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Writer comics by Debbie Ridpath Ohi are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Scholastic editor Cheryl Klein (Arthur Levine Books) has an excellent post about her 3-step line editing process: A Mid-Line-Edit Ramble e On Line-Editing. I believe my 2013 iMac has enough horsepower to give me a decent performance inside Davinci but I only have a single drive USB3 HDD where I store my media. Whats the minimum transfer rate I would need to edit cinema DNG comfortably inside Resolve?
I have a lot of stuff from Orico and I like it very much, cause it's really well made and thought out. No tools, no caddy, no anything, just slip the SATA drive in and you're working as if it was an internal SATA drive.
I have a lot of stuff from Orico and I like it very much, cause it's really well mad and thought out.
I was about to buy this Orico enclosure but I could find the Version that had Raid 0 anywhere on ebay. I thought about putting my drives in a drawer so they would be more silent but I wasn't sure about the heat.
Sign up today for our weekly newsletter that contains the latest product news and exclusive promotions for our customers. We examine several popular video editing storage solutions and determine the best for professional use. Before I begin any film project I like to take stock of my data capabilities (I currently run a RAID system).
3.5 drives are the gold standard when it comes to desktops, and they are also a decent solution for video editing storage.
Keep in mind that if you select this storage type you want to make sure they deliver a speed of at least 7200 rpm, which most high-end drives will. Look into the Seagate Barracuda and Western Digital Caviar Black drives as solutions, as both are well reviewed. SSDs (Solid State Drives) are ideal for internal hard drives to run your OS and video editing apps, but in terms of video editing storage but are they worth the price bump?

While SSD’s do operate quickly with tremendous speed, you need a drive that can sustain a continuous transfer rate. External drives are especially useful when your on location and you need to do a quick footage dump.
Also refer back to one of our previous articles that gives a good rundown of external hard drive solutions. If your working on a small project and you just want a simple backup, then RAID 1 would work for you. Cloud storage is becoming cheaper and cheaper with the storage size getting larger and larger.
Microsoft, Google & Dropbox also offer business solutions which provide 1TB of storage for each team member for a fairly low price. Many professional video environments prefer to use LTO (Linear Tape-Open) to archive and backup their projects. LTO usage appears to be on the downswing, as other storage solutions are becoming cheaper and more reliable. Remember there is no right or wrong answer since solutions exist for any type of production workflow you need. Do you have other storage solutions that you’ve successfully used that didn’t make the list above? As I use every single usb port on my pc at the same time, I feel my hdd’s performance gets slowed down. So far I have only been shooting ProRes which has been wonderful and enough for my needs, but why not use all the power this camera is offering you. Get this info and then head over to Digital Rebellion and use their handy video space calculator, or download Digital Heaven’s useful VideoSpace app. However with external hard drives you need to keep in mind the speed of the drive itself as well as the interface speed. Being able to have a LaCie 500G Rugged Mini has been extremely helpful for me on documentary shoots when I’ve filled all my RED Mags and I needed to offload footage to make room.
I utilize the extra hard drive bays in my Mac Pro and filled those with 4TB 3.5 Hard Drives, which I then RAID together using RAID o.

This allows you to  have greater speeds and overal storage space, but the key addition is its ability to save you from drive failures. If your working in an environment where you have several post production members working on various aspects of the film or video to get it ready for editing, and your working within the same location, then a NAS (network attached storage) setup might be the way to go. If you want something more substantial then you’ll want to check out Dell or IBM, leaders in network storage. The top four commercial cloud storage providers are Microsoft, Google, Dropbox & Amazon. While these storage solutions aren’t ideal for housing full projects, they are good for offloading and backing up footage when on location (provided you have a wifi or network connection). Each one of the storage solutions above are viable for video editing, with the exception of possibly cloud storage (at least not in realtime). Also check out my Print-Ready Archives for Teachers, Librarians, Booksellers and Young Readers. Now keep in mind with Solid State Drives there are no moving parts inside so the failure rate is substantially lower. You’ll find that many drive manufacturers will place the interface speed on the front of the box to make it seem as if the drive speed is faster than it really is, which in reality its not.
This mashes up my drives into one big drive, where the speed and space of those drives combine to give a large amount of storage, with fast transfer rates.
The downsides of LTO are many, namely that it is tape based and tape will deteriorate over time and is sensitive to the environment in which it is stored in. The key is to look at your upcoming production workflow and the storage requirements you will need, then determine which solution is the best for you before you get into the edit bay. Lastly, remember that when you edit multilayer projects the bandwidth will increase quite a bit, so you need to keep this in mind as well.
LTO drives are pricey, but the cost per tape is significantly less than a harddrive with similar storage capacity.

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