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In a setting where coaching means a lot more than simply putting the best team on the court, Jay Wright has been described as a teacher, a mentor, a leader, and a friend. The V Foundation was set up by ESPN and former college basketball coach Jim Valvano following his diagnosis with bone cancer in 1993. Alongside Wright, Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams and former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz will also be honored for their efforts to support the foundation. According to Wright, the V Foundation is a cause that is close to the hearts of him and his wife Patty, along with Coaches vs. In the wake of the world-rocking Penn State scandal, Jay Wright is the perfect antidote to disturbed cynicism.
As an Augustinian institution, the University repeatedly emphasizes the values of community and service to others. Consistent with this imperative, Wright is a fixture on campus, accessible not just to his players but to all members of the population. Despite the billions of dollars and hours of work contributed to cancer research by the V Foundation and others, cancer is still an omnipresent issue.
In the immortal words of Jim Valvano from his 1993 ESPY Awards speech, “Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. The U-shaped inlet they occupy is created by College Hall, an ancient set of brick apartments built on the corner of Montgomery and Morris Avenue, in Bryn Mawr.
A group of African-American football players have stripped off their shirts; they rush into a tower. The students have not listened, and Lower Merion Police officers have become nightly weekend guests. Villanova has long wanted to compare themselves to other prestigious Catholic universities like Notre Dame, Georgetown and Boston College.
Back inside the town hall meeting, Father Peter Donohue claps his hands aloud, resulting in unanimous laugher from the masses. In 2008, a Campus Master Plan was developed for the Villanova board of trustees by Venturi Scott Brown and Associates, Inc. Tucked away from most of campus, the Facilities Management Building could not be further from Main Lot. With 1,160 more students on campus, Radnor residents are realizing what that means for them. As the meeting adjourns, there is greater sense of calm when compared to apprehensive moments before meeting started. In a year that Villanova basketball has been flat out horrible and recruits have de-committed, let’s try to find some good news about Villanova basketball. This says a lot about Villanova’s historical prominence and why we can rebound from this horrible year. Villanova’s ideal west campus party is 4 roommates drinking one case of beer and a 750 mL bottle in total silence.
Things continueto get interesting in the battle for memory as phase-change technology is taking over the spotlight. As Moore’s Law continues to be tested, the brilliant minds of computer engineers and physicists all around are making great strides with memory technology. Recent developments have determined that the chalcogenide glass has four different possible states.
It is possible for phase-change memory to make an appearance within the next year or two, but it will take some time for the industry to adopt such changes. Eventually, we will have materials that can take hundreds of various states and will change computing forever. My little brother is traveling to Oklahoma for a week to join a team of storm chasers as part of his graduate program. In order to upgrade the ram, we had to remove the battery, touchpad, keyboard, hard drive, and a portion of the frame. A lot of people assume that NLM is a much larger organization than it actually is (some of the emails we get certainly suggest this). We believe it is important that the capability to produce high quality media not be the exclusive domain of huge media conglomerates. While the barriers to producing independent media have fallen dramatically in the digital era, it still takes significant resources to create quality content. On top of equipment, there are routine expenses: gasoline, tolls, parking, occasionally plane tickets, though we drive anywhere we can in our aging Corolla (even 16 hours to Maine) and always crash with friends (or sometimes kind strangers). It’s true that we could shoot videos on a Flip Cam and edit them in Windows Movie Maker, but the quality of our work would suffer horribly. Two things I’ve wanted to do this week are test out the spotify feature on tumblr and talk about T-Pain. The whole reason why I have this mostly useless Spotify app taking up 25.4MB on my hard drive is for projects like the above. Clarke warned young women contemplating college to avoid intellectual strain at least one week every month.
Ming does some back up vocals in the song Money Dollar Bills and it’s probably the greatest song my brother has ever made? In an early cut, just for fun I put sad music at the end with a text crawl epilogue: The US never recovered and we were imprisoned for our crimes.
Remember all of the history lessons that required you to remember dates, names, and finite details? In a study by Science Magazine, students were asked to type in pieces of trivia, and depending on their group were told that their information would either be erased or saved.
