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Guerrilla marketing "works because it's simple to understand, easy to implement and outrageously inexpensive," says Jay Conrad Levinson, the man who coined the phrase. Consumers have grown immune to big budget advertising, but marketers that expend a bit of time and effort — rather than piles of money — can generate effective results with inexpensive, small-scale stunts. Take a look through our gallery of guerrilla and street marketing examples, where promotions costing no more than a few dollars can have a big impact on the consumers. This stupendously simple idea places Vodka-flavored temptation in the traveling consumer's way.
Second, it plays on the fact that -- even if you'd never act on it -- you've probably thought about how easy it would be to nab an interesting looking item from the belt and just walk off. By taking an instantly recognizable shared experience (the booted car, the parking ticket) and adding an element of fun (the big shoe and randomly targeting anonymous vehicles), Nike gets across its message, which under different circumstances could be seen as a little too preachy.
Swedish furniture giant Ikea makes little public pockets of Manhattan a little nicer with whimsical street settings in the "Everyday Fabulous" campaign.
Seeing such ordinary items in unexpected places is a great way to cement something in a consumer's mind, as well as actually get your physical product right under their noses -- not an easy feat under normal circumstances. Libresse (or Bodyform as it's branded in the UK) dropped more than 3,000 gift packs of tampons on Dutch beaches, with the feminine hygiene products falling out of the sky on pink parachutes.
However, we think the real success of the campaign was making a fun spectacle out of what society suggests we should keep under wraps. That, and the fact that the resulting video is chock-full of women in bikinis, all adds up to a successful promotional stunt.
Our favorite on this list for its sheer simplicity, Loctite's street marketing for its Super Glue 3 product can literally be found at street level -- as in glued to the sidewalk. Really, what better way is there to demonstrate the effectiveness of your adhesive than the old coin-glued-to-the-ground trick?
Car rental company SIXT's German agency came up with a novel super-solution to get its rental deals seen by visitors at the Hamburg airport. What makes this so innovative is not just making very affordable use of an existing platform, the Wi-Fi network, but that its target audience (professionals) was arguably the group most likely to be accessing that platform.
Besides being a case study in clever guerrilla marketing, this is a great example of using the tools already at your disposal. The concept is not ground-breaking by any means, but what's notable about this campaign to raise awareness for a new Lee jean store opening in Paris is how far the team has gone to plaster Paris with Lee denim.
The sheer scale of jean-covered parking meters, clothes lines, manhole covers and stickers would surely guarantee that no one in the area could fail to notice the grand opening.
UNICEF took a very ordinary object -- a water vending machine -- and made it startling by filling it with bottles of disease-laden H2O to enlighten New Yorkers about how something we take for granted is not such a luxury in the developing world.
While stopping passersby in their tracks with choices of malaria, cholera and typhoid-flavored "Dirty Water," the UNICEF staffers then got the message across that $1 is enough to ensure a child gets access to clean water for 40 days -- a simply bottled message that saw the donations roll in. It was a clever way to convey an issue, confronting those that live a life of luxury with stark realities from other parts of the world.
Let's face it -- any change from the mind-numbing daily commuting routine is a bonus, and Volkswagen really delivered the goods with this installation that offered the "Fast Lane" option.
While the speed message suits a car marque well, so too the sense of fun suits the brand message of the particular car being promoted, the Polo GTi.
Other parts of this campaign saw skateboards attached to shopping carts and an elevator pimped out as a space shuttle -- all slightly anarchic ways of spicing up daily life and all quite memorable. Dutch agency Novocortex managed to get its online insurance client a ton of press -- and traffic -- with a simple guerrilla marketing campaign that went viral, and cost less than 1,000 euros. Using static paper "stickers," motorists were fooled into thinking their cars had been scratched. The stickers ran out after two days as the public willingly spread the message across the Netherlands, which, as we all know, is pretty much the Holy Grail of any marketing campaign. We're tacking this fun stunt on as a bonus video, since it's not a consumer targeted campaign, but still amusing nonetheless.
This was taken advantage of brilliantly by nearby rival agency TBWA, which took the opportunity to post a giant message reading "You'll get a better reception at TBWA" -- a statement that, considering the ongoing construction in the building, was technically correct on one level at least.
Recently, there has been some really good guerrilla marketing campaigns that have been produced. Through guerrilla marketing, we learn the solutions to many challenges an can educate our audience through the use of creative marketing tactics.
Below are 15 of the best guerrilla marketing campaigns that were recently captured and documented.
Let us know which is your favourite and what you think is the most effective by commenting below! We created a billboard that harnesses the energy from oranges to illuminate a neon sign that reads “Natural Energy” & the Tropicana logo. Anyone who would like to see these gigantic QR codes for themselves can find them in the Dansaertstraat or the Charles Quint Avenue in Brussels from 23 February 2011. Watch as we transform busy office buildings in Singapore from a symbol of work, into a symbol of Joy. On the site of a thousand years of violent history, ACDC were pitted against Iron Man in a ground breaking architectural projection mapping project. By creative agency Guided Collective in collaboration with collective members Flat-e & Seeper. Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional system of promotions, relying on time, energy, and imagination instead of big marketing budgets.
