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Active proponents of fight against smoking are increasingly attacking the tobacco industry.
In late 2002, the European Commission has banned cigarette advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, the Internet. The complete ban on tobacco advertising led the tobacco manufacturers to only one effective instrument of influence, which can be called direct advertising. The Higher Education Marketing Report presented Lycoming College with three Educational Advertising Awards. The Educational Advertising Awards are the largest educational advertising competition in the country. Among the awards received were: a silver medal in the logo category for the Warrior One Coffee logo, a bronze medal in the brochure category for the Lynn Science Center brochure, and merit in the special publications category for the 2014 Alumni Weekend schedule.
Judges for the Educational Advertising Awards consisted of a national panel of higher education marketers, advertising creative directors, marketing and advertising professionals and the editorial board of Higher Education Marketing Report. The Lycoming College Marketing and Communications Department developed the award-winning publications. Recruitment advertising campaign IKEAStandards Group developed a recruitment campaign for IKEA. The challenge was not only to attract a (very) large number of candidates, but also to translate the IKEA spirit into an advertising campaign that appeals to the right candidates.

They wanted to know their target audience better, so they brought together twenty potential candidates in line with IKEA's specifications (age, education, experience, and attitude).
In 2003 it was adopted “the Framework Convention of the World Health Organization on Tobacco Control”, which provides a ban on all advertising, sales promotion and sponsorship activities by tobacco companies. From June 26, 2010 tobacco manufacturers had to turn out products with awesome inscriptions about the dangers of smoking on cigarette packs. The awards given were based on exceptional quality, creativity and message effectiveness of created content. The industry specialist reviewed each piece; judging for creativity, marketing execution, and messaging impact. This provided them with an understanding of how IKEA's recruiting policy is applied in practice, and how IKEA employees look at their work experiences. The document was supported by 192 countries: many European countries introduced bans on smoking in public places, and some countries even banned smoking on the balconies of houses without permission from the neighbors.
Companies were obliged to stop the spread of advertising, which contains information that smoking helps to achieve popularity and success in sports, sex or career. Attack on the tobacco industry led to that the design of cigarette packs began to change more often. Lycoming was selected among over 1,000 colleges, universities, and secondary schools from all fifty states and several foreign countries for recognition.

They wanted to know what they already know about IKEA, see how they respond to IKEA's recruitment specifications, and even what language would best appeal to them (Chinese?
Since the beginning of 2009, the new fines for smoking in public places were introduced across the EU. The document also contained the refusal to broadcast advertising of tobacco on television, radio and online.
Furthermore, the agreement provides a ban on the participation of celebrities in promoting smoking. Representative Billy Tauzin, former Republican chairman of the House Commerce Committee, was one of the major architects of that Act. Tauzin resigned from the House of Representatives and took a position as President of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association -- at a salary of $2,000,000 a year (plus perks).

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