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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Despite this, data shows that advertisers are not yet clear on how to maximise effectivity on mobile. The most popular size of all is the landscape full screen smartphone ad (480x320), which accounts for 50% of mobile programmatic campaigns and yet is half as effective at driving clicks as the landscape tablet size.
Andrew Alcock, Chief Product Officer at PocketMath, says: "Our data shows a high level of demand for smaller mobile screens, despite how difficult it is to engage with an audience on such a small format. Last year, 80% of publishers, 81% of agencies and 82% of marketers executed digital ads programmatically, according to research by Undertone. When analysing campaigns across different categories, the most active users of full screen tablet ads (landscape and portrait) are Family Internet (21%), Television (15%) and Cruises (12%). Mr Alcock continues: "It is surprising to see how few campaigns are targeting large-screen devices, given their ubiquity and the obvious benefits for advertisers.
Let’s be honest - we all respond better to messages when they connect with us on a personal level. Think about what links your databases together; is it worth keeping your B2B and consumer contacts separate? Now, you need to be a bit careful about how you use this data as uploading all your LinkedIn contact’s email addresses to create a targeted advertising group on Facebook and Twitter is against the rules.
These are just a few examples how you can make your email addresses work harder for you by connecting them to your social strategy. We aren’t waiting for the EU, the UK is ploughing ahead and putting people in front of courts, issuing record fines and building up a whole body of knowledge about people breaching current regulations.
Apart from adhering to the rules, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) this year found that 40 per cent of consumers choose trust in an organisation as the most important factor when deciding to share personal information, four times more than any other factor offered.
With our recent study suggesting only 15 per cent of businesses fully understand the General Data Protection Regulation, businesses need to get to grips with the intricate details of key regulations to ensure they’re offering the service their customers expect and require. In the case of the TalkTalk data hack, consumer awareness around the risks of sharing personal data was brought back into the public consciousness. There is a growing intolerance for data misuse, even in the US where laws aren’t changing. In a few years we have moved from relative scarcity of available data to a state where most companies are drowning in the stuff.
Many of the issues associated with vast quantities of data often stem from a focus on the wrong metrics. A flexible and scalable technical infrastructure is crucial if your organisation is going to manage the ever-increasing complexity and diversity of data feeds.
You need to focus your efforts on moving and transforming your marketing operations to be more agile and nimble. Before investing in the latest Hadoop-driven platform, ask yourself if you have the right mix of people internally to manage and use your data. One way not to do it is to base PR value on the spend required to secure the equivalent advertising space. A boost to your website’s organic traffic can be another sign of a successful online PR campaign, and is easily measured using Google Analytics.
Measuring referral traffic from sites your brand appears on is a useful metric and can inform the sites you and your agency target in future. Thought leadership articles, high-profile editorial comment, infographics and case studies, even video, these materials are the ultimate sales collateral, and can be the deciding factor in a successful new business pitch. In summary, there are many metrics aside from outdated AVEs that businesses would do well to be aware of. But with these opportunities and enhanced market reach also comes increased competition and consumer expectations, with thousands of games vying for attention in a crowded market. The omni-channel environment presents a number of challenges for traditional operators - as they look to compete with new, online players in the market - as well as the developers and platform providers. The key challenge, for all stakeholders involved in the race to attract and retain a growing online gaming community, is to streamline the development process.
To keep up with market demand and the ever growing complexities of new releases, there are two key approaches that developers and operators can take to ensure the quality of omni-channel game releases. Media agencies and publishers have been contextualising information for the past couple of years. Collaboration between different departments to determine the right signals and inputs is key to creating more circumstantially relevant experiences. Time of day, time zone, season and other real worlds can help make an experience feel really relevant to the end user.
It’s imperative for brands to develop a strategy to take advantage of their own data as well as the 3rd party data available.
The future can be an exciting one for digital experiences, but it means data, technology, user experience, design, and digital strategy all being aligned to achieve business goals.
