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Based on a modular Full HD architecture, the LifeSize Bridge empowers enterprises to purchase the appropriate number of bridges to accommodate their current video conferencing equipment needs and easily add capacity as the demand for HD video conferencing grows. LifeSize Bridge eliminates the need for a large upfront investment, enabling businesses of every size to allocate resources only where needed to reduce the risk associated with guessing future capacity.
Whether an organization is managed centrally or decentralized, LifeSize Bridge deploys easily and scales across existing resources, geographies, and standards-based video conferencing offerings.
Gone are the days of downgrading the quality for everyone on multiparty calls based on the lowest common denominator. LifeSize Bridge offers flat capacity pricing for 16 ports regardless of the resolution—720p30, 720p60 or 1080p30.
Business Continuity is when your business continues to operate effectively regardless of setbacks. A cost-saving method for continuing with normal operations of your business is Video Conferencing. In addition, this meeting is out of the country and you're negotiating a 6 figure deal and your flight gets cancelled? What else can add to this Dis-Continuity of your business?Implementing a system for the continuation of your business is not Disaster Recovery.
Every year, companies spend huge amounts of money to make the communication infrastructure better as an improved communication will definitely enhance the overall productivity and profitability of the company.The reason for such big spending is the need for businesses to convey clear business matters. Traditional solutions require IT decision-makers to predict their capacity needs far into the future, a counterintuitive process that can be difficult to defend when resources are limited and may result in unused capacity.

In addition, the new bridge or multipoint control unit (MCU) allows IT administrators to take advantage of existing network architectures and put the bridge anywhere they have extra capacity, minimizing the need to make large bandwidth or other network infrastructure investments to fit their video conferencing needs. The product supports any codec, speed, resolution, layout or port without losing capacity or HD video quality, making it easy to support multiple conferences.
LifeSize has developed a new MCU architecture utilizing flat capacity that enables all users to have the same rich HD experience with minimal IT oversight and effort required.
The price per 720p30, 720p60 and 1080p port is the lowest in the market and, at 720p60 and 1080p30 HD quality, the LifeSize Bridge is less than one-third the cost of others in the market. If you wish to create a huge improvement in your business, it is vital to pay heed on the improvement of the communication aspect of your business and its various modes. In addition, LifeSize Bridge makes both scheduled and on demand conferencing simple for IT administrators and end users. The LifeSize Bridge symmetric approach to both 720p60 and 1080p30 receives a high-quality video stream in and transmits the same high-quality resolution without distortion. In today’s technological world, audio and web conferencing is the best technology to adapt and take advantage of.Audio and Web Conferencing – Reliable, Quick and Easy Way to ConnectAudio and web conferencing is very basic, simple and economical.
LifeSize Bridge supports more than 200 resolutions and also features sustained frame rates, a customized screen layout per participant, and up to four Mbps throughput. For the same money spent on a large, centralized chassis, the LifeSize Bridge can connect up to three times the number of users in full HD, helping them become more productive while saving organizations significant costs in travel budgets, technology investments, and IT and administrative support. It is advantageous for any business because it eliminates the need to spend money on travel expenses and allowances.

Moreover, instead of wasting time on travelling it allows employees to put their time to good use increasing the productivity of the company.In addition, this platform brings forth everything that is desired for communication and there is no need to fret about the traditional conference calling.
Online video conferencing software has tools that can be used to manage participants and secure and record meetings and conferences.Learn about the interesting features of web conferencingAny business can organize a conference meeting anytime and anywhere with great ease and convenience. The companies which provide conference calling services harness the conferences from the very beginning; therefore, problems encountered are assured to be minimal. Every conference call is actually free and accessible from any type of phone, from anywhere – repeatedly. Only domestic long-distance rates may apply as determined by each caller’s long-distance carrier. Overcoming Business challenges is his passion and he aspires to reach at the highest rung of his field. He strongly feels conference calling services provide an edge to the businesses over their competitors by saving time and money.

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