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Friends, having a set of device mockups together can help you easily and neatly showcase a responsive design to your client. I’m a developer wanting to showcase my work, but the website colors are blue and black. Visual Studio Express is the official Microsoft tool that helps in the development of applications for different Windows platforms. Visual Studio Express supports all major programming languages ??such as C #, C + + or Visual basic. If you want to develop applications for the Windows Store and Web applications, there are other versions of Visual Studio Express.

Captivate any audience with broadcast-quality effects, multi-layered graphics, and 2D and 3D titling. It can give your client an idea of how the responsive design will look on different device screens. To differentiate it from Visual Studio Express for Windows, which develops applications for Windows 8.1 Store. We can also choose to target client technologies such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms and Win32. In this simple way you can take advantage of one of the most valuable development interfaces and you can create prorgramas to reach thousands of users.

Fix even the shakiest video with image correction tools and rock-steady video stabilization. The other device smart-object layer enables you to edit various shape layers of the device itself. Plus, get more innovative sharing options with HTML5 support and enhanced disc authoring tools.

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