Millward Brown and Kantar Worldpanel announced today a partnership in the UK to provide an innovative new solution that enables brands to simultaneously evaluate both brand and sales performance delivered by their digital marketing campaigns. The partnership includes Millward Brown’s Brand Lift Insights solution and introduces Sales Insights, a new joint offer from the two organisations. Brand Lift Insights identifies differences in brand attitudes from awareness through to purchase intent that can be attributed solely to digital marketing campaigns. Sales Insights applies the same control-exposed methodological approach to Kantar Worldpanel’s continuous sales panel, allowing sales uplifts to be calculated. As a result, brands can take greater control of their increasing digital spend and understand effectiveness across both brand and sales metrics. The new service will be available via Millward Brown and will initially roll out in the UK, where Kantar Worldpanel provides the largest, most comprehensive shopper panel that continuously monitors all FMCG purchasing in 30,000 UK households. This is the latest in a number of partnerships that Millward Brown has in place, notably its recent collaboration with comScore to provide global tools to assess digital effectiveness by measuring audience delivery, brand impact and consumer behaviour. This new Kantar Worldpanel partnership completes Millward Brown’s ABCS of digital effectiveness portfolio in the UK (where A = Audience Insights, B = Brand Lift Insights, C = Consumer Behaviour Insights and S = the new Sales Insights solution). Apple’s iPhone range is the standout leader in email clients, with 28% market share last year. A revolving slideshow of imagery was created, entirely in CSS, to act as the e-mail’s banner. With this topic in mind, it is always worth looking at your campaign analytics to see what the majority of your users view your emails in. Whilst not a new concept in e-mail development, when used in a subtle way - and in this case merged with the product directly - it can really have an impact on how it’s received. The response to this campaign was extremely positive, with several readers taking to social media to share not only the email campaign but, most importantly, the product itself that they could customise through the website.
It was also the year that mobile hit a huge milestone, picking up more than half of digital adspend for the first time. While full screen tablet ads (1024x768) are the most effective at driving clicks, this ad size was employed by just 4% of mobile programmatic campaigns, according to figures from self-serve mobile programmatic platform, PocketMath.

Furthermore, a study conducted by eMarketer in October 2015 found that mobile programmatic display ad spend is set to eclipse desktop as consumers' mobile usage grows. We also all collect email addresses and are potentially sitting on an untapped pool of thousands of contacts.
Perhaps you may be able to merge two campaign databases together if they targeted similar users. The chances are that you already have a brand presence on Facebook, however it’s unlikely that all your email contacts have joined your page.
This could even create a mini-database of 10-20 contacts such as new-business prospects, your super fans, or beta testers. A lot of people don’t know that as a LinkedIn user (across both free and premium accounts) you have the ability to download your LinkedIn contacts. These databases, big or small, are a great asset and can really help you to generate revenue from an under-utilised asset. With significant data breaches from the likes of TalkTalk recently, companies and consumers alike need to be aware of changes occurring to data protection policies and what it means for them. There may be a lack of updates on EU data protection reforms but more power has been given to UK courts as regulators and they are proactively enforcing compliance. The key focus is to improve trust between consumers and businesses, providing greater choice and privacy. Like trust, security is integral to ensure consumer happiness and businesses now have an opportunity to use data protection and privacy as a competitive advantage to assure their customers that they will defend their data.
YouGov recently revealed that 72 per cent of British adults were concerned about their private information online, worried about hackers and unauthorised access to their data. It is one of change and strengthening of individuals’ rights and increasingly robust and hands-on enforcement. Customers have standards and expectations far higher than the legal minimum standards, so respect them. Whilst we have the ability to measure every single customer engagement or interaction across a plethora of sites, devices, environments, etc., which are the measures that will drive a better customer experience across your organisation? As we begin to move and manipulate large volumes of data, especially click-stream and unstructured data such as social media, the issue of integrity raises its head. It is very important that you have people who are able to understand and analyse the data to solve your business problems.
