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For specific information on how I can help you with your project, see the  Editing,   Indexing, and Program Evaluation pages. Steinberg releases a free Cubase Pro 8.5 trial version which is fully functional for 30 days. Mamoworld released BeatEdit for Premiere Pro, a plug-in for automatic detection of beats in music and representing them as markers in the Premiere Pro timeline. The Foundry has announced the evolution of its Colorway application to address the needs of today's design industry. MODO 10.1, the second installment of the MODO 10 Series, is coming soon and will introduce powerful, flexible and robust new procedural modeling system that works side by side with MODO's direct modeling toolset. Adobe released the first update of Adobe Experience Design CC, its visual design and prototyping application.
The ability to precisely and accurately change almost any part of any genome, even in complex species such as humans, may soon become a reality through genome editing.
Although genetic engineering techniques have been around for some time, genome editing can achieve this with lower error rates, more simply and cheaply than ever a€“ although the technology is certainly not yet perfect. Genome editing offers a greater degree of control and precision in how specific DNA sequences are changed. CRISPR has prompted recent calls for a genome editing moratorium from a group of concerned US academics.
Ethical concerns over genetic modification are not new, particularly when it comes to humans. First, there is no clear consensus as to whether genome editing is just an incremental step forward, or whether it represents a disruptive technology capable of overthrowing the current orthodoxy.
Second, there are significant ethical concerns over the potential scope and scale of genome editing modifications. Should we reach this tipping point, we will have to revisit the conclusions of the first few decades of the genetic modification debate. While this may mean weighing up potential benefits, risks and harms, as the potential applications of genome editing are so broad even this sort of assessment isn't straightforward. Genome editing techniques have so far been used to change genomes in individual cells and in entire (non-human) organisms. Genome editing potentially changes this, presenting us with the very real possibility that any aspect of the human genome could be manipulated as we desire. The concern prompting the US academics' call for a moratorium is the potential for altering the human germ-line, making gene alterations inheritable by our children. Nevertheless, even if changes to the germ-line turn out to be safe, the underlying ethical concerns of scope and scale that genome editing brings will remain.
A powerful "genome editing" technology known as CRISPR has been used by researchers since 2012 to trim, disrupt, replace or add to sequences of an organism's DNA.
A survey of rice, wheat, barley, fruit, and vegetable crops found that most mutants created by advanced genetic engineering techniques may be out of the scope of current genetically modified organism (GMO) regulations.
A group of leading biologists earlier this month called for a halt to the use of a powerful new gene editing technique on humans. Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have found possums in New Zealand prefer to eat leaves high in available protein, giving authorities new evidence to help them limit possum damage to New Zealand's forests. Ninety per cent of Norway's two million pairs of cliff-nesting seabirds are located in nesting colonies above the Arctic Circle. Red knots migrate between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and their wintering grounds in West Africa. Mucous surfaces in the nose, throat, lungs, intestine, and genital tract are points of first contact for many pathogens.
WRT exclusivity, isn't CRISPR-Cas9 expected to be quite cheap and thus readily accessible to everyone? Atomos have announced the implementation of Avid DNxHR 4K recording, playback, play-out and editing for the Shogun.

