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Kingdom Keno is the latest casino game from Gold Coin Kingdom, bringing with it a fun and easy to play Keno experience. When Four Card Keno was introduced it was immediately embraced by veteran keno players, who recognized the obvious advantages of being able to mark up to four different keno tickets in the same game.
In the previous two issues of Strictly Slots, I gave our readers a closer look at video keno, and I explained how this game can be a solid gamble if you approach it the right way. The introduction of multi-card keno games – Four Card Keno and later 20-Card Keno – revolutionized video keno, much the way Triple Play and Five Play machines revolutionized video poker. These multi-card games gave the players the option of playing more than one keno ticket, thus expanding their chances of winning. But, more important than simply being able to mark more than one card, multi-card keno games opened up play to strategy; that is, players now undertook choices that they never had before. For instance, players now had the option of marking “smaller” tickets, such as 5- and 6-spot cards, within or underneath “larger” tickets, such as 9- and 10-spot tickets, thus opening up the possibility of multiple jackpots. As we examine both Four Card and 20-Card Keno, you’ll see how a proper strategy can lead to some astounding jackpots.
But for me, I saw Four Card Keno as an opportunity to effectively shrink the size of the keno board by marking groups of numbers into distinct regions, zones, patterns or clusters. By marking these additional 10-spot cards, it’s no longer necessary to catch eight, nine or 10 numbers in your row to hit a nice jackpot.
The reasoning was that, on any given row, it was likely that seven numbers or more will eventually drop into the row, hopefully filling up one or more of your tickets. Of course, it was always possible that the numbers would miss your tickets when they did land in your row. When 20-card keno arrived in casinos, the game was an instant hit with video keno fanatics.
But for myself, the additional 16 cards (compared to Four Card Keno) allowed me to “load up” on my favorite clusters by marking more and varied tickets, hopefully ensuring better chances of catching multiple jackpots. Before proceeding, a note about multi-card keno machines: most casinos (but not all) use slightly reduced pay tables for multi-card keno games. For instance, most multi-card machines still pay 7000-for-1 for catching 7-of-7 but the payoff for catching 6-of-7 might be reduced to 335-for-1 from 400-for-1. Similarly, a 9-spot game might return 300-for-1 for catching 7-of-9 instead of the standard 335-for-1, but you should still get 4,700-for-1 for catching 8-of-9. But if you find a machine in which the 7-of-7 jackpot is cut to as low as 3000-for-1, or the 8-of-9 award is chopped to anything less than 4000-for-1, then the machine is not worth playing; find another machine or go to another casino.
Now, as I pointed out earlier, 20-card keno is a way to play clusters, using many more cards, as well as a variety of different cards (such as 5- and 6-spot tickets). One of my favorite patterns is playing the two right-hand columns (the “9” and “10” columns) on the keno board.
This concept of mirror patterns is key here because, using the 20 cards, I would bet all eight 7-spot cards in two mirror patterns (utilizing 16 cards), then mark four 8-spot cards in the remaining patterns.
Thus, if 7-of-8 numbers would land in any of the six patterns, I would have hit at least one 7-of-8 jackpot, or a solid 7-spot along with seven 6-of-7 awards. In practice, this pattern has become one of my favorites – taking an 8-spot pattern, such as a box or column or the outside (and inside) eight numbers of a row, and filling it with eight 7-spot cards.
As noted, hitting seven of the eight numbers pays a solid 7-spot jackpot plus seven 6-of-7 awards, and is nearly double the payoff of hitting 7-out-of-8 numbers.
To see how this cluster of overlapping patterns would look, see the accompanying photograph.