If your customers aren’t aware of your presence within the market, generating new business is going to be a slow and painful process. But in order for your website to really benefit from your PR activity, focus your efforts on securing coverage on sites that offer back links. With a bit of know-how you can use it to track website activity following a big piece of print coverage, by setting up custom alerts. If your PR efforts make the difference between winning and losing a new business pitch or closing and not closing a deal on the phone, then you need to know about it – PR coverage is, after all, trusted third party commentary, and incredibly powerful if used correctly. Rather than simply assuming that a certain number of prospective customers have been engaged by, say, a recent piece of coverage, it is possible to measure the behaviour of your target audience following coverage publication, through improved brand recognition, increased organic website traffic, and a higher deal close rate.
It’s no longer just the domain of the high street or about keeping the social and occasional gambler happy. To capitalise on the receptiveness of a new gaming generation and build a loyal fan base, games now need to be released faster, updated more often (and with less bugs) and be timely and relevant.. User demand is accelerating the pace of IT change, with new releases and updates now expected much more rapidly. Gambling operators face the challenge of not just releasing their games, but ensuring that games can be released on all devices and platforms simultaneously. The UK Gambling Commission has updated technical and security standards which will be coming into force at the end of October. Mobile, tablet, and laptop versions of a game each need to be tested separately and be ready to cope with the onslaught of incoming traffic on release day and beyond. This will ensure that each new release is robust, of high quality, reliable and profitable. Enabling a faster and robust release cycle is a key component for success and one which can be achieved by looking at game development in a quality-driven way. Taking a DevOps approach to game development will support an agile methodology throughout the process. Working with an independent, accredited testing partner will ensure that developers and platform operators can not only remain compliant but keep up with the pace of change.
People can download the apps they want, decide who they connect with on social networking platforms or create lists of products they want to buy.
For example, they know that ads for a convertible car will do better on a sunny day than a rainy one. These signals must then be combined with the brand, design and user experience to deliver real business objectives. Is a large phone considered a more of a tablet or a small tablet considered more of a phone?
In-store, near a store, moving and at home are just a few of the many inputs that can dictate how location can change the experience to become more useful. Although it is important to not over step and infringe upon privacy that knows way too much (no one likes the ad that follows you around the internet for 10 days because you looked at one article of clothing). A number of brands have started to realise that by partnering their industry knowledge with the signals being sent out by their customers they can create truly contextualised experiences. Its Make Up Genius app uses augmented reality to create a personalised experience aiding the trial of different make-up products prior to purchase in real time. In parallel, Kantar Worldpanel will continue to offer Consumer Mix Model which evaluates how all elements of the marketing mix (digital and non-digital) work both together and individually, by analysing their impact on purchasing behaviour before, during and after the campaign. With so many people having easy access to their email accounts on their mobile device, adapting your design and layout to cater for this can effectively engage a reader. Moving parts in an e-mail will always catch a reader’s attention and open up a whole world of possibilities for developers.
This worked on both desktop and mobile, with the slideshow adapting to fit both screen sizes. For Nails inc, its demographic largely used newer platforms and devices, meaning that creating something more complex was worth the time investment. Therefore the imagery in the slideshow was customised for the reader, as the monograms matched their first and last initials. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer to ascertain what would capture your attention, and then give it a go. For landscape full screen tablet ads, the click-through rate rises to 8.4%, with portrait orientation coming in a close second at 6%. So why not make email databases work harder for you and squeeze out additional revenue opportunities by integrating them to Facebook and Twitter? The good news is that once you’ve cleaned up your email addresses, connecting them to Facebook and Twitter is super-easy as they both except Excel files.

It is technically possible to upload email database contacts onto Facebook, although not all brand pages have this option. You will now be able to deliver specific ads to these groups, rather than broad interests or the pages that people are interested in.
With a small group of people to target you can have a lot of fun with creative ad campaigns that speak to these users. By default you’ll get access to first and second names, the company someone works at and their job title.
