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Salve, come da titolo, sto cercando di assemblare un computer per trading e anche gaming sporadico (giocare qualche volta agli ultimi giochi di calcio, gta e d'azione). Inoltre, ho sempre giocato disattivando le ombre o mettendole al minimo, quindi non sono una caratteristica importante per me. Secondo voi e possibile rimanere sui ? 1000,00 compresi i monitor optando per altre componenti che mi permettano un gaming adeguato?
Se non devi fare overclock e dato che hai messo una cpu bloccata, una scheda madre Z170 non ti serve a nulla.
PC users rather are suburb sitting, Harley Davidson riding engineers with an insatiable hunger for raw meat and McDonalds fries usually washed down by Orange Crush while watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon. Mac users tend to sip on a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or a Vodka Gimlet while discussing modern art and how plain looking PC users are. PC users play “slap the bag” after pounding a Screaming Orgasm and confuse impressionist art with Frank Caliendo. Mac iOS X is actually planning on using Hex-core processor's and 1k Gb hard-drives in 2012 (I forgot of the name for 1000gb). Meto, I dont have anything agianst Windows OS, I think I may preffer it over OS X, but the PC Hardware is terrible..

PCMark 8PCMark 8 is a benchmarking software that uses real-world applications to measure the computer performance. The Celeron N3150 achieved a score 5.8% lower than the Pentium J2900, but similar to the Athlon 5150 in the Home test. On the Creative benchmark, the Celeron N3150 achieved a score 7.9% lower than the Pentium J2900, but similar to the Athlon 5150. On the Work benchmark, the Celeron N3150 was 13% slower than the Pentium J2900, but was in a tie with the Athlon 5150.
Rafael Otto Coelho is a physicist with a master's degree in Education, and is a college professor in Brazil.
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Ho letto del Noctua NH-U9B SE2 che e molto piu silenzioso di quello che ho elencato, anche se con minori rpm (1600 vs 2000). Aggiungo che anche i corsair rm sono da evitare e che le schede madri asus ultimamente hanno dato vari problemi, quindi meglio altre marche.

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Their findings confirm what most of us already assumed: Mac users are city dwelling, liberal hipster socialites, with a penchant for the finer things in life like drinking Boylan’s Root Beer to wash down their hummus and vegetarian Shawarma while watching an episode of The Office, the funniest show on Television. However they use outdated technology compared to modern PC's in the same price range, for example they use dual core intel processors from the previous generation, for the same price you can get a pc with quad core or even hex-core intel or AMD processors from the current generation, same with graphics cards, people trying to game on a mac might as well game on a cheap netbook, they use the bottom end cards from AMD and nVidia. Windows is for people who want to get their hands a little bit more dirty, but the result is a far superior OS.
I'm as much of a proponent of equality as you'll ever find, but calling out both sides of the fence is often contentious and subject to interpretation. It comes with more software (when you first buy it) and virus protection (virtually impossible to get a virus). This thread is living proof of that!Andrew Winn: Raise the pH in your body and you will BE POISONED.

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