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On the flip-side, the dominance of video shows that it should be an integral part of any content marketing strategy. Sure, Mercedes have a fortune to spend on their campaign but the genius of the video is in the idea.
Text WidgetGlobally productivate business web-readiness before excellent internal or "organic" sources. We covered some basics on video marketing earlier and now we want to give you a few more tips to maximize your video marketing efforts.
They’re just stats and facts and figures and you could twist them to fit almost any argument. At PlanetVidd, my desktop use is devoted to work whereas mobile use is given to social media, watching videos, and a more relaxed approach. Video marketing alone will never become all of content marketing, but more and more, it should be adopted into your strategy.
That bombardment has seen the growth in popularity of quick, digestible media: infographics, images, and vlogs are all huge.

We do a range of three vlogs for a really reasonable price, but us aside, there are options if you have no budget. Video marketing is all about creativity and using your resources to get the best out of them. While your title may get people to your video, ensure people stay and watch the video by providing them with the proper information to insure that they’ve found what they are looking for.
Traffic from wireless and mobile devices is forecast to exceed traffic from wired (laptops, etc.) devices by 2016. According to Nielsen, 64% of marketers believe video will be a vital part of their campaigns. Think about how you type things in when you are searching for information and apply that to titling your video. This is also a great opportunity to use other keywords and phrases that people may search for that didn’t fit in your title. Since major keywords that you want to rank high for will likely be included in the script, this will provide SEO juice for your video.

Plus, when you consider YouTube and viral videos, very little of the huge percentage of mobile traffic actually belongs to video marketing.
If you can get the budget together and add a bit of ingenuity to the pot, then every video has viral potential. While it may not necessarily be the future alone of content marketing, it’s definitely a massive part of it. Do something engaging: tell a story, reveal a truth, or give viewers something to relate to and the video will grow.
With YouTube that is all ready taken care of for you, but if you use another medium, be sure to check that. As video fans, we’re far more inclined to watch a video than we are to read the same information.

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