We recently conducted research on the awareness of data compliance and found that 44 per cent of the marketers we asked were not aware of recent UK and upcoming EU reforms. The ability to overcome issues of data overload to extract and isolate meaningful and actionable insights could make a profound impact on that all-important customer experience. Its purpose is to raise awareness, not drive sales, which is why measuring its effectiveness can be tricky. However, this type of research can be expensive, especially if you’re interested in a select B2B audience for example. This will help you correlate your company’s feature in the Sunday paper with that big spike in traffic to your website. It’s about providing more choice and ways for people to access the games they enjoy, anywhere and at any time. Gamers expect a seamless experience, no matter which platform, device, or what time of day they chose to place their bets. As such, delivery needs to happen without a hitch in order for operators and game developers to steal a march on the competition. The value of the entire digital journey - from the customer relationship through to billing, security and gaining loyalty - should not be underestimated. A large part of this requirement is that all games must meet the new specifications and be tested by an accredited third party before being released to market. Any delay in a new release could leave developers and operators in danger of disrepute and lead to a loss of hype before they have even had a chance to compete. Taking an agile and test-driven approach will lead to quick and accurate releases and put a framework in place for developers and operators to react efficiently to market demand and regulatory change. Adopting this collaborative approach to software development allows for continuous integration.
With quality of service and market reputation key to growing a loyal customer base in the expanding omni-channel gaming environment, getting it right first time is vital in order to stop gamers placing their bets elsewhere. Digital experiences are improved immeasurably when the information a user wants is presented up front.
With the possibilities digital brings, it’s surprising that so few brands are recognising and taking advantage of the different signals that can be used to make digital experiences both contextual and personal to the user. Instead of just relying on responsive design, it’s important to look at how the users will interact with the different devices. The facial mapping technology is able to capture 64 facial data points and 100 unique facial expressions while working in over 400 different lighting conditions.
Targeting these with retina images makes an e-mail visually appealing and gives the impression that the message is specifically designed for that user’s phone. For those viewing the e-mail on a platform that didn’t support this, it would fallback to showing just the first image. Campaign Monitor has created an excellent table so you can quickly see which features are supported by which email clients. The tag line was also changed to ‘Styled by [customer name] to hook them from the minute they saw it. You can use all of these different datasets to create super tailored groups to push adverts to. Instead of blitzing one group of users with the same message, you’ll have the ability to create ultra-targeted content and advertising that speaks directly to that audience. Imagine uploading a small dataset of contacts you met at a niche industry trade show, you’ll now get access to a much wider set of similar users.
Most powerful of all is that you’ll get the email address that they use to login on LinkedIn. This received significant backlash from the press and the public, and even led to customers unsubscribing to the music streaming service.
Brands must understand their responsibilities and liabilities when it comes to protecting consumer data.
Recent advances in online and mobile technology have made gambling more accessible than ever. One technical hitch or one bug in the system can quickly be highlighted by players, with negative comments going viral immediately. Those operators who fail to meet the deadline or to work with an accredited test partner will simply not be able to release their games.
Ensuring they can not only meet but exceed customer expectations on different operating systems and platforms is vital to their success.
The iterative nature of the process ensures that regular testing along the way leads to an end result fit for purpose.
However this time-efficient method will only succeed with a strong focus on quality and expertise throughout the life of a game’s software. While this personalisation is important, the future for digital experiences is for them to become contextualised as well. Facebook will then scan the email addresses for corresponding personal accounts and deliver notifications suggesting your contacts join your page. If your sales team is at least anecdotally recording increased levels of awareness in prospects then you have a decent ROI metric to report. As well as appealing to those who already like a flutter, it has also opened up a whole new captive audience and world of opportunities for traditional gambling companies, platform providers and game developers. No wonder that for nearly a quarter (22 per cent) of European gambling operators, improving user experience is seen as one of the biggest challenges they face in the next 12 months. It is this assurance of effective testing in line with the changing technology and ensuring compliance, which leads to success in such a competitive market. By doing this they evolve into useful business tools, which can increase sales, loyalty and everything in between.
This is a really simple way to quickly grow your page using your existing assets, but the value of your email contacts further increases with long-term targeted advertising campaigns. Recent figures suggest that almost half (44 per cent) of European gambling operators intend to spend more than £3m on online initiatives.

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