When faced with a difficult question, people rarely consider the encyclopedia or history books, but rather, think about computers.
In the age of MTV and video games, parents and experts worried that the new and flashy technologies would fry our poor brains into oblivion. Even after unplugging, many Internet users feel a craving for the stimulation received from gadgets. Tests at Stanford indicate that multitaskers, such as heavy Internet users, often tend to overlook older, valuable information, instead choosing to seek out new information. Organizing sound effects units into predub groups is one of the most important parts of making a soundtrack. The ideal predub situation is that when all the predubs are finished, they can be put up on the final console with faders at unity and play together cumulatively in harmony and in the pocket. When we mix, I sit at a ProTools playback system on the stage next to or behind the console so I can communicate with the mixer. While in final mode, I’m always going into our printed predub material and making adjustments.
On traditional consoles, if there are vicious version changes with tons of conforms, sometimes the stems and predubs can be salvaged by an editor in ProTools. I recently worked on a film mixed with an Icon on Stage B at Audio Head, at the old Warner Hollywood lot, now known as The Lot. This flexibility gave the filmmakers an ability to allow the final mix to profoundly affect the picture cut of the film. All of us who know sound, know how drastically adding sound can affect the pace and tempo of a scene.
The ability for a director to quickly adapt a picture cut to a final mix, continuously and fearlessly, is I believe one of the biggest breakthroughs artistically in the relationship between sound and picture. We can get away with this approach, given the limited number of sounds ProTools can play at one time, because we are very disciplined about making editorial decisions before the final mix. All content on Designing Sound is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Pro Tools 10 Essential Training with musician and producer David Franz illuminates the process of recording, editing, mixing, and mastering in Avid Pro Tools, the industry-standard software for music and postproduction. It should come as no surprise, then, that on May 18 Wright will join the elite echelon of collegiate coaching legends to be honored at the V Foundation’s annual Dick Vitale Gala for Cancer Research in Sarasota, Florida. Fueled by Valvano’s inspirational speech at the ESPY Awards just weeks before his death, the V Foundation has become one of the most popular and well-funded charities in the sports world, awarding 100% of all donations directly to cancer research. Similarly, being honored by the V Foundation shows Wright’s recognition of the importance of helping those both inside and outside of the University community. Thanks to the work of Jay Wright and the countless other coaches and sports figures who have contributed to the V Foundation’s mission, however, the fight against cancer has been given a vital boost. If you had woken up a foreigner in this place, alone, you may be nervous about what’s growing outside. The academic gap closes every year, but one aspect holds them back perennially from competing with the household names.
The crowd has now switched their attention to the five poster-size artist renderings that sit on easels. Contained within the massive 182-page PDF file, a similar idea for development in Main and Pike lot is expressed.

Many students have never even heard of this building—it is here, however, that the future is being molded.
Whether its their police officers waiting patiently for a drunk student to make a wrong move or the zoning department enforcing their 38 feet restriction on building height—Radnor waits.
Their worst fears, a massive skyscraper in their backyard—blocking all sunlight and life forms from existing, have not come true.
Forbes recently published the figures on how much money college alumni have made in the NBA since 1985. With the recent explosion of flash memory and support for flash memory devices, we already have a new worthy competitor and potential successor. The answer is the inability to have complete control of temperatures in your computer case.
Today he asked me to upgrade the ram for him in this netbook as he can’t use his mac as some of the meteorological programs he will need. Over the next week, the docs blast my body with a stiff chemo cocktail to try and eradicate all traces of cancer cells. I start on immunosuppressants to prevent my body from rejecting them (I’ll be on them for 12-18 months). The only stated obligation of these companies is to make as much money as possible, which tilts their coverage toward sensationalism, to attract viewers in a crowded media landscape, and omission, to avoid offending their corporate advertisers. Then, of course, there is insurance on all of the equipment, to protect against theft or accident.
NLM is a full time job, but unfortunately none of us are trust-fund babies or otherwise independently wealthy, so on top of this we all find other work to pay our rent and bills. It might be startling to know that our latest video, which has been viewed by more than 100,000 people, has so far brought us less than $100 in ad-revenue, about the cost of gasoline to and from D.C. Meanwhile, opponents warned that higher ed encouraged independence in women and threatened marriage and the family.
