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Our study guide provides helpful information on exam preparation as well as advice for taking the exam, and post exam tips too.
Upon answering all questions in ‘Introduction to AdWords’, our system analyses your answers and creates a personalized learning plan according to the strengths and weaknesses your answers demonstrated.
All page titles are linked directly to the certification center – no more drilling down and getting lost in pages! Once you have answered all of the questions fully and received a passing grade of 85% you can download a certificate of achievement for all your efforts. During August, Google produced two new hangouts focused solely on the Advertising Fundamentals and Display Advanced exams. That the exam still refers to the old ad rank method of Maximum CPC Bid x Quality Score, whereas the learning material in the certification center refers to the recent update to Ad rank which now considers the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats too. A very clear and in depth explanation of how eCPM works.This topic has been very difficult to get clear information on, until now.
Which tools are appropriate to specific scenarios, and best practices that must be observed.
Some of the scenarios used in the hangouts do actually feature in the exam as a base for questions, so it’s really worth paying attention to all of the details.
NOTE: Along with the hangouts, there was a proposal of sitting the exams within a specified date, and candidates who passed would receive a custom framed certificate in the post from Google.
When I first started to learn about AdWords, I had no previous experience in PPC and I felt baffled just by the glossary of terms  alone. With everything I have just written in mind, I wanted to briefly discuss a few courses from Google that can be used to make life much easier and boost your early understanding of online advertising with AdWords. Google really have done a great job of creating some Massive Open Online Courses (AKA MOOCs).
This course will give AdWords newcomers a basic understanding of online advertising, as well as to really walk newcomers through the thought process that should be adopted when figuring out business goals and how they can be effectively transferred to an online marketing platform such as AdWords. This course provides new advertisers with the essential steps and supporting information for creating a first campaign through AdWords.
This course is designed to demonstrate how you can improve your advertising campaigns by optimizing your ads, keywords and landing pages too. Obviously, I fully advocate going through the full certification process even if you are not working for an agency, because you will still need to learn to work effectively using a product that evolves at a pace. There’s been a lot of chatter and speculation amongst the AdWords community about the new Video Advertising Advanced exam, and certainly a lot of ‘shrinkage’ within the Google Display Advanced certification material! As many of you are already PPC professionals with current Display Advanced exam certifications, you may be thinking, “I have already taken and passed my Display advanced exam which covers aspects of YouTube advertising, do I need to take this new exam?”. In this post, I wanted to discuss three reasons why professionals should study for this new and additional certification. So whether you want to add another aspect to your arsenal of PPC skills, brush up on your current knowledge, or even just be able to click print on that pretty new certificate, the video exam is a perfect opportunity. Google have recently created and launched a new certification exam that can be taken within the Google Partners portal – the Video Advertising Advanced exam. Team iPassExam have been working very hard behind the scenes and we are very proud to announce launch our New Video Advertising Advanced Question Resource. We are delighted to offer readers of our blog a 20% discount off a subscription to our video advertising exam study resource for the next 20 days!
This new exam should not to be considered as a component of the AdWords certification exams. Don’t fall victim to the thought process that you have a free pass to acing this exam because you already know about Display advertising …that’s just a fast road to disappointment. The exam has a big focus on AdWords for Video, and there are quite a few questions asking specifics about the TrueView ad formats. Expect to answer questions about the benefits of linking your YouTube account with AdWords. There are also quite a few questions specifically about remarketing on YouTube, and I cannot put enough emphasis on this next point: make sure you know this inside out! There are plenty of questions about the benefits of YouTube Analytics, and the types of reports and statistics that can be accessed through the tool. Finally, expect to see questions about reservations based campaigns, the formats available, how they are priced, and how reports can be accessed.
Visit YouTube and watch videos, (no it’s not shirking!) Pay particular attention to the different ad types you can see, and determine which formats are relevant to AdWords for video etc.
If there is even a hint of a suggestion to link accounts or to complete and action in the learning material, do it. However, there were a few changes to the program that affected individuals and their ability to display their successful completion of the AdWords certification program. Today, Googler Elizabeth Knights Ward announced on the official Google Partners Google+ Community that Google have brought this functionality to the Google Partners platform so that Qualified individuals can now click a link to open and print a HTML version of a pass certificate displaying a candidates name, certification status, as well as a valid through date. Now if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, you can now also make your certification status public too! If you’re signed in to your Partners account, your profile’s visibility status will appear at the top of the page.