As noted, multi-card games expand the scope of your keno patterns, and they let you capitalize on smaller jackpots when you insert smaller tickets “underneath” cards such as 7-, 8-, or 9-spot cards. For instance, instead of marking all 7-spot tickets (as in the above example) under a given set of numbers, you could mark a combination of 5-, 6- and 7-spot tickets. See the second photograph for an example of how multiple jackpots can mount when several tickets are marked within a pattern. In the 7 column I marked nine 5-spots, six 6-spots and four 7-spots (they all hit when the column filled in). Let me point out that, in the last example, getting all eight numbers to fill the column is rare, though not impossible. Casino Center RSS Feed (click the icon to subscribe)A ROLL OF THE DICEA ROLL OF THE DICE Multipliers, volatility and timing in video poker By John Grochowski One fundamental difference between slot players and video poker players comes in the willingness, even eagerness, to try something new. This means that Keno is often seen as the perfect casino game for players that don’t want to start on serious casino games or for those players that enjoy bingo and are looking to make their way into casino games. Keno is a game that has a high edge which means it can be difficult to win games but it also means that there is a chance to win good money when you are successful. Keno is a combination of lottery and bingo game, where the bet you make is that the numbers you pick on the game screen will come up during the game. You can pick manually by clicking on the screen, or click Generate 15 Numbers to have them picked out for you.
Auto Rounds: To play several rounds in a row without stopping, click Play 5, Play 10, Play 15 or Play 20. Keno is listed as one of the specialty games at Bovada and it is a very simple game to play. Anyone keen to play a lot of Keno games on will be happy to learn there is a strong welcome bonus of up to$3000. The Keno offering on Bet365 Casino is found among a great range of enjoyable and entertaining games. SpinPalace Casino offers huge Keno jackpots so if you want to win a lot of money, this is the site that could be best for you. In this third (and final) article of this series, I want to talk about multi-card video keno, which gives you a shot at multiple jackpots.
With Four Card Keno, instead of marking just one row of 10 numbers, you could mark both rows, as well as the “cross-over” patterns consisting of the five upper left-hand numbers coupled with the five lower right-hand numbers, and the five lower left-hand numbers coupled with the five upper right-hand numbers (or you could mark the two 5-by-2 boxes on the top two rows).
You can cash in when only five hit on the top row when they’re coupled with three, four or five numbers on the bottom row. For instance, instead of marking a single 10-spot ticket on a row of 10 numbers, I’d mark four 7-spot cards, or a combination of 7-spot, 8-spot and 9-spot tickets on that same row of 10 numbers. And since you’re marking smaller tickets, such as a 7-spot, you don’t need eight or nine numbers to land in the row to hit a nice jackpot. Many players used the additional cards to cover the entire keno board with tickets, oftentimes ensuring that every number drawn would land in at least one of their cards, somewhere on the board. Make sure you’re playing a machine that pays very close to the payoffs found on “straight” keno machines.
Those two columns gave me six distinct patterns of eight numbers worth playing: the two columns, the two 2-by-4 boxes above and below the center line, and the two “cross-over” patterns. But the real kicker comes if you can get all eight numbers to hit, creating a payoff of eight solid 7-spots! The bottom row features eight 7-spot cards under the outside eight numbers, plus several 7-spots under the inside eight numbers.

This way, you actually have a chance of winning something when only five and six numbers land in your pattern. Most of the time you will be lucky to get six numbers or even seven numbers, but because you have 5-spot and 6-spot tickets, there’s plenty of opportunity for nice jackpots. Slot machines, especially on video, come and go as players try out all the features and bonuses, have fun with […]DESTINATION MICHIGANDESTINATION MICHIGAN There are so many reasons to visit the Great Lake State— here are three of the best By Karrie L.
One of the best things about Keno is that it is very simple to play and even if you have no experience in playing the game, you will be able to play the game with no problems. Below you will find the best online casinos for Keno games, as well as, rules and strategy for winning money at online Keno.
Then the game randomly selects 20 numbers, and if your picks are hit you win according to the payoff table. There are typically 80 numbers to choose from, and you can pick from 1 to 15 numbers in one game. You don’t even have to select the numbers you play yourself if you don’t want to, which can help to speed up this fast game even more. Any player looking to find the lighter side of casino action will be very happy with what is on offer at Bet365 Casino with respect to Keno. The graphics look great on the Spin Palace Keno game and there is definitely a lot to like about this offering. The disadvantage is that you’re betting on more than one keno card and the costs can mount, especially with 20-Card Keno. Note that each pattern has a “mirror image” of itself (the two columns mirror each other, as do the two boxes, as well as the cross-over pattern). Zukowski   The beautiful state of Michigan borders four of the Great Lakes, has over 11,000 inland lakes and its largest city, Detroit, is the birthplace of Motown. Keno is often described as a cross between bingo and the lottery and it certainly provides a more light-hearted way to enjoy casino games. The fact that you can change the number of picks or bets you make ensures that every Keno game is different and players can find the odds that they think are suitable to their needs. You simply pick your numbers and how many games to play, and the game screen shows you which numbers came up and the wins. There is an opportunity to play a lot of Keno games in a short space of time, if this is what you are looking for. New players that sign up for casino entertainment at Bet365 Casino can grab a ?150 new player bonus and there are plenty of deposit bonuses available to players when they return to the site. Also, new players on Spin Palace casino will earn deposit bonuses on their first three deposits, helping to boost your bankroll early on. But there’s so much more […]SLOTS CULTURESLOTS CULTURE Fun facts and hidden inspiration in popular slots By John Grochowski In themes and game play, slot machines draw on diverse facets of our lives.
Pop culture is bit of course, but items as ordinary as clocks and facts we think of as trivial play their parts in the slot experience.

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