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Our cloud services are powered by our cloud platform which is a geographically diverse dual-zone platform housed in our datacentres.
Cloud computing with Six Degrees Group provides greater business flexibility through a pay-as-you-go model in which service costs are based on consumption. Organisations can store a lot more data with cloud server hosting compared with private computer systems. Employees can access and update information at any time, wherever they are, through web services and cloud computing, rather than having to remain at their desks.
By placing storage and server responsibility in the hands of an outsourced cloud computing provider, in-house IT departments can focus on innovation & business-critical tasks without having to incur additional costs in manpower and training. With cloud computing, there is no need for IT to worry about software and hardware becoming out of date or paying for your future computer updates.
Six Degrees Group is a cloud computing service provider focused on UK enterprise customers.
Cloud computing is now affordable and accessible to companies of any size, giving enterprise level technology to every business.
Create a cloud set-up to your exact specifications with our flexible solutions and expert support 100% based in British data centres. Shared Linux or Microsoft Server-based Cloud and Virtual Machines with 2GB of RAM and 100GB backup space start at ?33 + VAT a month.
Exclusive private clouds are hosted in our UK-based data centres with hypervisors sized to your initial requirements, a dedicated network infrastructure, firewalls and dedicated storage.
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Shared hosting is a suitable solution for your personal blog, website, forum and for small eCommerce stores. Choose from a wide range of hosting addons ranging from SSL certificates and dedicated IPs to Website Passports to prove your company's legitimacy.
Webhosting UK: a one-stop destination for your web hosting requirements - from domain names and website builders to enterprise solutions. In most cases, it is considered that cloud computing services can be accessed through the Internet. With cloud computing you no longer need to worry about supporting and developing your own IT infrastructure. Since your data and software are located in the cloud, you can work from anywhere there is access to the network.
Cloud technology makes your communication with customers and partners even more simple and convenient.
When using cloud technologies your data is better protected against viruses and from other malicious software. It is important for the cloud applications that you plan to use, have standardized mechanisms for interaction and exchange.
This entry was posted in Web Hosting and tagged cloud business, cloud computing technology, cloud hosting, cloud security, google docs. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are one of the marvelous invention in the affordable web hosting industry. Basically, the core idea is that a single physical dedicated server is divided into minimum of four virtual servers, which are still be able to supply all the resources of a dedicated server. The best aspect about VPS hosting is that it is so simple to use that the software & application you install runs with ease. Unlike cloud hosting, here the VPS server is the customers responsibility such as sorting out security, getting updates and performing maintenance of your vps. Whereas, cloud hosting is a kind of service which provides power and resources from a network of servers.
Another benefit is that the billing of the customer is done on the basis of only what they use.
There is one central server in cloud architecture which constantly monitors traffic and client requests to control everything runs swimmingly. If a shared cloud hosting provider has many clients, there will probably a high requirement for storage space. Not always but many times, servers setup in Cloud architecture uses their partial capacity. Conclusion: As 100% uptime is required for a Business website, Cloud hosting is a perfect solution for you.
Access everything you need, from wherever you are, from any device with an internet connection.
UK hosted Email, contacts and calendars.UK supported and triple Hosted in 3 UK ISO 27001 datacentres, fully backed up and secure.
We ensure that your data is protected to the highest level inall 3 of the UK Datacentres used.