Guerilla Building Projection Advertising - ALT TERRAIN - Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising Projected on Builiding Walls in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego and Washington D.C. Guerilla Projection advertising is the projection of advertising images or video content to create instant digital billboards on the exterior of building surfaces at night without city or property owner permission.

Guerilla Projection advertising is particularly effective outdoor digital billboard advertising medium in cities such as New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angles, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Seattle, San Diego and Boston with an abundance of consumer nightlife pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Guerilla Projection advertising is additionally utilized for real-time and content marketing purposes, plus to generate consumer social media coverage. Guerilla Projection Advertising is defined as the placement of projected advertising imagery (still images or motion video) on buildings without city advertising permits or building owner permissions. Interactive Guerilla Projection Advertising, also known as Experiential or Interactive Building Projection, is defined as the same as the above with the addition real-time, consumer-centric engagement elements. 3D Mapping Guerilla Projection Advertising is defined as creating templates of buildings and site-specific videos to match building facades. With all of the above building projection approaches ALT TERRAIN offers real-time reporting for social media and content marketing purposes. Contact ALT TERRAIN for Guerilla Projection Advertising ideas, pricing and custom proposals. We are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day, and it is difficult to compete for the attention of our customers. Furthermore, now that ita€™s possible to share anything quickly through social media, finding new and unconventional marketing techniques is a must for businesses everywhere!
The term a€?guerrilla marketinga€™ can be traced back to guerrilla warfare in which unconventional methods are used to gain an advantage in a somewhat awkward or unforgiving environment such as the jungle. Using guerrilla marketing as a marketing method is most successful when it catches the consumer off guard in their daily lives a€“ as they are on the way to work, on their lunch break, at the gym etc.
The more engaging and imaginative the concepts, then the more consumer interaction, word of mouth and, ultimately, sales you will achieve.
You should also take pictures and video your marketing piece and then blog about it, because this can multiply the reach and impact far beyond the people who physically see it. You must also remember to identify the risks that come with adopting guerrilla marketing into your business strategy. A bench is a bench – except when it’s also a platform for a surprising, thought-provoking, memorable advertisement that sometimes even functions as urban art. Before anyone heard of a little film called District 9, signs barring non-humans from using benches and restrooms could be seen in major cities such as Los Angeles.
Fed-Ex can ship practically anything – including benches, as ‘demonstrated’ by this bubble-wrapped bench. Can you picture yourself on an adventurous ski trip, heading up the slope on a lift that provides stunning views of the surrounding landscape?
Ads promoting water conservation might be easily overlooked by a public that has begun to tune out conventional modes of promotion. A similarly skinny bench communicates something different altogether: if you can’t sit here, perhaps you need to lose some weight. Similarly, one cereal brand hopes that consumers will be enticed to try their product after finding that a public bench caves in beneath their weight. Of course, if undersized or collapsing seating areas don’t work, there’s always a more potent way to shame the overweight public: abus shelter bench with a built-in scale that broadcasts their weight to the world at large. Just try sitting on this slanted bench with somebody else without sliding right into each other.
This extra-tall stroller – or pram, if you’re not American – certainly catches the attention of anyone who happens to sit on the bench beside it. IKEA proves that even the ugliest, most worn-out bench you can find in an urban environment can be instantly transformed into a homey, welcoming space to relax with some inexpensive Swedish fabric and accessories.
Seeing the brown slats of a bench partially enveloped in a Kit-Kat wrapper begs the question: why didn’t they think of this earlier?
We might let important social issues slip our minds while going about our daily lives, but Amnesty International is here to remind us that “More than 4000 condemned until death are waiting for their execution.
If this ad and others in the same series were put out by an insurance agency, one would have to wonder whether the “extra safe” message really implies that consumers are buying way more coverage than they need.
First, it's a place a consumer is forced to wait, consequently making any distraction a welcome one.
With the stunt taking place on "International Car Free Day," it adds legitimacy to what could be a slightly dubious, potentially invasive campaign. It put videos of tricked drivers online and offered stickers to viewers so they could fool their friends. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Did you know that over 2,500 oranges have enough natural energy to power a light fixture or than 1 out of 5 people suffer from a mental disease?
Like all guerrilla marketing campaigns, the major challenge is getting buzz around a product or an idea without having to invest a lot of time or money.
It is really exciting to see the thought process behind each camptaign that you would not normaly get from seeing a still photo. Through several thousand spikes of copper and zink, a lot of wiring and 3 months of testing we managed to make a giant multi-cell battery powerful enough to light up a billboard. They have created one of the largest and possibly also one of the most beautiful QR codes in Belgium.
