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Although this is a basic training module, there are some key concepts that other experienced editors may benefit from.
In Final Cut Pro a clip may be dragged directly from the browser window into the viewer window. Play Button: Pressing the play button will play a clip, and you will see the position indicator move forward.
Mark Out (O): This will mark an out point where the play head indicator is currently parked. If no IN point is present, Final Cut Pro will use the very first frame of the clip as the default IN point. After you have mastered the concept of storyboard editing, it is important to understand three-point editing within the Final Cut Pro interface. One of the many choices for editing in Final Cut Pro is the option of editing your show using three-point editing.
Notice how Final Cut Pro uses the marked sections of the a€?parasailinga€™ clip when it is edited to the timeline.
Pressing the red over-write, or yellow insert button will place the clip in the viewer window based on where the position indicator is parked. Pressing the over-write button will edit 3 seconds onto the current sequence starting at the position indicator.
In this example, pay close attention to where the position indicator is parked within the timeline. It is important to note that, when using the over-write function, the duration of your sequence will not change. Pressing the insert button will edit 3 seconds onto the current sequence starting at the position indicator. If an IN point is not present in the viewer window, Final Cut Pro will use the first frame of the clip. You can verify the amount of media left in the viewer window by looking at the duration box in the upper left corner of the viewer window.
In Final Cut Pro, the timeline window and canvas window are linked together when it comes to navigating around in the timeline. The canvas window will always display the name of your sequence in the top portion of the window.
Final Cut Pro also allows you to manually drag clips from the viewer window into the canvas window. To make a three-point edit, simply drag the viewer window into the canvas window, and move the clip into the overwrite box. In this example, The clip in the Viewer will overwirte the 3 second area that is marked in the timeline.
Instead of having to click on individual buttons or dragging clips to the canvas window, you can use the keyboard shortcut equivalents.

The blue replace edit button will automatically fill the area from where the timeline position indicator is parked. In this example, because the audio tracks are locked, using the large delete key only lifts out the marked portion of video. Remember, when using (shift + delete), you will always be changing the duration of the track in your sequence. To clear an IN Point: Click on the viewer window or timeline window and press (option + I). To specify a duration, you can type in the exact duration you would like in the clip duration box. To perform the fit-to-fill function, simply drag the clip from the viewer window into the canvas window, and drop it on the fit-to-fill area in the canvas. A good example of the usefulness of this feature would be when you don't have quite enough original footage.
By control clicking on a clip in the timeline window, you can change its speed directly within a sequence. To create a freeze frame in Final Cut Pro, park on a video frame that is in the timeline window or viewer window. Final Cut Pro will automatically mark a 10 second duration of a new clip that is loaded into the viewer window. If you want to use the freeze frame at a later time without having to create a new one, you need to drag the clip from the viewer window into the browser window.
Freeze frames, or still image files with have an ABC icon, instead of a regular clip icon to indicate a still image. Using the match-frame command will automatically match a frame from the timeline and place it into the viewer window. By using the match-frame feature, you will save time from having to search your browser window to access a clip that you have already used in a sequence.
When using the find feature to find something in the browser window, make sure you highlight the sequence in the browser window first.
If you are looking for something within a particular sequence, and you want Final Cut Pro to highlight the clip for you in the timeline, your find window will look like this. In this example, any clips that contain the name a€?beacha€™ will be highlighted in the current timeline.
November 1, 2013 Kayla Baum adobe, computer based training, editing, editor, help, how to, Photoshop, photoshop elements, tips, tricks, Tutorial, video based training, video tutorial Expert author Andy Anderson is back, teaching our Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 training course!
Follow along with Andy as he teaches you useful tools and techniques to get your skill set up to speed with these video tutorials. In this video tutorial, Andy uses levels to enhance the lighting in the images (lightens them). In this video tutorial, Andy starts out by making a copy of the background, thus creating a new layer.

In this video tutorial, Andy uses the straightening tool to straighten a photo – this requires you to convert the photo to 8 bit.
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In this example, Final Cut Pro shows a duration of 3 seconds has been marked in the viewer window. In the above example, you could have clicked on the red overwrite button or pressed F10 to complete the same action. When performing a fit-to-fill command, Final Cut Pro will automatically adjust the speed of the clip in the viewer window to fit the space marked in the timeline. Photoshop Elements 12 is a powerful photo managing and editing software that allows the user to effectively organize, edit, and enhance your digital images. His lesson highlights include, but are not limited to: cropping images, removing human and pet red eye, whitening teeth, converting images to grayscale, and even creating and printing a greeting card! You can find more information on this training course, as well as free tutorial videos on our main website. Using two photos of essentially the same image, Andy shows you how to take facial features from one photo (man with eyes open) and put them on the other image (man with eyes closed).
Working in this new layer (you can re-name it), Andy has the ability to control what areas get specific effects by using a layer mask.
By parking the position indicator at the tail of a clip in the timeline, you can easily add additional clips by using the over-write function. You can also use this program to get your photos ready to share with others, whether that’s through Facebook, the web, or print.
Or you can check out our Learning Library to get unlimited access to all of our courses for one low-cost monthly fee! You would use this technique if you have two similar photos with one more visually appealing than the other, with a few minor fixes.
Using the quick selection tool, you are able to select hard-to-reach areas within the image, such as navigating around the rocks to select the grass.
For example, if you shot the photo on an angle but want to make it seem like you were shooting the photo head-on, you can do so. Alternatively, you can make it appear like you were kneeling down taking the photo, or on a ladder taking a photo.

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