Our clients often find that our virtual environment is faster than their old network due to us using the best of breed high performance enterprise grade hardware. Our Virtual Farms are built with high-availability resilience by ensuring the whole system is built on a best practice methodology.
Benefits of this mean you don’t have to take a one size fits all service and can tailor make each package per person if needed.
We provide unlimited technical support plus all our support staff are UK based and fully accredited with both Microsoft and Citrix qualifications. Your Virtual server environment is snapshotted across all 3 data centres with milliseconds delay behind the primary. Many companies are evaluating cloud-based infrastructure services to be the primary hosting location for their enterprise applications, i.e.
For a virtual private cloud, where the infrastructure is multi-tenanted, this would be all the involvement the customer would need.
For a private cloud, the customer and cloud provider would agree on the physical configuration too. This provides complete and end-to-end control over all elements in the hosting stack allowing us to deliver superb quality and flexibility. Cloud computing reduces capital expenditures since it eliminates hardware & software costs and can reduce expense incurred on operational overhead, networking management and overall IT spend. Six Degrees Group datacentres offer customers vast amounts of storage and computing capacity.
We use ISO27001 policies to keep your information safe and our experts act as an extension of your IT department to help you where you lack the resources in-house. Our competitors refer to cloud computing hosting services when all they’re really doing is managed hosting.
So, when you need help we’re immediately available on the phone, by email or through our online ticketing system.
Cloud computing is on everyone’s lips, but still remains an open question: what is the real possibility of its use in small business? According to the concept of cloud computing, instead of installing software on local workstations, you can simply use the resources to store and process your business data on remote servers, provided by a service provider.
The infrastructure is already available from a company that provides you with cloud services. For example, instead of sending mass e-mail data, presentations, tables with calculations, etc., to maintain their current versions, you just have to give interested parties access to the web page where you can publish and update the online mode, all the necessary documents.
Providers of cloud services have a infrastructure that is constantly updated with anti-virus software. For example, the document formats of the accounting software should be compatible with other business applications that you use in your work or just planning to buy. If you think that cloud computing will be solving your business problems, then select the optimal variant of the use of new technologies that may apply to the specialized organizations that can help resolve issues that arise in your migration process and the use of new services. It enables customers to save on costs without cutting back on the service they currently get. VPS offers an option to add additional resources whenever required, which makes it an ideal solution for many businesses.
The performance issue may occur as the resources are being shared amongst other vps on the same node. Often called the cloud is the planning of computing resources that have been bind together and delivered via the Internet. Hence, Cloud Hosting is known as an extremely cost-effective and ultimately a reliable solution. Cloud Computing follows a set of rules called protocols and it also utilize a extraordinary kind of application called middleware.
In a grid computing system, servers availabe in the network are able to access and use the resources of each other on the network. You will not face a single second downtime as well as you will also get extra ordinary performance than a  normal hosting.
All the hardware used is best of breed plus we use SSL encryption for all data transmission.
Our services do not require processing or data to be transmitted over the Internet and the data remains on our servers in the UK only data centres.
In the event of hardware fails, your business will continue to run with no noticeable downtime. Every piece of hardware has multiple fail-over equivalents and multiple server equivalents. Users and applications can be added or removed with 24 hour’s notice providing you with a truly scalable Hosted environment. The support desk provides 24 hour telephone and email support seven days a week 365 days a year.

In the event of a critical fail, you automatically be shifted to the next high availability datacentres. All nine VMs could exist on a single blade server or the customer could pay for additional hardware to position the VMs across two or three (or more) physical servers for added resilience.
So, as a cloud computing service provider, we must assure our audiences that if we say cloud computing, we mean cloud computing. The likes of iCloud and Amazon Web Services is changing how people use technology; now, Six Degrees Group is witnessing our mid-market customers actively seeking to replicate those cloud hosting benefits but in an enterprise-grade, private cloud environment for full Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery models. In the cloud you will always have access to the latest version of the software used at no extra cost.
Therefore, it is necessary to check the reputation and track record of the company providing cloud services. The customer is enabled to add as much or as little resources as they require without any limitations. Normally front end servers includes the client’s server and the softwares required to access the cloud system. In cloud computing architecture you will need at least double the number of storage devices it requires to keep all its users information stored because like all servers these server also sometime goes down.
It is possible to mislead a physical Dedicated server into thinking it’s actually multiple servers, each running with its own OS. This is the same used for secure payments and online banking plus all our services are securely hosted across 3 UK ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified datacentre’s. All that travels over the Internet are simple key strokes, screen scrapes and mouse movements.
This is completed by balancing your hosted services across multiple servers and multiple locations.
To further build on our Disaster Recovery we have a further 2 Datacentres with mirrored VM farms. This provides you with the ability to select which services or features individual users require.
This could be email, CRM, finance packages or any of a host of other enterprise software products. In the above, there are three transport servers, three mailbox servers, a directory server, a mobility server (e.g. Once agreed, the cloud provider would manage the deployment going forward, including backup, disaster recovery, and other value-adding services. Virtual private servers are ultimately known as a cheap hosting uk solution than other hosting services.
A cloud computing system must make a copy of all its users’ data stored on other devices.
Due to this we find that the internet connectivity required per client is less than first thought. In the event the hardware fails on one server, users would automatically shift across to the next available server. We also have 10GB fibre direct links between each Datacentre so in the event of a major catastrophe, we could migrate you across to the next high availability datacentres easily with no data loss. We have seen an increase of nearly 800% in cloud computing virtual machines over the last year with the growth accelerating with each passing month.
The backup data enables the central server to access backup servers to retrieve data otherwise would be unreachable. By maximizing the output of individual servers, a virtual private server decrease the need for more physical Dedicated servers. If you have any questions surrounding the security of our network please contact us to discuss this further.
We find that a 1Mbps connection per 5-10 users will offer a business grade speed and performance. In the pre-virtualisation, pre-cloud era, these would have required nine physical servers hosted on-premise in a server room. Now, the customer pays monthly for nine virtual machines hosted centrally (usually with managed backup to another site) on a provider’s cloud. A cloud hosting architecture could include practically any any application, from data processing to video games.

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