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As Digital Marketing Agency, MVigyan provides entire services for promoting & branding of business and products. Our team of Digital Marketing has expertise in creating Awareness of any product and services.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to increase the number of visitors and give visibility to web page or website by obtaining high ranking on search engines organically. Content marketing is also a very good way to make a good amount of audience on all platforms and very helpful for branding. Our creative content writers know how to use content on different context and build good amount of audience. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an inorganic way to achieve targets by paying to Search engines.
Our Web Analyst’s team frequently measure and analysis the data and traffic of client’s website using Google analytics and other tools for improve effectiveness of the website.
People love to spend time on social media we know how to the art of selling in those loving moments. We target customers through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google+ in both organic and inorganic ways by creative and memorable content and attractive images.
Mvigyan Social Media Agency have a record of an innovative specialized approach for the best design and implementation of social media marketing. As customers evolve, budget pressures tighten, new content and social channels emerge, marketers are forced to do more with less. And since Marketing Agencies are service-based, it is imperative that they adapt to changing market environments in order to continually provide value to their Clients. Well, just as the challenges become more challenging, new technology is right there to help make the job easier. I am a passionate online marketer, digital strategist, consultant, published author and philanthropist, who loves surfing, drumming, music, public speaking and running my charity initiative ‘Surfers In A Dress’ in my spare time.
Over the last years, social media influencers have become a very important tool for brands in order to improve the brand awareness among Chinese consumers. Influencers are people who exert an influence over potential customers and may affect the consumers’ purchasing decision in a significant way. For any brand seeking to increase their presence in China, utilize online influencers or key opinion leaders (KOLs) is an effective strategy.
For brands it is very important locate these people because they can help them to reach the masses in China and exert influence on them in brand’s benefit. Over the last years, the ease with which people can share their opinions through social media platforms, blogging, and microblogging sites has boosted the emergence of influencers and opinion-formers.
Nonetheless, it has emerged a kind of influencers that are most effective for brands, the micro-influencers. They are people who have developed a relatively small, but devoted audience to their opinions. Actually, the majority of online influencers in China are focused on style and fashion, however there are some specialist that can be very useful in other segments.
The reality is that micro-influencers have a small group of followers compared to KOLs, but they can have a big influence over their dedicated follower base.
Brands must add those effective micro-influencers on their marketing strategies in order to reach and engage a huge audience. If you are interested to improve your marketing online strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bank of China new advertising for its new Dual Currency Credit Card More visual than conceptual  . The right Channels for the right clients, sure but how do we get to distribute our products?
Chinese typography, layout and adverts are some elements to keep in mind when you are creating a Chinese website. Marketing ChinaMarketing China is a website designed to give you a fresh and up to the minute understanding of the Chinese market.
Marketing to China would like to explain Chinese Business and Marketing to the rest of the world.
What it brings to your business is a great way to have your company or brand promoted virally by your satisfied customers.
Social Media Marketing is growing rapidly, provides priceless customer feedback, and is very cost-effective. 5) We only take a limited number of clients, so true old-fashioned personal service is our mission !
Our initial website was set up by a knowledgeable staff member and, while it worked quite well, it didn’t really allow us to do what we needed. We provide services of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Web Analytics.
We work according to the algorithms of Google and other search engine to achieve position on SERP. We have experts of PPC and Display Ad’s those have expertise in increase traffic & conversions at low cost and save clients money.
Whatever your target is: you are looking for traffic or leads or promotion Social media is the best way to achieve your goals. This is fundamentally due to the digitalised and connected age we live in placing a far greater emphasis on the importance of collecting customer data to gain true insight and marketing intelligence. Technology such as cloud-based marketing automation software, now allow marketers to increase their reach, nurture leads until they are ready to buy, prioritise the best leads to sales and prove the ROI of Marketing to the management team. They are people who have an active presence and a huge number of followers on social media networks.
Influencers could be bloggers, celebrities or people who have great presence on social media platforms and a vast amount of followers.
Due to their popularity, Chinese consumers will follow their product recommendations and they will purchase them. As opposed to celebrities and KOLs who court with brands mainly for money, micro-influencers do it for passion. They are more effective for companies looking to promote their brands in second- or third-tier cities. For example, influencers specialized in wine are very helpful for consumers who don’t know too much about wine and look for advice.
Travel bloggers are very popular in China and they have the power to promote travel destinations and hotels among Chinese tourists. In order to find micro-influencers, brands have to make an exhaustive search on Weibo, WeChat, blogs and BBS. I work for a Japanese Private Equity and I am interested in micro-influencer marketing in China.

It is becoming increasingly more and more interconnected with your core websites SEO Page Ranking, and will continue to do so. Gener8Development will also use this advantage to help you uncover new interaction possibilities, expanding the reach of your business on the web 2.0. There are no specific professional qualifications that an agency needs to have to work in the field of market research.
Mvigyan’s Reputable SEO Consultancy Services increase footfall of your websites and make good online reputation. However, the brands must choose credible, respected and trusted influencers in order to strengthen their reputation.
Some of the most popular KOLs in China are Song Qian, He Jiong, Han Han, Han Huohuo and De Day.
I was wondering if it is possible for me to contact you to discuss further on your knowledge in this area. We aim to increase  visibility of your business, promote it’s image, generate fresh hot leads, and Increase your Revenues and Profitabilty !
Not only did he finish the project quickly, he was able to make suggestions that improved on our initial request.
Ask the agency about the qualification and experience of the professional moderating the groups or handling the interviews.If the moderator assigned to your project has completed formal training and years of experience doing the same thing, you can be assured about the quality of the work. If your project is similar, you need to pay attention to the credentials and experience of the professionals who would be handling this aspect of the task.If statistical analysis forms the core of the project, it is best to choose an agency that has in-house professionals for this. However, you may also choose an agency that outsources the complex statistical analysis tasks to qualified and experienced professionals.
This is a possibility if you have selected an agency with expertise in your industry niche.Whether the statistical analysis is done in-house or outsourced, you need to ask about the models and methods used for the purpose. A competent agency uses factor analysis, tradeoff analysis and principal components analysis and applies latent class modelling and hierarchical bayes modelling to arrive at the results.When you request for information from the agency, ask about the techniques they apply for quantitative analysis.
If they use the current set of analytical tools, they are well-versed with the process and can handle your project properly.The Professional Associations: Which professional associations does the agency belong to? Any reputable agency would have the membership of the professional associations in the field of market research. It would also adhere to the guidelines and directives of the associations to ensure that they follow the best-in-class practices.Take for example, Redshift Research. Going through them can give you an insight into the acumen and expertise of the market researchers.It takes time and effort to evaluate the credentials of a market research agency.
Pay attention to whether a qualitative or quantitative approach would work and assess the relevant details.Oliver Taylor is a market research analyst. He offers ideas, tips and suggestions for businesses to use the market research to their advantage.
An agency such as Redshift Research can ensure accurate and reliable results.A post by Oliver Taylor (3 Posts)Oliver Taylor is author at LeraBlog. An agency such as Redshift Research can ensure accurate and reliable results.Do you like this post?

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