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Our basic web hosting package is only of 50MB Disk Space, which is much more than what other web hosting companies offer.
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Most Reliable and Best Web Hosting Service Provider is very important if you're Blogger, Web Developer, E-Commerce Websites Owner, Website Owner, Business Owner, Web Programmer, Web Service Provider etc. TechGlobeX provide news, reviews and updates on latest innovations of Technology, Gadgets and Internet Trends! Cheap Dedicated Server Deals?? LIFETIME 15% OFF ?? ARP Metal™ Premium Servers, Free SSDs, Free Redundancy, $109 May 13, 2016¦ Limestone Networks ¦ 30% OFF E3v3s! Ben Laing is an Online Marketing Consultant from Kirkcaldy who helps businesses get more sales from the internet with SEO, WordPress websites, social media and YouTube video marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of preparing and promoting a website in the best possible way with the goal of getting higher rankings on search engines such as Google. In the 21st century when people look for information, products or services they go straight to their PC, laptop or mobile device to find it and 70% use Google’s search engine to find the solution they are looking for.
The user’s experience is a very important statistic and ranking factor that Google looks at to decide if a website should rank on the first page for a search result. According to Google, this is the first year (2015) that mobile web usage has exceeded desktop usage. Our Linux hosting is both economical and powerful utilizing one of the best control panels available. Our Windows 2003 servers are fast, secure and reliable and come with one of the best control panel.

Once you are ranked higher on Google for frequently searched keyword phrases that your potential customers are using, you begin to get more traffic to your website.
Ben was asked by a member of the audience at his last talk why he was focusing on Google and not the other search engines. Most customers have done enough research online and made up their mind to go ahead with you before they have even phoned you. So it is important that all technical and design aspects of your website are up to scratch to give your visitors that best possible experience when they land on your website. So more people are now browsing the internet on their mobile devices than on their PC or laptop. Helping businesses get more sales from the internet with WordPress websites, SEO, Social Media & YouTube Video Marketing. So Which Web Hosting Service Provider is Best and Reliable for General Web Hosting, VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers), Dedicated Server Hosting and for Reseller Web Hosting? And more traffic leads to more enquiries and sales.To make SEO work for you, you need to understand how search engines work.
The reason for this is because the majority of internet users prefer Google as their search engine. This is because there is enough information including features, benefits and prices online for most products and services that they can make up their mind before needing to call and ask for more information and to get a quote. You can find out what these keywords are by using a free tool from Google called: Google Keyword Planner. Based on this statistic, Google implemented an update to their system back in April 2015 with the effect that websites that are not mobile friendly will not rank highly on Google.

Google’s job is to provide searchers with the best possible results to answer their question or provide solutions to their problems as quickly as possible. This tool works like a thesaurus where you can search for synonyms and related keywords that your customers might be searching on Google.
By answering commonly asked questions on your website, you are building authority and a relationship with your prospects. You can get a list of keyword ideas plus this tool shows you a the average number of times these keywords are searched for on Google monthly, how much competition there is to rank highly for the keyword (Low, Medium or High) and how much people are spending on Google Ads to rank on the first page for these keywords. How does Google’s search engine decide how to rank the list of websites that appear on the search results page? This information gives you a lot of insight on the importance of different keywords to help you make a decision on what keywords to add into your own website.
This forces Google to move that website down the search results so that they are providing their customers (the searchers) with the best possible results. This is done by Google’s algorithm, which is their ranking system based on over 200 different ranking factors. If you take a moment to think about how you buy products or services as a consumer, then you’ll begin to understand.

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