When your page is visible, a viewer can click the AdWords link under certifications and your certificate will pop up on screen too.
So, if you have been one of the qualified individuals who was frustrated by the lack of functionality in which to demonstrate your certification status, it’s time to print your certificate, set your profile to public and celebrate!

Google advise exam candidates to prepare for the exam by reading the certification center learning material because the exam is based on this material.
Upon taking the Search Advanced exam yesterday, I noticed a couple of exam questions were presented to me which were based on outdated information, and this information was no longer present in the certification center.
Now I realize that this is not a big deal for anyone who is familiar with the previous conversion terminology used by Google up until recently.
If you plan to take the Search advanced exam in the coming weeks, make sure you take note of the previous terminology of Conversions (one-per-click) and what this means, because you too could encounter questions of this nature.
The Google Advertising Fundamentals exam is very appropriately named as the primary exam to start with when beginning your career journey into the world of PPC. Since the launch of Google Partners, there has been much discussion online about the ramifications of the new program for qualified individuals. SlideShare utilise les cookies pour ameliorer les fonctionnalites et les performances, et egalement pour vous montrer des publicites pertinentes. A(n) ____ gives your app users the ability to open your app directly from other apps by clicking a link.
The App Overview report is a summary of the most salient data from all of the Mobile App Analytics reports. The learning plan contains further reading as well as links to certification center help pages to help you to build your knowledge in these weaker areas.
The exams feature many questions about these topics, and Fred’s tips provide valuable insight. Now, whilst this specified date has passed (so no further certificates with custom frames would be posted), you can still put these information crammed hangouts to extremely good use if you are preparing to take the exams.
There’s an account to set up and different networks to consider, campaigns to structure, a tonne of settings to fathom and so many abbreviated terms to learn … it can leave an individual feeling intimidated and in complete wonder about what it all does and means.
I wished that there was a basic step by step introductory program that would set me on my way, but instead I found myself reading through the pages of the (old) learning center for hours at a time hoping the information was going to sink in.
At the end of each module you can visit the “class cafe”  where you are encouraged to post any questions you have within the official AdWords community. It effectively explains how to take the business goals realised in the 101 course and apply them following the structure of campaign, ad group etc. It provides an explanation on what conversion tracking is, and also how it can be set-up and used, as well as suggestions for making improvements to ROI.
These MOOCs will only provide a basic foundation level understanding, but I believe it to be a great foundation from which a student of PPC can later build upon by progressing to the certification center and continuing to study there.
The New Exam Is Much More Specific: Having already taken and passed the new exam, I can advise that it is much tougher compared to the current Display exam.
Add Another Aspect To Your Arsenal Of PPC skills: If you are already a ‘Jedi master’ of video advertising, then why not achieve the certification for it? You Are Working Within A Constantly Evolving Field, Go With It: Its no big shock to see constant change within AdWords, there are always new tools and features popping up. Google state that this new exam covers “basic and advanced YouTube and Google Display Network concepts, including topics such as ad formats, targeting, and reporting”.
It’s worlds first video exam study resource, you won’t find another resource like this anywhere else! Any candidate wishing to take this exam must already be individually qualified in AdWords (this means that you must have already passed the Advertising Fundamentals exam plus one of the advanced exams, such as Search Advanced or Display Advanced) before the exam becomes available within the portal to take. You will need to achieve at least an 85% score in order to pass, which is considerably higher than the score required for the AdWords advanced exams.
You will need to prepare for this test specifically by using the Video advertising learning material, and more essentially having hands on experience of running video advertising campaigns. As with all Google exams, they are famously worded trickily, and you will need to fully read and digest the question and answer options before making your choice. If you are not already familiar with these, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that they work like ad groups, they don’t. It’s not enough to know that you can do it, know how to do it and the reasons for doing it too. In my opinion, reading the learning material alone will not prepare you for the questions you will be asked during the exam.
You must also be aware of what statistics are available in AdWords for video campaigns, and understand specifically when and why you should focus on certain metrics. Its a massive boost to aid learning when you actually complete the process rather than just reading about it. There was initially a lot of confusion and panic amongst the AdWords community, which seemed to settle down once most users had transitioned over to the new platform and begun to understand the new criteria for obtaining a Google Partner badge etc. Namely, exam certificates and the public link to display certification status online was discontinued. We do this to make sure our study questions are a good representation of what you can expect to see in the real exam. Google also advise that the lessons found in the Google Partners portal should “teach everything you need to know” before taking the exams. However, any new exam candidate taking the Search Advanced exam for the first time could find this subject confusing.
