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Free icon editor from SibCode is an easy to use icon maker for creating and editing icons for Windows supporting transparency and suitable for both amateur and professional. Free icon editor allows user to create and edit icon in either standard or custom sizes, in colour depth of up to 16 million colours. Free icon editor is the perfect software for new and experience users to create and edit icons for windows.
Sib Icon Editor is a power-packed icon editor, featuring abilities to work with Windows Vista icons and to extract icons from all files and save them as icon libraries.

Sib Icon Converter allows you to convert multiple digital images and photos to Windows icons in one action.
Inkscape is a powerful Vector graphics program, that can be used to create extensive title graphics, using different fonts and graphical elements, that can be easily overlayed onto a video with Open Movie Editor. Inkscape is Free and Open Source Software, and has a large Community of Developers as well as Artist Users, and it is not only available for the Linux Operating System, but for other major Software Platforms.
Users may also make PNG icons for mobile software including iPhone, Android, iPad, Nokia, and Windows Mobile.

Images can be made using pen, brush, airbrush, ellipse, and rectangle, line, and curve tools making it virtually unlimited icon designs you can made. Ready-made graphic are available for instant preview and immediate download the moment you place your order.

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