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We design and manufacture furniture that transforms your electronics into your dream studio. Dopoint is about providing a service - a service of understanding, anticipating, and fulfilling the need for technical furniture solutions that make life better. Panasonic’s AG-AF100 Micro Four Thirds Professional HD Camcorder represents an impressive leap forward in affordable, cinema-quality video imaging.
The Sony NEX-VG10 Interchangeable Lens Handycam is the first-ever large sensor video camera, merging the rich colors, enhanced light sensitivity, and shallow depth-of-field of video DSLRs with the shape, size, and functionality of a camcorder. The Panasonic DMC-GH1 Digital Camera merges the very best of digital SLR technologies with advanced, next-generation HD video recording. The Olympus E-P2 is cloaked in classic black, and this hybrid photo and HD movie camera boldly brings fun and simplicity back to SLR quality. The Varizoom VZ-WFF is a wireless follow focus system consisting of a wireless focus remote, camera mountable receiver, and lens drive motor.
The Redrock Micro DSLR Cinema Bundle is the way to go when you’re ready to kit out your DSLR and shoot professional-level video. The Zacuto Single Action is a set of mini-rails and baseplate that attach to your tripod and allow for easy mounting of your video DSLR. The Redrock Micro microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle is a universal matte box system that accommodates any lens–whether camcorder, film camera, DSLR or 35mm lens adapter. The Genus Superior Follow Focus System is a flexible follow focus unit with a sliding bracket that allows you to easily change pitch gears of your camera or camcorder. The BeachTek DXA-5DA DSLR Camera Passive Dual XLR Mic Adapter provides professional audio results when capturing video with a DSLR camera. Libec’s portable TR320 Track Rail System includes everything needed to get started doing cine-style dolly shots with your existing tripod and fluid head. The Bescor TH-770 is a high performance tripod system for mid-sized camcorders up to 15 lbs. The Backdrop Alley Background Studio Stand is a rugged and dependable system that can be used for both large and small groups – both in studio and on location. Botero Backgrounds are a result of many years of hard work and dedication to improving the products in order to guarantee the quality that distinguishes Botero from other sources.
This Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Microphone Basic Kit (Custom) is available exclusively to B&H customers, and includes everything necessary to achieve professional results during indoor and location audio capturing. From B&H, this Boompole Holder and Grip Head Kit is comprised to provide sound engineers with the tools needed for hands free microphone boom mounting onto lighting stands.
While not as decked out as the HXR-NX5U (its NXCAM pro counterpart), it’s a clear step up from its HDV predecessor, the HDR-FX1000.
That means no more rigging out your video-enabled DSLR with accessories that cost twice as much as the camera–and no more funneling your video through the tiny sensors and fixed lenses of camcorders past.
It even incorporates the ability to record full motion HD Video with sound, so you can capture the action as well as superb images.
Utilizing the Micro Four Thirds system, the camera design offers a 50% shorter flange spacing (mount-to-sensor distance), and a 6mm reduction in the size of the outer lens mount.

