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Online monetization company Skimlinks has launched a new Chrome Web browser extension called Skimlinks Editor that makes it easy for website owners to see which partners throughout its network will pay the best commissions.
Launched today, the Skimlinks Editor tool simply needs to be installed in Chrome and then accessed via the toolbar.
The system, which is primarily aimed at publishers and blogs already using the Skimlinks product, also integrates a real-time price comparison element too, so when they are shared on-site by editors, the site visitor will be able to compare prices from different merchants.
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A friend asked me the other day why, in the midst of a falling Canadian dollar and $8-a-head cauliflower, BC Hydro is increasing electricity rates again on April 1. On April 1, BC Hydro entered year three of its 10-year plan that responsibly manages rates – keeping them as low as possible while also funding investments in aging assets and new infrastructure to keep our electricity system affordable, reliable and sustainable.
Each year Hydro Quebec publishes a study that compares electricity rates across major North American cities.
Over the last five years, BC Hydro has completed over 560 capital projects totalling almost $4 billion dollars – and delivered these projects almost two per cent under budget. BC Hydro is also building the Site C dam, a crucial project that is necessary to meet future demand and endow our children and grandchildren with low cost, clean power.
BC Hydro is also helping customers reduce the amount of electricity they use and reduce their hydro bills. Our government wants to keep electricity rates low for families, and as our economy grows, make sure there is a dependable source of clean energy for businesses and industry when they need it. The 10-year rates plan was carefully built to ensure we have the revenues to build and maintain a system that will continue to deliver electricity reliably and affordably for decades to come. We are proud that British Columbia has one of the most affordable, reliable and green electricity systems in the world, and are committed to making sure our children and grandchildren have the same benefit. Some freelancers prefer to charge by the hour; others offer flat rates for specific projects. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and some jobs are better suited to one than the other—the scope of some projects can’t be easily defined, making a project fee difficult to determine.

Many clients prefer a flat fee because they need to budget for a total amount or they fear being overcharged by a freelancer who drags out the project to generate more billable hours. If you under-estimate the scope of the job, you can spend a lot more time than you are being paid for.
Some clients prefer an hourly rate because they have no idea if your project rate is reasonable.
The client takes an inordinate amount of your time in phone calls or e-mails, or the client expects more than you anticipated. The project is difficult to price at a flat rate because the amount of work can’t easily be determined in advance. Some clients may prefer an hourly rate to help them decide if the price is reasonable when they have no understanding of what is involved in what you do.
Clients may not accept an hourly rate because they have no idea how much the total will be or they fear that freelancers will waste time in order to increase the cost. Your income is limited to the amount of billable hours you can work rather than the number of projects you can do. For most of my regular clients, I charge an hourly rate because I work with them on an ongoing basis rather than completing finite projects. For example, if I learn of a new book promotion Web site, I e-mail by author clients and ask if they would like to be listed.
On the other hand, if a new client just wants a resume or a news release, I will quote a flat rate. For new editing clients, I do a free sample edit so the client can see if they like what I do and so I can get a feel for how much work is involved.
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I often get this question, or ones like it, from the people who live and raise their families in my community of Cranbrook. That means electricity bills for Canadians living in Ottawa are almost $800 more than the average annual cost in B.C. The toughest section of the line, running across the Fraser River over two railways and a highway before going up and over a mountain near Spuzzum, was completed ahead of schedule. Under the 10-year rates plan, we committed to reducing dividend payments to the province over five years starting in fiscal 2018 to allow BC Hydro to keep more cash for infrastructure investments. Over the next three years, BC Hydro will invest an average of $125 million per year in conservation programs – an increase of $124 million from what was invested in 2001. I can turn a project like this around quickly and charge more than I would earn at an hourly rate. Many of my clients are great storytellers but not-so-great writers, so it’s difficult to determine a flat rate for editing a book. Bennett dam, which involved refurbishing five generating units at the province’s largest facility, completed $87 million under budget. Many business clients prefer a project fee because they want to know exactly how much to budget. There’s never a discussion of cost (except when I raise my prices)—the clients know they will be billed at my hourly rate for anything I do, whether they ask me to do it or I initiate it myself.
I register with the site for them, submit their bios, book covers, blurbs, and anything else required, and let them know when they’re listed. However, I will give them an estimate based on the sample, with the proviso that if the rest of the book requires more work—because they sent me a sample that had been self-edited more thoroughly than the complete manuscript or because there is a major plot or other problem that shows up later, I will re-negotiate the total cost.
The author knows what to expect for the total cost, but I am covered in case of unpleasant surprises.

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