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Please let me know in the comments bellow if you know of any other cool accessory for GoPro and I’ll make sure to add it to the post.
As we reported last week on the Live Your Adventure blog, Eddie Bauer athlete Lynsey Dyer made an impressive showing with both her skiing and her shooting in GoPro’s New HERO3+ Adventure Series edit from the heart of the Chilean Andes. What was the most memorable aspect of filming for the GoPro® HERO3+ Adventure series in Chile? I got the call about two weeks before we left, with strict instructions not to tell anyone why we were headed to Chile. With three Red Bull athletes on the crew, did you feel at all intimidated in that environment? Do you feel like your experience filming, filmmaking and shooting your own photos make for better GoPro footage? We were filming outside of La Parva, where the “Flight of the Condor” event was being held at the same time. I love your quote about your dreams becoming reality and the past life…can you tell us where that thought or sentiment came from? For those of you who missed the Adventure Series edit, we’ve attached the full link below.
Eddie Bauer's world-class team of sponsored guides, athletes and adventurers share their epic stories and powerful images from their trips, travels and explorations with a daily shot of adrenaline on the Live Your Adventure Blog. Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic Paupa unlock the Iso Gorge in New Guinea’s New Britain Island—complete with uninhabited wilderness, mandatory helicopter access, armies of Avatar fruit bats and one of the largest underground river systems in the world. Make powerful images from epic Eddie Bauer adventures part of your daily desktop or laptop experience. Edit Gopro Video With Gopro Video Editing SoftwareHey, if you want to add Slow Motion effect, Speed up effect, Word effect,Transition, Titles, Credits and narration, insert music etc to Gopro video, you can use Windows Movie Maker, here is a guide about edit Gopro video with Windows Movie Maker.However, it is a edit a little complex to Gopro video with windows movie maker, so if you only want to do some simple video edit for Gopro video, you can use another Video Editing Software.
The Attachment Shovel is a high quality multi-purpose shovel, an essential piece of gear for outdoor adventures. Made of basketweave hemp canvas the Colcasac Sleeves protect your Ipad from dents and scratches.
Although GoPro HD Hero series cameras can take high quality video, but there is a question when playing & editing GoPro HD video in MP4 format. After converting your excellent GoPro HD activity video to AVI format video with our GoPro HD to AVI Converter you can freely transfer it to your video editor for editing without any problem of unable to import. Free download the GoPro MP4 to AVI Converter and run it and then import your GoPro .mp4 video into it. He loves cool stuff, gadgets, gear for guys and writes about his lifestyle discoveries on daily basis.
The episode is impressive and has already logged more than 300,000 views on YouTube, but we wanted to know more about the entire experience.

It hadn’t snowed in a month, and overnight the conditions had gone from a 30-inch base of dust on crust to over three feet of fresh. I felt like I could bring my photography sense to the team to capture angles or moments they weren’t used to seeing. I’ve been on plenty of shoots, though, that look great on the outside but are actually miserable.
Octomask’s built in camera mount offers divers a hands-free way of capturing video footage of memorable moments while diving. A tandem housing that holds two HERO3+ Black Edition cameras, and allows you to capture videos and photos simultaneously, or record synchronized footage to convert to 3D. Designed for the GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+, the Phantom 2 is ideal for a range of applications, from film and TV to cinematography. The VuPackPro offers an unprecedented 3rd person view perspective., it allows viewers to see a more strongly characterized subject, and is most commonly seen in action video games and action adventure games.
The ultimate do-it-all tool features almost every tool you want to have around camp, it can charge your phone, chop wood, help start a fire, and even dig a hole.
They feature a velcro closure allowing you to quickly load and unload your iPad, and a practical pocket to carry your adapter. Video cameras that output clips in AVI format do not working too much on footage, but GoPro HD camera for instance does some serious work to compress the Video to MP4 format in H.264 encoding.
That is you cannot import MP4 format GoPro HD video to most movie editors or your player didn't play MP4 video.
May be you have used other video converters but it cannot satisfied you because visually quality loss and andante converting speed. I believe GoPro HD Video to AVI Converter can help you much for you to edit and enjoy your exciting outdoor sport videos.
Just days after HTC released their answer to GoPro’s camera dynasty, GoPro countered by releasing their brand-spanking-new Hero 4. While GoPro cameras are pretty amazing by themselves, given their huge success, a lot of manufacturers started creating third party accessories to make them even greater!
So we caught up with Dyer, in between her business classes and her edit sessions for her new Pretty Faces all-women’s ski film project, to get her download on the backstory of the session.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in hitting the gnarliest, scariest line or racing all the time. Let’s face it, between checking your dive computers or holding your dive lights, you’ve already got your hands full. If your camera has wifi, simply add in a compatible phone and you now have your own portable monitor to view and control the camera.
The result is a fat free case that tames the GoPro and its entourage of pieces in a functional and beautiful fashion.

It is very easy to fly and features a built-in camera stabilization system giving your aerial shots a whole new level of smoothness. It’s perfect for special ops filming with your GoPro, and capturing footage without drawing attention to the camera. That is because too much space on hard drive occupied by AVI format video, so GoPro keeps the quality high and at the same time keeps the files small.
Nowadays many program didn't accept MP4 files, so if your program didn't support MP4 you must convert your GoPro HD video to other format supported by video editor you adopt.
If you adopt our GoPro HD Video to AVI Converter, quality loss will never bother you again. The response we received was the unfiltered report on the experience—parentheticals included for emphasis—from shredding big Chilean lines with Jackson, Rice, and Davenport to feeling like a ninja on a stealth mission. Overall it’s easy to let things get intense out there for obvious reasons, but these guys brought a different attitude that was easy to emulate.
The included LCD concealment stickers help eliminate light reflection from the housing’s LCD window. Just choose one of the suggested flight paths and altitude, check the drones systems via Wi-Fi, connect the battery, launch it, and wait for it to come back to you after 5 minutes of flight with some incredible aerial footage.
You will not notice any degradation of the video because GoPro HD MP4 Video to AVI Converter does not recompress the video you convert, only changes the files from GoPro MP4 to AVI. So far.With more features than you can shake a stick at, and than you would imagine fits in that tiny little box, these new cameras will blow your mind. It broke about four feet above me tough and even though I was prepared for it, it was still a struggle to stay on my feet as everything slid to that old bed surface. I was so honored just to stand in those mountains, with a helicopter at my disposal, making my own calls as a skier, telling the story from my own unique perspective as a creative. Converting GoPro HD video to AVI format for editing is a good choice because AVI format video accepted by almost all video editor and media player. We set off about three slides that day and one of the GoPro guys was almost caught, but it was a true testament what it means to be a pro. It takes ultimate humility, respect and paying your dues to be able to deliver regardless of the circumstances.

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