The follow focus is designed to provide cinematographers with the most precise and comprehensive remote focus controller kit available. In conjunction with the included Z-Focus, two universal Zipgears are cut to size to give you smooth, precise follow-focus ability over two lenses, while a quick-release plate lets you easily switch the camera between tripod and handheld use. Using the clamp-on quick bar release mechanism, you can detach the system without removing the other components from the rig. Connect the DXA-5DA to the microphone input of the DSLR camera and connect up to 2 mono microphones, or a single stereo microphone. The modular extruded aluminum track assembles quickly, may be expanded or reduced as needed, and breaks down easily for storage in the included transport case. This tripod system offers a true fluid head, retractable spikes and quick release leg locks. Why rent or buy when Dan will show you how to build simple and effective rigs that you can use to keep your overhead low and your production high.
It includes barndoors, scrims, a softbox, light stands, bulbs, accessory kit, and a heavy duty wheeled case.
Kino Flo has revolutionized its award winning location lighting systems by creating the Diva-Lite 400 series especially designed for digital video capture.
Compact, rugged and versatile, the broad-throw Tota-light can be used with its umbrella or gel frame and diffusion as a soft key light, fill light, or backlight.
This three-light kit combines Lowel’s most popular tungsten-halogen fixtures with barndoors, an umbrella, gel frame, gels, flex arm, light stands and an LB-30 soft kit case. The Impact Qualite 2-Light Soft Kit has the basics you need for a wide range of photo assignments in the studio or on location.
Its excellent directivity is particularly suited to applications undertaken in difficult conditions, such as high background noise and distance microphone positioning. As standard in all Deluxe Kits, a universal shockmount, light weight boom pole with bag, universal hand grip, short and long right angled XLR cables are all included to provide the user with everything necessary for capturing audio for video, film and field production applications.
The kit includes the Sennheiser ME66 with K6 module, shockmount, shockmount grip, boompole, windmuff, microphone cables and a boompole case. As standard in all Basic Kits, a universal shockmount, cabled boom pole, universal hand grip, and short and long right-angled XLR cables are all included to provide the user with everything necessary for capturing audio for video, film and field production applications.
Using cutting-edge technology and design, the AG-3DA1 delivers a new level of portability and convenience to 3D image capture. Height adjustable with the touch of a button, our radiology desks will accommodate up to three monitors and numerous extra touches, like an air circulation fan, for comfort. Simply put, our greatest measure of accomplishment comes from serving you and contributing to your success. This innovative, mirror-less design dramatically reduces the size and weight of the camera body and allows for the development of more compact optics.
The EOS Rebel T2i can also capture full 1080p HD video with monaural sound, or stereo sound when using (optional) 3.5mm external microphones. The package is equipped with a complete set of focus rings, making sure users have the flexibility they need.

The lightweight aluminum dolly is compatible with all Libec tripods, but may also be used with fluid heads directly mounted for extra-low camera perspectives.
With the Glidecam 4000 PRO your camcorder floats, always balanced, isolated from your hand’s undesirable motions. You’ll learn how to build jibs, dollies, cranes, car-mounts, sandbags, tripods, and more. It also includes extension, splitter, and battery cables, mounting brackets, a dimmer, eggcrates, filter packs, gel swatchbook, and Pelican waterproof kit case. The Diva-Lite portable dimming soft lights bring Kino Flo’s advanced professional lighting to the digital video generation.
With its adjustable reflectors, it can be a smooth and even background light, or point it at the ceiling to raise the ambient (base) light level of a room.
Start with 2 Qualite 300 focusing floodlights–each head gives you 300 watts of even light, with a beam from 21° to 40° and a cool-touch handle for aiming the light. Its frequency-independent directivity prevents sound colouration from off-axis sound sources. The kit eliminates the guesswork involved with matching the right accessories with the ME66, and lets you get to work on capturing audio for video, sound design, ENG, and more.
The 900MHz Wi-Fi link features eight selectable channels and can perform in below freezing temperatures. Angled rubber wheel trucks are self-centering and cushioned to glide over track joints seamlessly and quietly. Now you are free to move with your camera panning, tilting, booming or running without any camera instability or shake.
The 8′ aluminum light stands are in 4 sections, with air cushioning, so if you forget to tighten a section, it will slooowly come down, giving you time to save your equipment from damage. Naturally, the system includes the iron-clad Libec three-year warranty as well as friendly, accessible technical support. Lightweight, hand-held camcorder stabilizing systems allows you to shoot incredibly smooth and graceful shots, even while running up and down stairs or traveling over rugged terrain. Each Photoflex SilverDome small lightbox is 16 x 22 x 13″ (41 x 56 x 33 cm) and has a silver interior for a softening effect that will still produce specular highlights on reflective surfaces.
And when it comes to normal shooting, like walking or moving the camera slowly around someone, the results are equally magical. Each softbox comes with a Smith Victor speed ring with which to attach it to the light head.

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