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Over the last few weeks, we’ve had an ongoing discussion in the office about branding and marketing.
Kathryn’s familiarity with both the journalism and fund industries has shaped her view of branding and marketing.
Kathryn points to Southwest Airlines as an example of company success growing out of a strong brand. It should come as no surprise that Kathryn founded SunStar Strategic around the same principles of strong branding.
The SunStar Strategic team has been a valuable part of Target Rock’s financial community marketing campaign. TweetBlogs used as a marketing tool is not something new, but anyone who’s had the challenge of driving up traffic for a blog will tell you that blogs also have to be promoted.
Search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) are two of the major ways you can promote your blog. Social media marketing, on the other hand, taps into the numerous social media sites to give your blog more visibility. Using Media To Inspire Your Blog And Marketing PlanPeople get inspiration from all over the place when it comes to creativity. Blogging and Marketing: How To Get Topics To StickEveryone is a blogger, and everyone is a marketer. Combining Information Value and SEO Value In Website PublicationsOne thing that occasionally gets lost in the shuffle to meet numbers and standards and promote pages, brands and traffic is that fact that good SEO and high value are meant to parallel each other. The two words are frequently interchanged, so it’s easy to lose sight of what each means individually. She then moved to the DC metro area where she served as the Director of Public Information Services for the Investment Company Institute.

When Southwest first took off in 1971, four years after being founded, air travel was expensive, elitist and complex. Their Rapid Rewards program allows members to earn travel points on any flight and in any seat. Twenty years ago, the company grew out of Kathryn’s personal knowledge and network, her commitment to serving quality clients, and achieving top-tier results. Their experience in finance and energy was critical to our firm’s market strategy and product launch in early 2012.
And unless you are already a famous person or blogging for a huge brand, then you can bet that you’ll need to work hard to get the word out on your blog if you want to see those page views go up. You have the option of putting up ads on social sites that offer them, like Facebook and LinkedIn.
Maybe you were inspired to start a particular business because of a song you heard, or maybe your favorite TV show inspired you to write your own story about aliens, monster, zombies, or witches. There are a million different ideas about branding and marketing floating around the PR industry and the blogosphere, so to help clarify things we’re kicking off a two-part mini-series looking at both the way branding and marketing are different from one another and how they support each other.
Both of those experiences were heavily involved in public communications, and particularly focused on crafting strong messages to be distributed on behalf of various companies, many of which were up and coming in the fund world. Their excellent financial and business media contacts and easy access to the financial press enabled us to quickly achieve an exceptionally level high level of brand recognition.
It means also means learning how to make use of other internet marketing tools, such as search engine marketing and social media marketing.
This is not to be confused with SEO (search engine optimization), which should help you fare better is search engine result pages, but does not guarantee that your links will be shown on the first page like paid ads will do.
Or you can simply (or not so simply) groom your social accounts on any of the popular social media platforms (e.g.

Recently, I sat down with Kathryn Morrison, President and CEO of SunStar Strategic, to hear her thoughts on marketing versus branding. Kathryn worked closely with companies such as Fidelity and Vanguard, learning their branding and marketing from the ground up.
To combat this, Southwest defined itself as the everyman’s airline—committed to inexpensive, fun, and simple flights serving everyday people.
Today, SunStar occupies offices in Alexandria, VA, New York, NY, and Chicago, IL and devotes itself to identifying and serving the highest quality clients.
Obviously, SEM is not the tack to take if you are on a budget, or don’t have one for advertising at all. Most people don’t have the means or desire to pay extra for a seat just so they can earn rewards points on it. By focusing on a clear and powerful brand and growing marketing campaigns out of that identity, Kathryn has driven her company to a success that radiates far beyond her personal influence and draws clients to the firm as much as it drives them to praise SunStar’s work. Keep in mind that while launching a marketing campaign for your blog in more than one site will allow you to reach a wider audience, it is important that you only participate on platforms that will showcase your content best and that you can assure your active participation in. Neither do they want to limit their vacation selection to fit around an airline’s choices in dates and destination. By staying true to their brand identity as the everyman airline and focusing all marketing efforts on projecting that image, Southwest has become the most profitable airline in history without ever having a first class cabin. By eliminating those restrictions from their rewards program, Southwest remains inexpensive, fun, and simple.

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