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To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. Rest in Peace Cindy King, Editorial Director for Social Media Examiner: It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Cindy King passed away on Tuesday, October 6th. In this blab from October 9, 2015, Michael Stelzner and guests discuss the top news in social media. It appears that Groove 2, now called Groove: Smart Music Player, isn't the only highly rated iOS app that recently got a name change. Apparently, carrying on with the AfterGlow name would have resulted in some legal complications. First of all, to mark the app's transition to a new name, five new original filters have been added to the app. The new app update also brings a new Instant Film pack, which contains 19 new textures and three new frames. Also brought by the update is a new Mid Tone tool, which works with the Shadow Tone and Highlight Tone tools in giving you more control over color.
Tap and hold on your image when Filter & Texture editing to hide any part of the interface that might be covering your image. When it launched as AfterGlow in early November last year, the app was praised by Christine for its being "incredibly easy-to-use" and "fast when rendering filters and effects." Now, as AfterLight, the newly updated app can be expected to be more so. If you’re curious about what it takes to do well on Instagram, Connor Franta can tell you. Franta’s mobile photo workflow on his iPhone consists of VSCO Cam, Afterlight, Facetune, and SKRWT. The saying goes that "you are your own worst critic," but when it comes to photography, a Canon photo trends study finds that the old adage simply doesn't track. Starting out in studio portraiture and not sure what light modifier to choose to achieve the photo you want?
Time and again photographer Martin Heck has captured our attention by pushing the time lapse envelope. The Dutch Angle (or Dutch Tilt) is a technique that involves tilting your camera to one side, resulting in a frame that isn't level.
Steve McCurry is, perhaps, one of the most iconic names in the National Geographic pantheon.

Here's an amazing short film titled "The Old New World" by photographer and animator Alexey Zakharov of Moscow, Russia.
I have always seen myself as a young, up and coming photographer, but after two decades in photography I guess I’m now among the established, “older guys”. Photographer Garry Cornes of Glasgow, Scotland, attended the demolition of a 24-story building this past Sunday.
Like leading photography app VSCO Cam does, Litely (Free) by Litely LLC mainly offers filters for photos, along with a few tweaking options. Litely is purely a photo filtering and editing app that is focused on producing the best quality photos in the smallest amount of time.
While the included Starter pack of filters is still great, the other $1.99 purchasable options look promising as well. Discussion topics include the upcoming changes to LinkedIn groups, enhanced features for Facebook Notes, the introduction of Twitter Moments and the announcement of  Facebook Reactions.
He’s one of the biggest stars on the photo sharing service, boasting over 4 million followers.
Calvin Klein has a risque reputation of flirting with the border between acceptable and inappropriate, but one of their recent underwear ads may have crossed that line.
Joining Jet Skis, anti-Drone net bazookas, and mother nature herself, a Russian man at a history festival made his displeasure for drones known by taking one down with a spear. In the post, we'll take a look at the differences between the main modifiers in order to help you make a good choice. Seattle-based photographer Ben Lucas recently decided to do an experiment to find out, and the 5-minute video above shows what happened. We've featured two of his 4K time lapses in the past, and today we get to show you something even more stunning: his 8K Patagonia time lapse captured entirely on a medium format camera. A travel photography giant, his vibrant images have inspired millions, but he's recently come under fire over Photoshop use after a botched print at a show in Italy was found to have a serious issue.
This is pretty big if it's true: a new report says that Sony is working on a new camera called the A9. A selfie-snapping young man in Portugal is making headlines the world over today after he toppled and smashed a 126-year-old statue to bits while trying to take a selfie with it.
And while it adds a bunch of cool features like more powerful highlight recovery and the ability to create custom lens correction profiles, that's not its claim to fame.

After joining the crowd there and setting up his camera on the other side of the street, Cornes had his view ruined at the worst possible time when a bus rolled in to photobomb his shot. The app comes with a set of high-quality adjustable filters that won’t ruin your photos, and more that can be acquired through in-app purchase in the store. There’s no doubt that the folks behind it have done a fantastic job, but it may be a bit too much for some.
In fact, in all my years of using photo apps, Litely was the first one that made me purchase additional content — namely, the Originals pack. The attention to detail that has been paid in the making of this app is insane, as the whole UI is highly polished, with appropriately used blur and parallax effects that are actually functional in viewing photos instead of being just-for-show.
Franta recently published the 6-minute video above with his tips and tricks for shooting and editing photos that attract eyeballs. Swinney of Fandor created this 3-minute compilation video showing the technique being used in a large number of movies. Well, while on holiday with my family in Venice, I was recently given that chance and I wasn’t going to turn it down. Based on all of these similarities, it is clear that Litely has been inspired by one of the best.
By choosing your filters from a scrolling list instead of little preview icons, you can focus on choosing the filter that looks best on your photo instead of the one that makes a hot air balloon look the prettiest. Since what you get for the free initial download is more than worth it, I figured it would be best to support the developer while, at the same time, getting in on even more of Litely’s goodness.
The available filters are quite stunning, and the price you pay for the app and even additional filters is more than reasonable. When browsing the filters you do or do not own, you can see before and after previews on your pictures or those that are showcased in the store by holding two fingers on them — something I see as being up-front, honest, and really useful at the same time. For someone like me who just wants to make their moments look more exciting than they were, it’s a bit too much.

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