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A professionally designed website is a critical component of a successful inbound marketing campaign.
This leads to a great first impression, and let's face it, you only have a few seconds once a visitor lands on your website to convince them to stay. The first step in our process is to perform a comprehensive review of your current marketing efforts. Another core component of this process is to establish your goals and time-line for growth. Once the marketing review is complete and we have determined your goals, resources and time-line, it is time to put together a realistic plan for achieving those goals. Once we have decided who your customer personas are, what kind of content they need, and where we can reach them, it's time to create a GamePlan for the various tactics we employ.
Because we create a customer persona profile as part of your initial strategy, you know what questions, problems and concerns your prospects have.
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have changed the way we do business today. A successful inbound marketing campaign hinges on your ability to be found when your customer is in need of your product. Another important thing that social media allows you to do is to monitor what people are saying about your brand online. One of the true tests of whether your inbound marketing campaign is successful is if you are seeing an increase in traffic to your website.
Once you have visitors to your site, it is important to correctly utilize your content to capture their information and turn them into qualified leads. Once your website visitors have raised their hand and become a lead it's time to nurture them into becoming a customer. If you use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) like Salesforce, you can seamlessly integrate this with HubSpot to give your sales professionals insight into how their prospects are interacting with your website. Defensive marketing takes an already established customer base and reinforces brand ideals. An offensive marketing strategy seeks to tackle the market share by targeting the weaknesses of the competition and by emphasizing it’s own company’s strengths in comparison. This is where you can get creative and run the crazy plays: fake punts, onside kicks – the sky is the limit.
When was the last time you sat down and actually watched a video that was over 3 minutes long, while browsing through the Internet?

About DGPDental Game Plan is a product of Wabash & Lake: a new media, marketing boutique specializing in dentistry. SlideShare utilise les cookies pour ameliorer les fonctionnalites et les performances, et egalement pour vous montrer des publicites pertinentes. Whether you need a new website or are looking to have us redesign your website to be more aligned with inbound marketing philosophy, we can help you! If your site is designed around the inbound marketing methodology, then the content they are looking for is prominently displayed up front. Part of our strategy is the use of content marketing, a powerful tool to increase your traffic organically and allow your customers to experience your brand in a more natural way.
New lead information will automatically get shared between HubSpot and your CRM, eliminating the need to manually input this data. Injuries, poorly conceived offense and a ton of penalties have taken a toll on the team, resulting in the first losing season that we’ve had in decades. Your current customers love you and they have demonstrated this by buying in and subscribing to your email list. Recent studies have shown that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, which means that the consumer now demands useful information upfront while visiting a new website, as this article published by The Guardian states.
By using inbound marketing principles to guide us during the design process, we are able to craft a professional-looking, easy to navigate and streamlined website that provides valuable content for your customers. This will lead them to dive deeper into your site, take advantage of your offers and raise their hand as a qualified lead. Wea€™ve found that customers have a much better experience when theya€™ve found the information theya€™re looking for themselves.
As the bowl games begin and college football season comes to an end, we are reminded of the importance of an effective game plan.
Likewise, offensive marketing does not seek to challenge an industry leader’s strengths. Then take it a bit further based on your brand’s buyer personas and their place in the buying cycle.
As soon as your patients visit your Facebook page, they’ll want to either be entertained or informed. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus.
As you can see, a strategically designed website that follows inbound marketing principals is the starting point for any successful inbound marketing campaign.

These days, people are more likely to refer their friends to your business through sharing a link, review, photo, or Ebook rather than calling them to talk about you.
This offensive email marketing blitzes the industry leader where the company is at its most vulnerable without being hateful and without even mentioning the competitor at all.
According to the Marketing Sherpa 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 32% of marketers say segmenting their email database is one of their organization’s top objectives in the next 12 months. Through the use of blog articles, Ebooks, case studies, videos, infographics, emails, e-newsletters, and webinars you are able to engage your customers and provide value. Defense, offense, and special teams need to come together and play the same marketing game.
A well-built reputation through quality products makes it difficult for a new competitor to enter the field and tackle the established company’s customer base. For example, a company using an offensive marketing strategy may seek to educate potential customers on an established industry leader’s shaky product safety record by emphasizing the safety of its own products. Furthermore, 52% of marketers say they have a great need to improve email database segmentation. While we all know that my team could use a little more defense strategy (and offense and special teams and less injuries), I’m sure your email marketing may need some strategy tweaks as well. The established company simply uses its defensive marketing to reinforce customer confidence in its products and intercept or block a potential newcomer. A quarterback (in this analogy the marketer) of the offensive team (the brand) runs the play (email strategy) to make a touchdown (new sale). Use special team tactics when you are announcing a new product or market those products’ features to score points with customers and potential customers alike. Targeting the right email content to the right people makes for loveable marketing in the same way that a good mix of strong defense, agile offense and precise special teams make for a good football game.
These three parts of the game, when segmented to the right email lists, can be applied to create an effective email marketing game plan.

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