For over 3 minutes, guests and a gathered crowd enjoyed a surreal fairytale of light and magical effects. Sous ce nom se cache l’experience immersive offerte par ALCATEL-LUCENT a ses clients lors du dernier Mobile World Congress. The front facade of the Great Keep at Rochester Castle, was brought to life using the latest in 3D animation techniques. Watch as the London flagship at 1 New Bond Street disappears before your eyes and is then transformed into a series of objects and images rendered in 3-dimensional space.

As sales people we can learn from the principles guerrilla marketers use to surprise, perplex, and delight our future customers. Interactive elements can range from displaying websites that integrate real-time content feeds from Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (so onsite consumers can view their social media posts displayed in real-time on the building wall) to consumers to playing an new video game release (that is displayed in real-time on wall for everyone to see) to live text-in projections.
This approach can range from displaying consumer contest winners on walls to projecting controversial advertising content on high-profile buildings throughout US cities.
Marketing which is catchy, thought provoking and entertaining has the best chance of doing that.
In marketing the unforgiving environment is not a desert, or a jungle a€“ but an exhausted market, a brand new and untried product, or a market dominated by companies with much bigger budgets.
It is likely that thousands of people saw this stunt in a german underground station - however the video has now had over 3.5 million views! A rather comical but serious story came from America when a business attempted to promote an animated TV program and placed LED lit boxes around the city.
The best bench ads turn ubiquitous public furniture into interactive displays that entreat the public to get fit, go on vacation, try a new product and even conserve. With a phone number and a warning that “non-human secretions may corrode metal”, these advertisements blurred the line between reality and the fictional world created by the filmmakers in typical guerilla fashion. The ad series, conceived by BBDO New York, was created to announce the opening of FedEx Kinko’s locations in fairly remote locations. If not, Alberta Travel is happy to help with this creative bench ad that even emulates skis on your feet and snow down below.
Slim Fast helpfully points people in the right direction with a plaque that reads “Donated by Slim Fast”. This bench in Germany was made with a flexible material to shock people into thinking about how heavy they are, and convince them that 99.9% fat-free Special K was the way to fix the problem. It literally forces people to “Get Closer”, which happens to be the ad slogan for a Czech liquor called Becherovka.
The unusual ad by Calgary Zoo uses an embroidered blanket to tell the public that “the baby giraffe is here”. This ad by Nivea promoting its Goodbye-Cellulite lotion manages to convey the message that smooth skin is superior to cellulite without anything too disturbingly skin-like.
It’s a perfect fit that undoubtedly had many an onlooker suddenly craving chocolate-covered wafers. This ad campaign not only promotes reading and publicizes the work of native writers, but turns boring public furniture into functional works of art.
The custom build was produced by Unit9 in collaboration with director Johnny Hardstaff who created the accompanying 90second film.
Wonderbra created a special dressing room fit with a trampoline to let women test the effectiveness of their new product. They have achieved this by placing thousands of different colours of tins of paint to form a gigantic QR code.
3d Projection Mapping allows marketers and advertisers to create surreal landscapes by projecting images on objects.
A red ribbon, wrapped around the building, untangles and transformed the building into a colorful dollhouse where nothing is what it seems.
The idea was to use the geometry and the paint of the wall to generate visuals fitting to it.
The equipment included a gramdMA lighting console, Barco HD projectors, Hippotizer HD media server and mapping system, and EV X-Line concert speakers. However the number one reason companies deploy Guerilla Building Projection is that it creates an undeniable street presence that most consumers find interesting, edgy and often captivating.
This approach is the most expensive to execute as typically requires securing building owner permission, creating site-specific 3D video animations and multiple nights of testing prior to activation. The authorities didna€™t see the funny side when they were mistaken for explosives and a number of freeways, subways, petrol stations, bridges and a section of the interstate were closed due to a bomb threat!
Accompanying these words at a Barcelona bus shelter was a bench designed to look like a pair of electric chairs. As you watch these videos, notice how much buzz is created as people record and take photos of the event via their mobile phone.
LDS and TV&P collaborated for this event on the heels of the overwhelmingly successful Glowrama event. Old Spice: This iconic Old Spice commercial was funny, unique and charismatic, and it went viral in a big way. Of course this caused a lot of disruption and created a bad company image, not something which many marketers are trying to achieve for their companies. The setup exists of two projectors, a pc and a timer to switch the projectors and the computer on and of.
The Alzheimer Society Hamburg: This effective guerrilla marketing campaign involved staff handing out free Hamburg city maps at tourist booths. Volvo Trucks: Volvo teamed up with Jean-Claude Van Damme for this epic video of him doing the splits on two reversing Volvo trucks.
The official video has had just over 62M YouTube views to date.Hotcow is a non-traditional creative agency that specialises in experiential marketing that goes viral.

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