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Hiring managers, recruiters or employers spend a significant part of their day reviewing resumes in search of the perfect candidate.
The font size should not be smaller than 10 point or larger than 12 point, except for your Name and Headings. Leave out personal data, photos, unrelated hobbies and links to profiles and updates on social networking sites. Be consistent with terms and institutions – if you spell out the state, district or province in your address, such as Ontario or New York, spell them out for each of your jobs. It can be stressful to know and remember all the formatting rules and we can help you save your time! Visual Formatting EnhancementSo you want to make a great first impression with your resume?
Document Realignment and Margin CorrectionsWe align your resume’s headers and content if necessary to give a consistent and balanced look that does not distract the reader as they review your resume content.
Proofreading to Correct Spelling and GrammarNo document is complete without a thorough review to eliminate spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Stylistic FormattingWe use no more that two different types of font when formatting your resume – one for the section heading and the other for the rest of your resume. It can be a tiring and time-consuming task and if your resume does not look visually appealing, it is highly unlikely that they will read it or even call you for an interview.
If you attended the University of Toronto, write out the name in full and do not use the acronym UofT.
Our resume formatting service is aimed at transforming your resume so that it looks polished and easy to read. We integrate your content into an eye-catching, yet professional resume format that is sure to make recruiters and hiring managers curious and want to know more about you. Your document is throughly proofread avoid any errors, typos or mistakes and make it flawless. We ensure that the font type is consistent throughout your resume and no smaller than 10 point.
As a rule, if you have less than 15 years work experience a one-page resume is more than adequate.

Even if your resume has excellent content, your knowledge, skills and abilities match perfectly with the job requirements and even go beyond employer expectations, you still might not get an interview appointment unless your resume is formatted according to market standard. Experts from our resume formatting services work to optimize your resume so that it adheres to accepted resume formatting standards and guidelines.
We make sure that there is sufficient white space between resume sections for easy scanning and reading. For more than 15 years experience and if you are applying for an executive position, then a two-to-three page resume is appropriate. We follow these guidelines and there are certainly exceptions to the rule, so we make the necessary corrections. We use bold and italics sparingly, reserving them for job titles and other important information.

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