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He is one of the people you should thank for aerodynamic achievements in the automotive industry - he may have died behind the wheel due to bodywork rigidity issues, but it is work like his that, for example, makes you car more fuel efficient today. This McLaren we drove today is a rather interesting specimen, but it’s neither inspiring nor practical enough to be able to generate as much stir as it should.
And not for one second should you imagine that I’d like to be taken out in one of these. There is one thing I adore about this car though and that’s the sea of carbon fiber it offers - now I know why they say it has a tub, because you’re bathing in carbon! This is a memorable day for me, I think I’ve met one of the best Ferraris in my life!
As you know, the 458 was my dream car, so it was a huge surprise for me to find out they’ve revamped it so quickly.
I know that the Prancing Horse has to keep its family identity, but the front end resembles the 458 and the 430 a bit too much.
I did find it a bit hard to move through bumpy areas in this Ferrari, but a few body repairs are worth it when everybody is noticing how cool you are behind the wheel of this beast. I’ve been waiting for Ferrari to drop the aluminum nonsense and move on to carbon fiber for years, so this is a dream come true.
Anyway, you can tell it’s a smart car just by the number of buttons it has, so now you also have a conclusion.
The old 458 was a bit too unstable at the back when I drove it fast and this new one seems to be glued to the road, so it’s also an evolution in terms of handling.
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First of all, I have to explain that he was the great man who created the race team which inspired the birth of McLaren road cars. This collection of numbers and letters reminds me of a neighbor of mine who had served time - I think his tattoo could be spelled just like the designation of this McLaren.

It would’ve been perfect if they had made the face of this new Ferrari look a bit more original. Now that they’ve moved them back where they belong, everybody can see I’m driving a Prancing Horse! I smoked about a dozen losers at the traffic lights last night and that does the job for me. Really, a Ferrari, especially a new one, has to be Red and because this is not I can’t focus on little details like gadgets.
Now that Ferrari uses cool doors we can finally compete with Lamborghini, so the looks are taken care of from the very beginning. I liked the Prancing Horse better, Ferrari should drop all these sub-brands and stick to their roots. After reading it, I came to the conclusion that it's a nice car but not perfect (or too perfect car?). Moreover, it would be ideal if this smart and easy program can keep the quality of edited video, fluent and undistorted.
You maybe need a software to cut your large video file into several small ones, or just need to cut out some parts of it. All I did during the entire drive was to sweat while striving to avoid scratching the car over bumps and trying to ignore the awful exhaust sound. I adore feeling an engine climbing the revs ladder, but in this thing the noise is either unpleasant or unbearable.
Anyway, they didn’t allow me to express myself in the chapters of the test drive, so I decided to give you a review of my own. If you want that you can buy and FF, but this is made for speed only and that’s what it delivers. This Ferrari does all sorts of smart things with its brakes, this probably means it’s ultra-safe!
Though, I don't understand the point in talking about a car which is not in its latest version.

There’s just the cookies, bookmarks load times and out to the megapopular game that will be fully viewed and the best racing game is a real estate of other apps. In his defense, he probably confused McLaren with Ferrari due to his severe fever - the poor man was affected by the Ebola outbreaks that took place in 2012 and it seems that he still hasn’t totally left the problem behind.
Yes, it was pleasant when I could use the throttle to massage my back on the track, but the price I has to pay for that makes this feel like slavery. It can easily cut almost all types of videos such as MPG, VOB, DAT, AVI, DIVX, MP4, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV etc., and what you need to do is just to select the starting and end points and play the video.
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