If so, you’ve experienced the phenomenon of continuous partial attention and its impact on your brain. It seems that the brainpower previously used to retain facts and information is now being used to remember how to look it up. In his experiment, he monitored brain activity, noting that experienced surfers showed much more activity than novice users, especially in the areas typically devoted to decisions and problem solving. Instead of left to right, up to down reading, we seem to scan through titles, bullet points, and information that stands out.
For this article, I’ll be slanting discussion towards sound effects, regretfully leaving out music and dialogue. Many elements come together in a mix, and one of the challenges is distilling those elements into a cohesive and dramatic whole that works with the picture and story. If things are disorganized or grouped improperly, I don’t care how awesome your sounds are, you will have an uphill battle. In this situation, we’d want to predub vocals first, then its big footsteps, then its talons clicking against the ground.
There are some effects mixers that are expert at entering a final mix with faders at unity, already balanced skillfully against dialogue. Since the old days, cue-sheets have been used as road maps for the mixer; what sounds come on what channels and when. These might be (rarely) handwritten, or printed on paper from ProTools dummy-regions lined up against our predubs in the super session.
Since it utilizes the powerful editing and automation-conforming capabilities of ProTools, it’s a very useful tool for films that have extended temps and final mixes that keep coming back. All of that panning, sometimes pretty intricate, is typically dumped when we hit the predub stage. Every 5.0 pan, every send, every compression automation is retained through the entire process, even for a reel rebalance, for example. I can tell you without doubt that our final desk automation would not have survived a single version of the sweeping conform changes we saw on that film, had it not been mixed on an Icon. Picture changes could be made after a playback on the stage, with shot swaps and moves and all, and the Icon automation could quickly be conformed and smoothed graphically in ProTools.
This means we have individual control of every sound element all the way to the printmaster. The tools may be different, but it’s the artist who wields the tool that is the most important piece of the puzzle. The course covers recording live audio and adding effects on the fly, creating music with virtual instruments and plug-ins, editing for time and pitch manipulation, creating a musical score, and mixing and mastering a track.
Never one to shine the spotlight on himself, Wright preferred instead to praise the work of Dick Vitale in organizing the yearly fundraiser and his players and preceding coaches in lifting the University basketball program to its current level of national recognition. These are not simply erroneous, feel-good accolades, but hard evidence that Wright cares as much about making gentlemen out of boys and winning the right way as he does about winning at all.
It is 12AM, and those fifty Villanovans, and the cars, are being half-lit by old, piss-yellow exterior lamps. These are mostly students who return to campus intoxicated, but also those who are hospitalized or arrested. Four degenerates have fled on the wings of a stolen golf cart down Montgomery Ave, with a police cruiser in tow.
This building, and many of the buildings on campus, faces the eventual location of Villanova’s most ambitious building project ever. Villanova’s campus, located on a strip of Lancaster Avenue on the affluent Main Line area just outside Philadelphia, has an eye soar. Each of the renderings shows the new structures that are slated to sit on the parking lot, barring the inevitable Radnor Township opposition.
The West campus apartments, completed in 2001, were made higher than 38 feet—but only after the University promised to build nothing else in that area for the next 20 years. This one might take awhile to become readily available to consumers, but that time could come sooner than we think. The chalcogenide glass previously works the same way an electronically activated memory cell would work, but with phase-change memory, the physical property is altered by means of temperature regulation. The different phases are activated by way of temperature regulation, and while we have fans that keep computers cool, how do you secure a device so that there is no interference from other components’ heat dissipation?
The cost will likely be expensive in the beginning, as usual, but with time the prices will drop. They call it graft-vs-host-disease and it can cause health issues and organ complications for the rest of my life. Radio rap, like a lot of pop music, has a tendency to grab onto a certain style and then drive that style into the ground, killing its appeal with oversaturation (sorry Lex Lugar). It remains to be seen if partial attention is a distraction as most believe, or an adaptation of the brain to the constant flow of stimuli. This study indicates that people have lower rates of recall when they can expect to be able to access information in the future. For many, this means we don’t have to trek to the library, or, with the ubiquity of smartphones, even go much farther than our own pockets.
