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Id card designer software provides complete solution to create professional ID card in various size and shapes according to your requirements. Identity card maker program creates customized id cards with line, rectangle, ellipse, pencil, text, barcode, triangle, star, arc, word Art and other different designing objects. You can use this tool to easily make updates, and also undo those changes to your ini file. This is really useful if you want to share or publish just the changes that you made, rather than posting your ENTIRE ini file.A merge feature which allows you to enter in several custom settings at once, and integrate them into your main ini file. This is helpful, for example, when taking a group of settings from a friend, or experimenting with settings from your favorite website.

You can search for a specific ini settings, or navigate the tree view to find what you want to change. While there is some basic validation in place, it's up to you to know and understand what the correct value is.
My experience though, has been that many of the reported customizations are really only perpetuated urban legend, and don't really offer any improvements.
It's best to create a backup after a fresh install, and also before making any changes. The backup will get created in the same folder where the open ini file was loaded from, and the name of the backup will be something like this.

This is useful for creating a list of only the customizations in your ini file, which can be shared with friends and posted to websites.

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