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You may have some old VHS tapes that you want to digitize to play on your computer or media player, or don’t feel like spending money on an HD recorder for your satellite or cable TV box, but still would like to record your favorite programs.
I also mentioned potential support for Linux in the introduction, as the instructions are available online. Onebir, a regular reader and commenter on this blog, suggested me to try it with one the mini PCs and write instructions, as some people might be interested to record and watch Cable TV programs with their HDMI TV Dongles.
I’ve used an old miniDV Sony camera to capture the analog vhs video and passthrough it to Adobe Premier as DV with no actual recording on miniDV tape. I think in some (many?) places the default cable service is analog, and HD if available costs extra. Cable provider DVB-C (Caiway) 30 most viewed channels non encrypted and extra channels, via additional subscriptions of course, Irdeto2 encrypted.
If it works, then the problem in your A10 board could be because of the USB drivers or some settings.

Using a separate decoder or the TV plus a capture device has the downsides of needing to sync the tuning and timing.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The Easycap DC60 model sold on Dealextreme ($8.90) appears to be based on Somagic USB video bridge. I guess if someone has HD & wants to record it regularly, an HDMI solution is the way to go. As an exception they also provide a DVB-T signal for 24 Channels as well embedded on the cable.
Those USB capture cards are nothing new, but I did not know the price had come down that much.
If you are, please leave a comment, and if enough people beg ask me to give it a try, I’ll buy one. It provides only digital TV, of which 50+ channels are FTA (Free to Air), of which 20+ are HD.

And there is always the possibility of using Generic smartcard reader and softcam decoders. Ideal for notebooks, and for me ideal to see the video output of my retro computers like the MSX and the Apple Replica’s without the large video monitor on my desk.
One of the cheapest capture card is Easycap DC60 (clone?) that sells for $6.80 on Aliexpress, and runs on Windows, and (if you are lucky) in Linux. I doubt it will work with Android, so it would be done in Linux which narrow down the sticks that can be used, especially since we’d also need proper video playback of.
Feedback is good on Aliexpress, but not so much on Amazon, as it’s not exactly straightforward to install and configure.

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