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Facebook announced on Wednesday that it is releasing an update to its mobile app install ads product, which launched last year.
To coincide with the news, the social network company also released some early results about its ads’ performance. With the mobile app install ads, developers and companies can create ads that are displayed on its mobile platform in an attempt to get users to download their apps. With the diverse number of operating system versions floating around the marketplace, not all apps are going to necessarily work with all devices. Lastly, Facebook is now making it possible to have all advertisements made right from a centralized place on its site. It’s interesting to note that the release of this update follows what mobile game network Heyzap announced last week when it unveiled its Ads SDK.
Facebook says that it has seen “increasing success” with the mobile app install ads, including across various industries such as retail, e-commerce, gaming, and financial services. It cites companies such as the retail mobile app Poshmark, which says that it has received 3x better ROI from the ads compared to its other paid channels while also having a 30 percent decrease in its Facebook user acquisition cost.
And it’s not just within the US either that Facebook’s ad product has been impacting companies. In one of its earnings calls last year, Facebook announced that it was seeing more users accessing the site using mobile devices than desktop.
Getting more developers to use mobile app install ads will most undoubtedly help Facebook’s bottom line.
Yesterday we heard that Facebook users will quit the social network over ‘too many ads, ahead of its mobile ad launch, and today we hear Twitter is to extend its Promoted Tweets ads to Twitter iPhone and Android apps. Initially, a small number of users will see Promoted Tweets near the top of their timelines from brands they already follow as Twitter pushes its ad strategy across all platforms. This infographic picks up on that and suggests that not only are consumers getting tired of being inundated with digital ads, but that as many as two thirds of consumers say they are turned off by unwanted ads on their smartphones. Users will start to see Promoted Tweets in their timeline like any other tweet, and like regular tweets, they will appear in your timeline just once. As with Promoted Tweets in search, Twitter will only display Promoted Tweets in the timeline when they are relevant.
Number 6 doesn’t look right… if you add all the percentages they add up to 60%, should it not add up to 100% or have I missed something?
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Yelp, with its service providing millions of reviews and ratings of local businesses, will begin displaying ads on its mobile app. Just as Facebook’s ad exchange is becoming popular with advertisers and Twitter is looking to set up its own, mobile ad service platforms that help apps monetize their services are making headway in the market.

Some platforms are limiting the number of ads they place, and raising the price per ad to increase revenue. Twitter, for example, is rolling out a service that makes custom advertising lists for companies.
But no matter how good the technology, how well these mobile ads do depend on how much advertisers are willing to spend on mobile ads. Starting today, advertisers are able to improve targeting of their ads based on connection type and what mobile operating system is being used. Perhaps the most poignant of which is that these ads now makes up the majority of traffic that is sent to both the Apple App Store and Google Play from Facebook — there were more than 263 million clicks in the last month alone. At launch, Facebook touted that this ad format produced a 50 percent higher click-through rate and 8-10x reach from some of Facebook’s trial partners. Some developers might choose to create apps that work on devices with at least Jelly Bean, leaving those with Android Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich out of luck and inconvenienced. Developers can create mobile app install ads right within the network’s basic ad creation tool. Those ads are also targeted based on similar factors as Facebook’s mobile app install ads are now. The company says that developers are using the ads to help accelerate its organic distribution they already receive through the social network.
Additionally, Russian-based game developer Social Quantum made a splash in its US expansion as it used mobile app install ads to acquire users and became the #5 grossing app in the US within less than a month. UK communications company O2 has used it to promote its new O2 Tracks app to #6 in the App Store days after it launched and has reached more than 9 million people just from three-days of promotion on the social network. Right now, there are 680 million people out of its 1.06 billion that choose to interact with the platform, giving developers an incredible opportunity to reach people while on the go. After all, mobile ad revenue made up 23 percent of its total ad revenue in Q4 2012, worth $305 million.
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As user scroll, the Promoted Tweet will flow with the rest of the Tweets in your timeline (More on this story on Brand Republic).
If users see a Promoted Tweet that isn’t relevant they can dismiss it from your timeline with a single swipe. For instance the other week I commented on a Universal Pictures promotional story that appeared in my stream on Facebook for a for a new release of Field of Dreams, which was generating a lot of positive conversation and likes. Starting now, Yelp will be displaying mobile ads of a few exclusively companies such as Taco Bell, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), and Miller Lite. According to Adage, a little less than half of Yelp’s searches (45%) are from its mobile app and the numbers are higher on weekends.

Kleiner Perkins general partner Mary Meeker released a report on Wednesday that suggested mobile advertising was an untapped goldmine. And how can advertisers prevent mobile ads from being ineffective once they proliferate on mobile screens?
Ad exchanges facilitate that because they allow advertisers to direct their ads at a certain population.
It also plans to launch an ad exchange similar to Facebook to increase its ad revenue without increasing the number of ads. Internet ad spending is just over half of what advertisers spend on TV ($35 billion versus $66 billion). According to comScore data, these same mobile users spend an average of 11 hours per month on the social network, which means they are more prone to viewing an ad to install an app. MobileFOMO is your source for everything mobile marketing to eliminate your fear of missing out. It serves 2 billion ad auctions each day on more than 550 million unique devices each month, according to the company.
Consumers spend 13% of their time online, while only 3% of the mobile advertising budget is spent on mobile.
They also allow platforms to  charge higher prices and avoid empty spaces by giving placements to the highest bidder. It lso reminded me that I lent the movie to someone and never got it back and so bought another copy. Buyers will be able to leverage geo-location, cross-device tracking, and other features when targeting their ads on Yelp’s platform.
It makes sense why Yelp has such high mobile traffic with an increase on weekends since it is usually the tool of choice for on-the-spot decisions for restaurants. Perhaps, having witnessed the rapid shift of viewers from traditional to online media, advertisers will be more receptive to pay up for a primetime mobile ad.
And as companies steadily increase their ad budget for mobile, Yelp is very well positioned to compete for those ad dollars. Millennial Media – a mobile advertising and data platform – raised $65 million in equity in January 2011.

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