ads and targeting the desktop and mobile may give profit to the campaigns than creating single campaign for both devices. Feature the post in like box: When facebook users see the updates in the sidebar, it encourages the user to like your page. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
One of the most common objectives of Facebook ads is increasing brand awareness, and the social network’s marketing science team enlisted the help of more than 700 users from all around the world to evaluate more than 1,500 News Feed ads between October 2013 and this past March, from more than 350 campaigns. This research revealed that ads from brand advertisers scored higher than average on “brand link,” “emotional reward” (“the ad appeals to you emotionally”), and “noticeability” (“while browsing online, this image would grab your attention”). Bud Light ran a campaign in 2012 that had prominent product placement, with its iconic bottle featured in the ad. Based on this research, conveying a clear brand story is really important, so a clear “brand link” is key. One consumer-packaged-goods ad that we rated for this research lacked this brand connection, and the results suffered.

We’d ultimately like to provide advertisers and other researchers with tools that can help them make the most effective ads at driving business results. In fact, according to Mike Stelzner’s 2015 report during the Social Media Marketing World Conference, 93% of marketers surveyed use Facebook while 62% of Marketers surveyed  plan to increase their use of Facebook to promote their products and services.
In response to this, Facebook continuously updates its algorithm and shows users more popular content and sponsored stories targeted to specific audience. Focus on quality vs quantity. More likes, shares, generating more leads, attracting prospects and converting them to sales only works when you focus on quality content that your audience values. With today’s cell phone camera technology, easily accessible stock images and photo editing sites and apps creating high quality attractive images is simple. Including at least one of these elements is key to getting the most from your Facebook advertising.
No matter what your budget is, you can certainly target your audience utilizing the techniques above to maximize your ROI.
26th by Mick Cullen Leave a Comment Following on the heels of the last post I just jumped onto Facebook to complain to anyone that would listen about my current attack of hay fever.
Facebook will gradually introduce 15 second video ads that will be having an auto play in news feed.
If you want to build a campaign objective to drive brand engagement then make use of page post photo ad. Advertising Researchers Neha Bhargava and Eurry Kim discussed their findings in a post on the Facebook for Business page. It seems obvious to say, but when brand advertisers are trying to convey their brand, they need a clear link back to the brand.
The ad featured an engaging, people-focused image, but the ad copy and the image weren’t clearly related to the brand. As part of this and other research at Facebook, we’d like to eventually provide guidelines for advertisers to understand conceptually what makes good digital ads. It’s expected that organic content visibility will continue to decline because of more competition, paid or sponsored ads and limited attention of the audience.
As businesses focus on tapping directly into what your market values instead of sheer numbers the return on their efforts will rise. Knowing your audience’s behavior, likes, and desires will help you craft a message that inspires action. Here’s a great update on new changes to the Power Editor from Jon Loomer on how to use the power editor to your advantage.

Government departments are not known for taking risks so this is another indication that Facebook is now a mainstream marketing channel and so it should be with 10 million + Australians on the platform.
We also found that, in general, the best-performing Facebook campaigns had “well-rounded” creative, or rated highly on nearly all of the creative elements. When developing online creative, a brand should know what it represents and know to leverage existing brand awareness.
If you saw the image from the ad, you’d have no clear idea of what brand or industry the ad came from.
And we want to provide benchmarks so that advertisers know how their ads are doing compared to other ads in their vertical. Out of 1,500 to 15,000 potential stories, only 300 will be selected to be displayed on your news feed. Use Facebook Ad Targeting to successfully show your ads only to this set of particular audience.
Initial the videos will be played without sound if the user likes to see the ad they can expand to full screen and hear sound.
Ads need to resonate with consumers, so an element of “emotional reward” or “noticeability” helps to convey more than just the brand. When it comes to “brand personality,” it’s really important that a brand understands who its consumers are and communicates with them consistently through their creative. The creative ended up scoring 30 percent less than average in both “brand link” and “brand personality.” The sole element for which the creative scored higher than average was emotional reward.
Pay-to-play is really the name of the game if you want to stand out on a Facebook and be seen by your target audience. More importantly let’s highlight the things that you must paying attention to in order to optimize your Facebook Ads and make your audience want to click your ads, elicit more engagement, and ultimately have them do what you wanted them to do in the first place –whether it’s to download your e-book, sign up on your newsletter, or buy a product. When you do this, you can get 700% more click throughs and increase actual conversion by as much as 400%, according to data kings Webtrends and TGB Digital respectively. The company is working with a small number of advertisers as it monitors how members are going to respond to the ads.

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