There is an AdWords help article available called ‘Counting Conversions’, which gives a breakdown of the changes to be aware of including the old terminology and how the specific aspects have been renamed. Remember, the Search exam can be tough and every answer counts towards making the passing grade.

Regardless of whether you have worked with AdWords for many years, or are an AdWords newbie, you can guarantee there will be some questions on the exam that could ‘catch you out’. The exam is more general and covers basic of online advertising with AdWords, none the less passing this exam is an achievement and sets many people in great stead for moving to the advanced exams.
Because the change to Partners caused a discontinuation of the public link and PDF certificate that many individual candidates used to prove qualification, it’s been a very hot topic. As you make progress and your score improves, your learning plan will adapt according until you are achieving top marks. You can scroll the table and see which articles are applicable to multiple exams or view the table with a single exam selected, it’s up to you. During his ten years working at Google, Fred Vallaeys was involved in the building of AdWords. That of course was a long time ago and thankfully I learned the material, passed my exams and I have been working in PPC ever since.
You can also view some ‘optional extra’ reading links, and watch pre-recorded hangouts presented by cheerful Googler Coco and Digital marketing evangelist Avinash Kaushik too.
You can expect the course to follow the same structure that you experienced taking the 101 course, with the class cafe and tasks at the end of each module too. The course also begins to outline other advanced tools that can be used to get the most from your campaigns too, such as Conversion Optimizer and Advanced CPC bidding. The Display exam covers many types of Display network ads including text, image etc, and covers best practices for the Ad Gallery and Display Network reporting. And if you aren’t really up to date on video advertising through AdWords, its another aspect of PPC you can learn about which will lead to a certification you can list on your resume. It’s simply not enough to go reading the learning material and then think you are instantly ready to take this exam. I’ve read comment threads where many exam candidates have expressed the opinion that some of the answer options are very close to each other, making it hard to decide what indeed is the best answer.
You will be quizzed on additional features such as call-to action overlays and companion banners. There are many questions in the exam related to different types (or methods) of targeting, how targeting methods are applied within a targeting group, the number of targeting groups that can be created within a campaign, and how targeting groups can be assigned to ads etc. Make sure you fully utilize your AdWords account at this point, so you know exactly what can and cannot be achieved through remarketing. The reaction to the news from the qualified individuals in the AdWords community was not met favourably, and many users were at a loss as to how they could show potential clients they were certified in an acceptable and professional manner. It’s no secret that there tends to be a lag between the AdWords interface, learning material and exam, most AdWords exam veterans are used to that. Google no longer refer to conversions (one-per-click) and (many-per-click) in the AdWords interface or certification center.
In this post I want to discuss the different question types you can expect to see, and also the writing style of the exam.
Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus.
Finally, the course gives a brief explanation of what can be achieved from using Google Analytics to gauge visitors activity on your website.
Although it does touch on the topics of YouTube and AdWords for Video, there are not any in-depth questions about these areas and it tends to be more of a ‘mixed bag’ of general display advertising questions.The new exam should not be taken lightly, as it has a sole focus of video advertising, with very specific and in depth questions.
It can make all the difference when applying to an advertising agency for work, or displaying to a potential client. Since the introduction of the Partners portal, the whole way in which individuals become certified, and companies become accredited with the Partners badge has changed significantly. The suggestion of logging in to the Partners platform to show potential clients your profile and certification status wasn’t really ‘cutting the mustard’ with most individuals, either.
Each course contains three modules, with a mixture of explanation text, video’s, images, example scenarios and basic 3-4 question quizzes at the end of each module to test understanding. I’m sure that over the coming months and years we will see plenty more changes, and its important to keep your knowledge up to date.
If you don’t pass the exam on your first attempt, you will need to resit the exam after seven days. Essentially, you must understand that Ad Gallery is completely different to AdWords for video in how it is used and what can be achieved. It’s worth noting that these quizzes are nothing to do with the AdWords certification exams, they are nothing like them in difficulty level or style either. If you do pass, the exam will remain valid for one year and you can print a certificate of achievement to hang on your wall.
The questions are there purely to make sure that you are grasping the most basic of concepts only. After completing a quiz, you can navigate to the Class Cafe section of the module.You will notice a pop up live chat box appears in the bottom right of the screen, should you have any questions.

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