Our time online is often spent scanning headlines and posts and quickly surfing links, never spending much time on any one thing. He brought them all back six days later, this time having the newbies spend an hour each day searching online in the period before they came back. And Klemm’s assertion is certainly true for creative thinking and brainstorming born out of memorized knowledge, which so many of us now store online.
Sometimes I also do 5.1 panning on my elements, for myself and for presentations that may arise before we even get to the mix. This is important, because once predubs are mixed, if things are tied together in a 5.1, they are married forever. Newer consoles have TFT displays that give a graphic waveform representation of each channel and what’s coming up. These days, a lot of mixers just use ProTools monitors mounted on the console, which saves a lot of assistant time and trees to boot.
This is often fine since it’s truly great to hear an accomplished mixer do a slick pan. During a final on a traditional console, your fader, send, pan and EQ automation are the first things to go in a rebalance. But it’s unlikely board automation will survive without severe choppiness if there are moves and shot swaps. As individuals trickle in, Father Peter, President of Villanova, welcomes them into the room.
In the space that you would think to be Villanova’s central part of campus, is instead an abyss of asphalt and cracked white lines, even more unsightly than it sounds.
The images all depict different angles of a beautiful gothic stone structure that compliment the architectural feel of campus.

At first glance you’ll notice blueprints and architectural renderings everywhere in the office.
The Villanova higher ups must once again go before the zoning board of Radnor Township and ask for permission to build higher buildings—the aforementioned ones along Lancaster Avenue. Whether it is the McMansion owners from North Spring Mill or the owners of quant houses that wind along Aldwyn Lane—they just want to know what Villanova has up their sleeve.
If you look at the other schools on this list you’ll notice powerhouses above Villanova like Clemson, Florida and Maryland.
Villanova currently allows 21 year olds to have a case of beer and a 750 mL bottle of liquor in the West apartments.
Instead, we are surrounded by pissed off Radnor residents who apparently skipped their early twenties. In some sense, we already are there, but we just need to wait for these advanced technologies to mature. In return, we promise to work to make each film better than the last, and to continue producing in-depth coverage of the issues that go ignored by corporate media. Educators are beginning to understand that information is now coming at us through a fire hose, quicker and faster than we can digest it, and memorizing facts wastes valuable brain power that could be used to keep up with more important information that can’t be quickly Googled.
So of course, when it comes to reading more than a few minutes, or even moments, of information, your mind will often begin to wander.
In the second test, the novice surfers’ brains looked more like the intermediate Internet users. A lack of focus and fractured thinking can persist, interrupting work, family, and offline time.
For example, this means if while predubbing, you mix a tire skid with your car engine into a predub, and in the final the director asks to dump the skid, you are screwed. As an example, in the Transformers films, we typically dubbed the robot footsteps first, then the motors and textures and so on.
Most stages these days have remote switchers that allow me to pull up any ProTools predub session instantly onto my screen for a tweak.
Pounding music comes from different windows, bouncing around in a brick-walled acoustic trap.
The normalcy of young Villanovans walking into strangers’s apartments, hunting for booze, craving sexual contact or drugs or both. Some of them may have been close calls with something worse; bad nights, the ones you forget as soon as possible. The parking garage, more aesthetically pleasing than most concrete behemoth parking garages, will sit on the southwest corner of Pike Lot, adjacent to the R100 train tracks.
The final part of the presentation refers to just that, the new Villanova Performing Arts Center.
Obviously higher up the list you have the huge powerhouses like North Carolina ($852,902,514), Duke ($808,900,881), Arizona ($737,802,141), Georgetown ($727,262,515) and Michigan ($715,449,222) that round out the top 5. It will require computer hardware to be changed in many ways as to not interfere with the phase-change memory chips.