NAB 2016: Aputure COB 120t affordable 1500 watt equivalent LED hard light Aputure launched several new lights at NAB this year. Run by working news shooters Dan Chung and Matt Allard, Newsshooter is a place for professionals, educators, students and industry figures to discuss the practice and art of cinema in documenting the real world. I’m a former university lecturer and a published  author with particular expertise in analysis of gender, sexuality, colonization, and marginalization.
The 6.6 update added support for three new host applications - DaVinci Resolve 11, Pinnacle 17 and 18, Lightworks 12 - enhanced support for Avid software and hundreds of new lower third presets. Version 1.5 includes the ability to create, save, and export presets, improved media management capabilities (Batch Export, Collect Files - Backup, Collect Files - Restore), AVCHD import, and support for Apple's ProRes 4444, LT, and Proxy codecs (more).
Version 12.5 will feature HDV support and multi-channel audio input, and will ship in Q2, 2008.
But with great power comes great responsibility a€“ and few subjects elicit such heated debates about moral rights and wrongs.
Because it is the easiest technique to set up and so could be quickly and widely adopted, the fear is that it may be put into use far too soon a€“ outstripping our understanding of its safety implications and preventing any opportunity to think about how such powerful tools should be controlled. While we don't think genome editing gives rise to any completely new ethical concerns, there is more to gene editing than just genetic modification. If this is the case a€“ and it's a very real prospect a€“ then we will need to carefully consider genome editing's ethical implications, including whether current regulation is adequate.
Currently modifying plants, some animals, and non-inheritable cells in humans is allowed under strict controls.
Benefits have included better targeted gene therapy in animal models of some diseases, such as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. While this has been the basis for many works of fiction, in real life our capacity to provide the sort of genetic engineering seen in films and books such as Gattaca and Brave New World has been substantially limited. This could mean eliminating harmful genetic conditions, or enhancing traits deemed advantageous, such as resistance to diseases. Gene therapies that produce non-inheritable changes in a person's genome are ethically accepted, in part because there is no risk for the next generation if things go wrong.
If a technique can be used widely and efficiently, without careful oversight governing its use, it can readily become a new norm or an expectation. For researchers around the world, the CRISPR-Cas9 technique is an exciting innovation because it is faster and cheaper than previous methods.
Anyone who ordered more or something more expensive than the others gains an advantage from the situation. But once genome sequencing becomes cheap, the technology matures, and the beneficial effects of certain genetic modifications are well documented, I do believe every individual should have free access to a suite of such modifications.What worries me more is the potential for behavioral modifications. The new Power Station, scheduled for release in Q2 2015 utilizes Atomos’ patented continuous power technology to give cameramen extra control over power consumption in remote field locations.
Media 100 supports dozens of video standards in 4K, 2K, HD, and SD resolutions at frame rates from 23.98 to 60 frames per second. Media 100 Suite Version 1.5 is immediately available through the Media 100 worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Media 100 web site for an MSRP of $1,295 US. Released in August 2009, Media 100 Suite brings fast, high-quality editing and compositing to Mac OS X, taking advantage of many QuickTime codecs including DVCPRO HD and Apple ProRes 422. Customers holding valid Media 100 Platinum Software Agreements receive version 12.5 free of charge. The update will ship Q3 2007 free to members of the Media 100 Platinum program which can be purchased for $895 US. There are a variety of techniques but clustered regularly inter-spaced short palindromic repeats, or CRISPR, is perhaps the foremost. Our consideration of a technology that is rarely used and then only in specific cases will differ from one that is widely used and put to all sorts of uses.
But modifications that alter the human germ-line are not allowed, with the exception of the recent decision in the UK to allow mitochondrial replacement.

It's also hoped that it will lead to a better understanding of the structure, function and regulation of genes. But this ability may also open the door to eugenics, where those with access to the technology could select for future generations based on traits considered merely desirable: eye, skin or hair colour, or height. However to date only one disease a€“ severe combined immunodeficiency a€“ has been cured by this therapy. Of course the flip-side is that, if carried out safely and as intended, germ-line alterations could also provide potentially permanent solutions to genetic diseases.
Those unable to access the desired genetic alterations, be they humans with diseases, humans without enhanced genetic characteristics, or farmers without genetically modified animals or crops, may all find themselves gravely and unfairly disadvantaged.
We may soon have it in our hands to define the ideal human psychologically, but what is considered optimal is based on each individual's current and subjective mindset. With a flexible dual USB power source the Power Station allows users to charge high-powered 2A devices (e.g. Customers can upgrade from Media 100 Version 10 and higher, including Media 100 Producer and Media 100 Suite Version 1, for an MSRP of $595 US. Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe After Effects integration lets users share projects amongst Final Cut Pro, Color, and Media 100 and export timelines from Media 100 to After Effects. Media 100 HD, Media 100 HD Suite, Media 100 HDe, and Media 100 SDe customers can purchase the Media 100 Platinum Software Agreement for $895 US. If you are new to Media 100 you can request a trial version (requires registration) of the software-only Media 100 Producer. Genetic modification through genome editing of plants has already created herbicide- and infection-resistant crops.
Some people may despise the human behavioral tendencies toward destruction, but others may consider the benefits of such things worth it.
Outside of getting hands on with the product, you will also see the latest improvements made to Shogun including a larger capacity 4 cell battery, an optional Sun Hood accessory available in black or yellow.
Every purchase of Media 100 also includes the Boris RED plug-in (a $695 US value) for Adobe Premiere Pro CC-CS5 for Mac OS!
Media 100 Platinum Software Updates is available for an MSRP of $895 US and provides one year of software upgrades. Editors can export legacy Media 100 projects to Final Cut Pro for further editing and revisions, export Final Cut Pro sequences into Media 100, or export a Media 100 sequence to Color for advanced color grading (tutorials). Media 100 Producer and Media 100 Producer Suite customers can upgrade to version 12.5 for $295 US. The DC input also means that the Power Station is a charging station, providing a fast charging solution for the included dual 5200mAh 4 cell batteries.
Autodesk has also announced it has acquired Solid Angle, developer of Arnold, an advanced, ray-tracing image renderer for high-quality 3D animation and visual effects creation used in film, television and advertising worldwide. The front LED display will let you know exactly how much power is left from a maximum of 5A output and the top & bottom mounting holes provide flexible mounting options no matter what the application.
A full-functioning 14-day trial version of Media 100 Suite is available for free download (requires registration). Also of note is a new cooperation between Autodesk and Google Cloud Platform to deliver scalable compute services for its M&E software. The two are launching a new cloud-optimized ZYNC service for Autodesk Maya 2016, which will allow users to render 3D scenes created in the software on the Google Cloud Platform.

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