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Apple's Final Cut Pro (FCP) is an amazing program that has grown in leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings in 1999. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
In fact, you can no longer purchase it on its own as it's now part of the Final Cut Studio suite, which includes Motion, Compressor, Colour, Soundtrack Pro and DVD Studio Pro, offering you nearly all the tools you need to make and distribute your very own film. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
DSLR cameras are also revolutionizing the way photographers, journalists, documentary producers, and directors bring their creative vision to life. Up until now, editing DSLR video has been anything but easya€“syncing sound, transcoding footage, fixing rolling shuttera€“but the a€?looka€? made it all worthwhile.
Two years ago, Apple introduced ProRes, which is an intermediate codec designed to retain as much of the quality of the original uncompressed video as possible. The camera's format may be ideal for capturing data but is far too complex to edit with, unless you have an incredibly powerful computer (as is the case for AVCHD).

In this unique and targeted guide, users of all levels will learn how to edit DSLR video with Final Cut Pro X from the creative team behind the best-selling book on DSLR filmmakinga€“From Still to Motion: A Photographera€™s Guide to Creating Video with Your DSLR. In no time youa€™ll learn how to transition from a real-world project to successfully editing video with this groundbreaking new versionof Final Cut Pro X.
There are no new revolutionary features, but plenty of very useful tweaks and improvements to many existing functions. For instance, not only can you now colour-code your markers, you can even edit them without having to pause playback. This is done with a set of keyboard shortcuts: you can select the marker's colour on the fly by holding down Ctrl and hitting one of the number keys (1 to 8). You can also reorder your tabs just like you can with Safari, and instruct FCP to close all but one of them rather than forcing you to close each individually as before. More improvements There are a few other nice improvements, such as the ability to join all through edits in one go to clean up your sequence instead of having to do it manually, one at a time. With FCP7, you can select multiple clips and apply the same transition to all of them in one go. A new type of transition has also been included called Alpha Transition (located in the Swipe folder).

However, in order for you to start experimenting with it you must first go to Apple's Final Cut resource site and download more than 800MB for just nine samples. However, it's a bit of a shame that they weren't included in the install discs.Sadly, there have been no other noticeable changes to transitions.
You could of course jump into Motion to design modern-looking effects, but this breaks the flow and takes a lot longer than just clicking on a few tickboxes, like you can with programs such as Keynote and even the latest iMovie, both of which make FCP's text tools and transitions look antiquated.The new iChat Theater support allows you to share the canvas of your project with anyone, opening up huge possibilities for collaboration. For instance, if you accidentally or purposefully rename a clip in Finder, you'll sever its link with your project and you'll be forced to manually reconnect it.
Apple used to include hundreds of pages of detailed instructions to help you understand this rather complex program. This may be good for the environment, but they could have at least included them as PDFs, to help us out.
Solid update Despite this issue with the instruction manual, FCP7 is a solid update and the changes are very welcome indeed, but many parts of the interface are starting to feel old especially when compared to other Apple offerings.

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