Just the amount the cable networks spent chasing the illusory Balloon Boy alone would fund NLM at its present level for a century or more. Based on the prevailing theory of conservation of energy, that the sum of all energy in the body is constant, Clarke warned that excessive study diverted women’s finite supply of energy from the female reproductive organs to the brain. On the Transformers films, I had an additional off-line ProTools design rig in front of the console, because when the fix rig is in chase I can’t be cutting new stuff at the same time. I would love to be able to send panning automation from ProTools to any traditional DFC, Harrison or Euphonix console, and have the mixer use that as a starting point to build upon. A rusty iron fence and weed-infiltrated sidewalk runs it’s entire width, further isolating it from the rest of campus.
This portion of the plan is the most impressive yet, and possibly the most striking building ever endeavored in Villanova’s rich history. Morro is immersed in the project—the perfect mix of genuine enthusiasm and his day job. That’s like giving a baby a bottle and telling them they can only have half of the milk. Obviously students can’t drink on West campus so they are going to find other places.
The consequence was a breakdown in women’s health, specifically in their reproductive organs, which ultimately threatened the health of future generations. Pans could be dumped and redone, but at least all that work in the ProTools wouldn’t be nuked and disappear completely and arbitrarily.
Out of nowhere there is screaming, yelling, deep voices—heads turn and everyone pauses. Concerned Radnor township residents crowd around, locating their house amidst the tiny replica buildings. This .32 mile stretch of Lancaster Avenue sits undeveloped across from the already established main campus of Villanova. Scattered dormer windows pop out of the slanted roofline while keep towers in the corners replicate the iconic features of Coor Hall. Just like the new Law School, which Morro was also a part of, the new buildings will prompt concern from neighbors due to it’s close proximity. Villanova University understands where it’s come from but they also know where they can go. Sometimes in ProTools we can do a more accurate pan on a bullet zipping out of the surrounds, for instance.
Within the seven connected buildings sits a series of courtyards and numerous barrel vault archways that serve as an artery through the entire complex.
This, along with surface parking adjacent to the R100 train tracks, will provide Villanova with more spots than ever.
Set back from the corner of current day Pike lot, where Ithan Avenue intersects Lancaster Avenue, will sit a 1,800-seat theater mixed with vast academic space as well.
This was quickly vetoed due to pressure from surrounding commercial areas that thrive off Villanova students. The buildings, erected over generations by Philadelphia’s most well-off suburbanites, serve as a foundation for a lasting atmosphere of wealth and class. Restless Radnor residents shudder at the thought of campus coming closer to their homes—Villanova must win them over. Villanova would obviously think that Sophomore and Freshmen students would be encouraged to go drink at the bars and off campus if this shuttle service was implemented. The apartment complex on the corner of Montgomery and Morris Avenue, now home to the scene described above, used to be the centerpiece of it all. Villanova stresses it will not raise enrollment—further easing the concerns of Radnor neighbors that imagine Villanova as a bustling metropolis.
The stores, facing Lancaster Avenue, instead will hold a Villanova flagship bookstore, convenience store, bistro (possibly even serving alcohol) and other eateries. If that is a concern, make the shuttle only pick up from those locations and drop off at West, instead of taking people off campus.
This feature, overlooked at first, allows the sunlight to reach the courtyards as it rises from the south.
In walking distance to about 5,400 on campus students (or 85% of undergraduate students), these stores will thrive, perhaps even become iconic like many famous eateries on college campuses have before. The combination of strict alcohol limits and RAs constantly knocking on doors makes life frustrating for students who are over 21 and trying to drink on campus. As for the cab drivers that depend on drunk Villanova students overtipping, your services are definitely appreciated, but $10 on a cab every weekend night gets old. Being in a back staircase in this building is like playing Russian roulette; six staircases to choose from, worse odds than the gun.
The more common experience involves stairs softened by urine and vomit, and sawdust at the bottom of rickety wooden steps soaking it up. In Spring 2010, Junior ANONYMOUS 1 made the mistake of trusting a third story railing in one of these staircases. Leaning backward, his feet slipped out beneath him, beginning a fifteen foot inversion that ended a full story below. He and other brazen residents of this place have been known to take a beating; however, others have not all been so lucky.

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