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Three years ago, with Marion approaching her ninetieth year, Tim decided to help his mum finally see her work in print. What made you decide to self-publish? I did it to say thank you to my mum for all the wonderful stories that she’s written for us over the years. What’s been the highlight of your self-publishing career so far? Seeing my mum close to tears when she saw her first book in print. Helping you design mobile and desktop friendly web design, with ongoing development support. Whatever your solutions, we are confident in being able to support your on-line requirements. As Oxfordshire's leading digital specialist it makes sense to use a company that understands digital media. Perfect for corporate, musicians, chartities, record labels, production houses and private clients who wish an on-line interactive experience. A web designer and cartoonist by trade, he set to work at illustrating the stories that he and his family held so dear.
I wanted her to be able to give a copy of her book to friends and family and really feel proud.

Meanwhile, Mum managed to get them into a couple of libraries and she sold signed copies at the day care centre she goes to.
As Oxfordshire's leading digital media specialist, website design is second nature to our core business in providing on-line specialist services. To honor and thank our men and women that serve our country, activeduty military and seniors, 60 and over, are eligible for a discount to be assessed upon booking **Note that smaller ceremony set up with 25 or less people can sometimes waive the need to get a permit at certain locations. Picklemouse Pumpkin, the story of a lonely mouse whose life is transformed when his great uncle brings home mice from all around the world, was published in time for Marion’s 90th birthday celebrations. The illustrations for the first book took me about a year, but after that it was remarkably quick.
I also had to have some of the terms that Mum used modernised as she was writing these stories up to 60 years ago. A friend of mine who works in the publishing industry has offered to pass Picklemouse Pumpkin to the department which commissions children’s books. With Mum’s stories, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to draw because I knew them so well. The Incredible Creatures of the Secret Ark, another children’s tale about a group of alternative animals surviving the Great Flood, and a novel, Daisy Chain, soon followed.

I like the fact that if it does take off and we get a publishing deal, we are not tied to Amazon as such, we own the work. In fact, I started illustrating The Incredible Creatures of the Secret Ark some 20 years ago using water colours.
I spoke to Tim about how he set about self-publishing the trio of books, and how his mum feels about finally becoming a published author at 90. I chose a print on demand service, which meant that there was no cost to me until I had sold a book. Full Officiant Services and 90 minutes of Photography  $595          Our most popular package when couples require little or no package set up. We are happy to file your marriage license back at the county clerk's office after the ceremony for official processing and recording. We are happy to file your marriage license back at the county clerk's office after the ceremony for official processing and recording.

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